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Topic: Rabbit/Duck Illusion
Message: Posted by: ropeadope (Mar 23, 2012 01:07PM)
I want one of these taxidermist figures!

Calling Daryl & his rabbit/bird sponges.

You will find Richard Wiseman`s site,Blog most interesting for Magicians if you Google him up, look around.

Have fun,
Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Nov 1, 2012 11:45AM)
LOL, they still don't look real.
Message: Posted by: ropeadope (Dec 17, 2012 01:32AM)
The first one on the wooden block looks VERY real to me.
Message: Posted by: maousus (Jun 29, 2014 01:48AM)
This is a bit creepy seeing the effect happening in real life...haha.
Message: Posted by: Steven Webb (Aug 17, 2014 10:49PM)
The ones in the water are definitely nightmare material!
Message: Posted by: wunceaponatime (Dec 3, 2014 09:01AM)
There is a funny cartoon in a recent The New Yorker where two armies are fighting each other and each has a banner or flag. One is a duck and the other is a rabbit, but depending on how you look at them they are the same.

Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Dec 7, 2014 05:53AM)
Percy Abbott, in the '40s, sold "A Hat, A Duck, A Rabbit" ($1.00). I was 14. I mailed a dollar. I received a flat piece of cloth, white on one side and black on the other. It was actually two pieces of cloth, glued andor sewed together with wome "stiffening" in between. One side was white. It had a few "lines" drawn with paint to suggest a profile of a rabbit. The other side was black and also had a few lines to suggest a "fedora' (hat style). The whold thing folded in half, with the black side showing. It resembled a fedora hat (sort of!)

The "instructions" said to show the "hat", flip it "open" and reverse it to show the "white rabbit", then reverse it again to show the black side, which when opened, "sort of" resembled a black duck. The instructions told me to have an egg palmed, and allow the duck to lay an egg.

At 14, I really felt cheated. I tried it in one show, and threw it out. In 1945, a dollar was a dollar!