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Topic: Mini Morphosis - Example of China KO passed off as Japan Ver
Message: Posted by: guerrestellari (Mar 21, 2012 05:49AM)
Okkk... just got a pm from moderator that I am not suppose to allow link, references or discussion concerning ebay.

For the sake of keeping to topic, let me simply post a photo of the China KO packaging for record here.

Do not confuse China KO with Authentic Japan packaged Tenyo !
Message: Posted by: Killertweety (Mar 21, 2012 06:07AM)
Hmmm smells fishy ... someone complained about the Ebay-link perhaps? :hmmm:

Anyway, thanks for letting us know G.

I bought knock offs several years ago (before I started collecting Tenyo) and they are AWFULL quality - I have them all in a bag exept for Mini Morphosis and Funnel Vision (trown away - I still have the balls from Mini Morphosis and a litle plastic coin from Tunnel Vision) because they didn't work at all (the others kind off work but far from perfect - not comparable with Tenyo's versions!). Here's what I have left:


The pen of Invisible Pen is different color. Also it doesn't stay in the case (Tenyo version does when you put it in far enough so you can easily 'pull the pen back out').
The 'transparant' base for the lady statue of Floating Rock isn't transparant, the rock doesn't float well, gimmick broke off.
Base of Eye OTI has scratches.
Statue of Eye OTI has traces of glue on the side.
Eye OTI doesn't work OK.
Sponge Rabbits are different color and bad quality.
Gimmick of Krazy Keys falls off.
Impossible Pen doens't work fluently.
Gimmick of Puzzling Queen only dislodges if you slam it on the table.
Crystal Pyramid: don't lift the thing or it rattles and the gimmick becomes visible.

Pfew ... that's about it :)

Anyone interested in this rubbish feel free to contact me ;)