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Topic: BOR Sales
Message: Posted by: lostpoet (Mar 19, 2012 09:08PM)
For any performer interested in pitch books, one of the best I've read is the 'Face Reading Pitch book' by Walter Davis.
It is a fascinating topic on it's own and makes perfect sense for a mystery performer to be selling. http://www.mentaltek.com/pitchbooks.html
Gives your clients a little glimpse... Everything is laid out very easily to insert your own information, name, etc.
This will be a nice extra income for myself and many other performers that enjoy this stream of income.
Message: Posted by: WDavis (Apr 23, 2012 07:19PM)
thank you for comments. I am glad you are finding it both useful and more importantly profitable.
my best,
Message: Posted by: CarlZen (Apr 23, 2012 08:32PM)
Have one thing to say pure gold.
Message: Posted by: dmoses (Apr 25, 2012 01:46PM)
BTW... I like the new site design Walter!