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Topic: The Gospel of the Svengali - Available Again!
Message: Posted by: sideshowsam (Feb 25, 2012 10:46PM)
Hey guys GREAT news! The Gospel of the Svengali according to S. David Walker is being made available again with David's permission. If you are unaware of this DVD you can check out a thread on it here: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=171624&forum=192

It should be available later next week (early March 2012) at this website http://www.gospelofsvengali.com

Hope everyone is ready for a GREAT season.

Message: Posted by: LeoH (Feb 26, 2012 02:10AM)

Thanks for the "heads up" on this! I did online search for this last week and couldn't find a thing. Hope you have a great season, too!

Message: Posted by: sideshowsam (Mar 3, 2012 12:52PM)
It's available Today - just go here to order


This is a great video and the disc includes an excerpt from David's book "The Expert at the Pitch Table"

Message: Posted by: LeoH (Mar 3, 2012 08:38PM)
Just placed my order! 1st pitch day of the year will be next weekend............

Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Mar 4, 2012 03:07PM)
Glade to see this great DVD on the Svengali pitch back out on the market.David Walker is KING of the Svengali pitch so everyone should buy a copy.

Thanks Sam...

Message: Posted by: Kim (Mar 4, 2012 07:35PM)
I have all of Don's and I purchased this one last night.
Message: Posted by: Kim (Mar 11, 2012 04:27PM)
Got mine yesterday.Will watch it soon!
Message: Posted by: LeoH (Mar 13, 2012 04:32PM)
Mine arrived yesterday, and I have already watched it 4 times. The video was great, but the section I found most interesting was the PDF files on the psychology of the pitch - priceless information.

Message: Posted by: pslaughter (Mar 13, 2012 09:02PM)
Got mine and watched it a couple of times now. Really it was just great to see David Walker "doing his thing." For me it was great to see a lot of the little things that really make all the difference. Like his banter with the imaginary kids to stimulate interest. Or the way he leads people into the close to turn the tip. There really is a lot of subtle things you can pick up.

I've certainly spent a lot more, for a lot less.

Good job Sam!
Message: Posted by: rossmacrae (Apr 9, 2012 10:20PM)
You are all going to enjoy hearing my interview with Walker about his career and his thoughts on pitching - the episode of the [url=http://ballycast.com]BALLYCAST Podcast[/url] should be posted around June 1 2012. I've just finished editing our chat, and it's a knockout!

Of course, you're also invited to hear all the other [url=http://ballycast.com]BALLYCAST[/url] episodes while you're waiting.
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Oct 10, 2014 04:14PM)
Is this still available anywhere?
Message: Posted by: tboehnlein (Oct 13, 2014 08:31PM)
The link still works
Message: Posted by: Red Neck Magician (Oct 22, 2014 09:39AM)
I just ordered this DVD last night for anyone that is interested in buying one from the web site.
Message: Posted by: sideshowsam (Dec 8, 2015 02:34PM)
This DVD is still available and makes a GREAT Stocking Stuffer (I know most of you would be buying it for yourself...but you could tell the wife she bought it for you - lol)

Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Dec 8, 2015 06:12PM)
This is a GREAT DVD on the Svengali pitch from the king...David Walker who broke me in so many years ago.David started pitching the Svengali deck back in 1946 with Harry Lorayne.David learned the pitch from none other than Mickey MacDougall who invented the pitch.

David passed away several years ago so this is it.Don't let this get away from you.Besides teaching the pitch its Magic history.

Message: Posted by: Harry Lorayne (Dec 9, 2015 09:29AM)
Hey Don: Not very important in the great scheme of things, but just to keep the record straight - it was 1948, not 1946, that David and I starting to pitch Svengalis. As I said, not a very important piece of information. Good Lord! About 67 years ago!!

I didn't know that David had passed away. Terribly sorry to hear that.

Coincidentally, I've heard from quite a few magicians telling me that my few small sections in my "rememoir" about our (S. David Walker, his then wife Ellie, and Renee and I) drive to Miami, where we starved for a while, where David and I tried to do a magic act, pitched Svengalis, I started to do table magic at a hotel, etc., were the most interesting sections. I'm sure the DVDs are great. Best - Harry L.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Dec 9, 2015 02:36PM)
Harry,I once met you at Fantasma magic in N.Y.C.about 3 years ago.I took you into the office where it was quiet and got David on my cell phone.You two talked for about half an hour.Do you remember that?

Thanks for your post and have a nice day.

Message: Posted by: Harry Lorayne (Dec 9, 2015 03:15PM)
Yes, Don, I certainly do remember that. Best, Harry.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Dec 9, 2015 06:34PM)
I just got to think.You have "The Memory Book" and I ask do you remember,of course you remember it. hahaha....

Message: Posted by: Barrett_James (Dec 27, 2018 12:23PM)

I see the original post is six years old BUT... the website is still active. Anyone know if the DVD is still for sale or where else it can be purchased?
Message: Posted by: Phil Ainsworth (Dec 28, 2018 05:13PM)
Hi Barrett_James... Iíve been after this DVD for ages so I went ahead and ordered it. The PayPal account itís attached to appears to be a Pizza restaurant, which seems a bit weird but I can always request a refund if the DVD doesnít come. Iíll let you know either way.
Message: Posted by: Phil Ainsworth (Jan 8, 2019 03:22PM)
Hi Barrett_James, the DVD arrived today. That might sound like a long delay, but bear in mind I ordered it between Xmas and New Year and also it has had to come all the way across the Atlantic to my little corner of Merrie Olde England...

Also the chap who has the rights to the DVD (Sam Durocher) was good enough to email me soon after my purchase and advise me when he would be mailing the package, so I was very happy with the service received.

I really enjoyed watching the DVD, S David Walker was a real pro and one of the original Sven pitchmen (he learnt it from the guy who actually came up with the idea of pitching Svens to muggles). His gentle warmth and kind attitude really comes through whilst watching his pitch, and I'm saddened that I never got to meet him. His version of the pitch itself is a little long, I personally prefer shorter versions such as Don Driver's, Mark Lewis', Andy Nyman's Jonathan Royle's, but it's still very educational. There's even more value in the PDF that comes with it... Personally, I think the PDF itself is worth the money, even without the DVD as it goes into detail of the psychology and all the little details to help you sell more.

So, it's definitely worth it, and I can recommend Sam's customer service!

I've added it to my collection of pitch products: Don's Building a Tip and Svengali Pitch DVDs, Mark Lewis's The Long and the Short of It, Andy Nyman's Pitch from Get Nyman, and Jonathan Royle's The Art of the Perfect Pitch.

If anyone has a copy of Don's 'Jam Auction' please let me know, I'd love a copy of that. Also if anyone knows of any other pitch material, please also let me know. It fascinates me and I'm keen to learn more!