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Topic: Rolling banners
Message: Posted by: steve-pistolas (Feb 29, 2012 08:40AM)
Hi ive managed to get hold of 2 of rolling banners (sprung loaded barrel pull up) which already have a design on it, can I paint over them and if so which kind of paint should I use and has anyone tried doing this, thanks for any advice you may have :)
Message: Posted by: Jim Hand (Feb 29, 2012 08:56AM)
It all depends on the material the banners are made of.....if they are vinyl the answer is yes they can be repainted...but you need to use a vinyl ink for the job...Vinyl ink is available from a company called NAZ-DAR...google them for a dealer near you....so far so good...now the bad part...vinyl ink is meant for silk screening but it can be thinned down with laqquer thinner and brushed on ,I do it quite often on banners and backdrops. The ink is available in many different colors but is VERY PRICEY ,about 40-60 dollars (us) a quart...You should work outside with it because of STRONG fumes...Your best and cheapest bet would be to go to a local digital sign shop and have new banner made and attached to the hardware.....
Message: Posted by: steve-pistolas (Feb 29, 2012 12:54PM)
Hey Jim, thanks for your advice yes I will look into maybe getting a new print cheers