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Topic: "IN MY MIND 2" Lecture
Message: Posted by: lucavolpe (Apr 4, 2012 10:27AM)
I had great time yesterday night at the North Wales Magic Circle where I presented my new routines from my upcoming DVD "IN MY MIND 2" presenting also in exclusive my new stage rotuine
"THE KEY OF FATE" (who has been there knows what I am speaking about it...and someone also told that I have been crazy to release it!)

A special thanks to Mark Thorold to arrange everything!
You can see some pictures here:
Message: Posted by: markhitton (Apr 4, 2012 11:16AM)
Hi luca when your dvd will be available ?
I like your mental feats.
Message: Posted by: lucavolpe (Apr 4, 2012 11:47AM)
HI Mark, I hope will be out before the FISM, we are still at the editing stage now, thanks for asking me!
Message: Posted by: parmenion (Apr 5, 2012 05:57AM)
Do you need a door to perform the key of fate ?
Message: Posted by: lucavolpe (Apr 5, 2012 06:27AM)
Hahahah! Yes, a big one!
Message: Posted by: markhitton (Apr 5, 2012 02:37PM)
Thanks a lot luca