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Topic: Hans Klok/Joel Brook - Music?
Message: Posted by: 6th Sense Psykic (Sep 25, 2003 05:12AM)
Just wondering if anyone knows the name of the piece of music Joel Brook is using on the Lance Burton Show.

Hans Klok also used the same piece whilst performing his 'Beheaded' illusion on WGM.

Thanks in advance.

Magically and mentally yours.
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Nov 5, 2003 01:15PM)
Speaking of that, does anyone know Joel Brook's website? I'm sure I visited it a good while ago, but don't know the link anymore.

Message: Posted by: rumdrum (Aug 13, 2005 11:30PM)
Wow, this is a really old thread. The music from the Lance Burton show was from Gary Oulette's library. (May he rest in peace) It was not public domain, or available to anyone else. It did not even have a title when I recieved it! Hans Klok used it in "Worlds Greatest Magic" because Gary also produced that show. So if anyone actually cares almost two years later, now you know!

And my website is http://www.rumdrum.com

Joel Broock