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Topic: I just opened two new Tenyo this morning
Message: Posted by: John Mazza (Feb 25, 2012 09:42AM)
I have been buying Tenyo like crazy in the past month and opening quite a bit of them too.

I am doing a magic show for my nine year old nephew's birthday party later today.

I opened Balloon Illusion and Bird Watcher. Wow! Tenyo tricks are all so cool. The Balloon Illusion is something that to me is not a typical Tenyo trick, but it works great. Really amazed my wife as I was practicing and it will be perfect for the party.

The Bird Watcher is super well made. I would think it was a trick from the Pro Line that Tenyo put out a few years back. Well this trick is great too. Now I see what all the fuss is about. I can't wait to try it out.

Other tricks I am planning is:
Crystal Tube
Miracle Ring
Super Sponge Balls
Diminshing Returns (not Dimishing Cards)
Zig Zag Chalk to Infinitum (Chalk) the cigs look like chalk and it works for me because I am a teacher
Occult Board
Trap Box
and some others Tenyos.

It will be a Tenyo Only Performance.
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Feb 25, 2012 11:00AM)
Good luck AA! Let us know which effects get the best response.

Message: Posted by: ThatsCool (Feb 25, 2012 02:55PM)
Sound cool Amazing.

Have fun.
Message: Posted by: John Mazza (Feb 25, 2012 07:22PM)
Back from the party and here's how it went. I would give the performances an 8 out of 10. The audience was a bit lack luster. It was my in-laws, not my family and you know how in-laws can be. ;-)

The Occult Board went perfect. I did that with a high school student. I did it where he had to read my mind and what I had just written down. We started with the alphabet, then any number between 0-9 and then a pip. I have 4 marked aces that I can use with the pips, but I just winged it with a heart and he picked the same pip. I figured if we match on the pip, great, if we didn't that would maybe even make the trick more believable. Before he sat down I tested his psychic abilities using the flashing eye from the Third Eye.

The Bird Watcher went perfect. I did it once with the ribbon and once in the box. What a great trick and I only practiced it once.

Diminishing Returns went well too. That is a fantastic gimmicked deck.

I got one spike through the Balloon Illusion and the second one popped it. I may have blown the ballon up too much. I didn't read through the entire instructions. My mistake.

Sponge balls went well but when I put the large ball back in the case my nephew saw the opening and started being a little PITA (pain in the ass).

I messed up Infinitum because as I showed it, it was eye level for the little kids and they saw into the box. Bad angles, my fault. My nephew started being a PITA again. I though, somebody please shut this kid up.

So I pulled out the Prison Box and made it real obvious that I was turning it under the silk. My nephew chimed in again and then I pulled the gimmick and moved the ring to the center bolt. That shut him up for a little bit.

I then moved to my sure fire Crystal Cleaver but the gimmick was not set. I was able to do a little misdirection and get it all set. That worked flawlessly as usual.

That is my favorite Tenyo Combo. Prison Box and Crystal Cleaver with a borrowed ring although not a single person was wearing a ring.

I did Thunderstaff and that went real well. A great magic trick with a built in geography lessons.

I never got to Crystal Tube or Miracle Ring or Trap box.

I was fun for me and I only charged my brother-in-law half price. ;-)
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Feb 25, 2012 09:29PM)
"I didn't read through the entire instructions."

No excuse for that!
Message: Posted by: ThatsCool (Feb 25, 2012 09:55PM)
Congrats Amazing :).

Maybe next time you can put your nephew in a cabinet and make him disappear a la the old Brady Bunch ;).
Message: Posted by: Nicolino (Feb 26, 2012 06:12AM)
On 2012-02-25 20:22, The Amazing Azzam wrote:
Prison Box and Crystal Cleaver with a borrowed ring although not a single person was wearing a ring.
Now that's real magic... :)
Message: Posted by: John Mazza (Feb 26, 2012 10:51PM)
I forgot to mention that I did Oragami Tube as well.

And that was one the kids did not buy even thought the red card went right through the bill.

I should have been more careful and I think they were able to see the folds in the bill and the tube.

For me the jury is out on Oragami Tube.
Message: Posted by: John Mazza (Feb 26, 2012 10:55PM)
Anther Party, another performance.

Tonight an a small Oscar viewing party I performed 4 Tenyos.

Occult Board again with the alphabet, 0-9 numbers and the pips. Without using the marked cards the audience member choose the heart pip again. That is three for three.

The Bird Watcher went really well. Almost too good. This time on the in the box prediction I gave a range first 55-60 and then the final answer 59 to make it seem a little more difficult.

I fumbled with the Dimishing Returns cards so that one needs more practice.

And with a borrow ring I did Trap Box which went very well. When the ring was absent from the box, I put my hand over my mouth gasping, the ring was on one of those fingers.

I like Trap Box a lot.
Message: Posted by: Killertweety (Feb 27, 2012 04:30AM)
Great ideas/ routines Azzam - I like stuff like this a lot - thanks for sharing.
And indeed, Birdwatcher is a GREAT trick (nice routine, every step more impossible then the previous one, entertaining, ...).