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Topic: Tenyo T-126 Match-Sticks Problem
Message: Posted by: guerrestellari (Mar 30, 2012 12:46AM)
About 2 years back I purchased the carded trick online from ebay. Seller had nice pictures but when item arrived, I was disappointed to find the photo used for the auction was a stock photo and the actual delivered item was used and in rather bad shape.

The white sticks were evenly discolored due to age but because they were packed side by side next to each other, the discoloration affected the exposed parts of the white sticks while the sides hidden were not.

End up, the became a bunch of useless props to me. I have considered salvaging it by perhaps painting over the white sticks. Any other suggestions or anyone with the same experience?

Reason I posted was that I saw one on ebay right now and it appears that the white sticks were also rather "yellowed"