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Topic: Shipping and "Handling"
Message: Posted by: Martello (Apr 5, 2012 06:55AM)
Two weeks ago I placed an order for the New Harry Anderson book on the Magic Square from Hank Lee. After 10 days and $9.95 charge for shipping, I called to see what was taking so long. After all, $9.95 usually is more than Priority Mail from this location. I called to see what was happening and they said "It was shipped today".
They had no clue why it took so long. When I asked the post office what it would cost to ship this box back to Hank Lee, they told me $2.25. I called Hank Lee (or whatever his real name is) again and asked for an explanation. They told me that "handling" charges made up the remainder of the order.
I am now assured that this will be the last time I order anything from this dealer again. In light of this outrageous handling charge which no other dealer charges as well as recent revelations in the media, I would caution anyone to question what they are being asked to pay for shipping.

Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Apr 9, 2012 11:08PM)
That Hank Lee should be arrested!
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Apr 10, 2012 04:16PM)
Errr...MagicSanta, stand by...the way things seem to be going, that might happen! PayPal cut him off? I've heard some sad news from that direction...:(

Message: Posted by: Larry Barnowsky (Apr 12, 2012 10:01PM)
I charge within a few cents what it costs to ship the product. I don't even add in the cost of the padded shipping envelopes, mailing labels, or the plastic I seal each book with. Handling charges are like bank and airline fees, a way to enhance their profits.
For example, my latest book, [url=http://www.barnowskymagic.com/bookofdestiny.html]The Book of Destiny[/url], weighs 3 1/2 pounds. It costs me $3.92 to ship it Media Mail with tracking. I charge $4.00 for the shipping. If they want it Priority mail it costs me $10.85 and I charge $11.00. For International Priority mail I charge for that book $17.00 which is the same as my cost. I think it's good business to treat your customers fair. I have found they become repeat customers.


Message: Posted by: nathanernest (Apr 17, 2012 09:06PM)
Larry, you charged me $50 to ship your books to Australia last year. Just saying.
Message: Posted by: Ray Bertrand (Apr 24, 2012 01:31PM)
IBM Ring 2100 (International has recently reported that Hank Lee is being investigated for fraud. It is a sad state of affairs when the people we rely on for our supplies don't produce. It has been stated in an earlier post;; "We are a small community"... word gets around real fast.

Message: Posted by: Larry Barnowsky (Jun 8, 2012 07:52PM)
On 2012-04-17 22:06, nathanernest wrote:
Larry, you charged me $50 to ship your books to Australia last year. Just saying.


I checked my records and you ordered 3 books (about 8 pounds weight) which were shipped in a Flat Rate Medium Priority Mail Box. At the time my cost was for shipping was supposed to be $43.00 but the PO raised the price to $45.50. I charged you $33 for the shipping as a discount which I quoted you in an email from 10/3/12 which saved you either $10 or $12.50 depending on how you look at it. I'm not sure where the $50 figure came from but I assume you made an honest mistaken in recalling the amount. Your order also included some free bonus items.

By the way, the price today for the same parcel to Australia is $48.

Message: Posted by: Larry Barnowsky (Jun 8, 2012 08:24PM)

the email was 10/3/11

Message: Posted by: King14 (Nov 5, 2012 12:32PM)
Ordered a DVD from local dealer.2.95 for first class delivery,when package arrived cost was 92p.I think most dealers a ripping customers off on P+P.Also lot's of new release magic is far to costly for what you are getting.
Message: Posted by: CardMaker (Nov 6, 2012 12:22AM)

- a padded envelope @ EUR 0.30 (average)
- a printed address label @ EUR 0.10
- an inner packaging for the product(s) itself
- the doing of printing the label
- the driving to the post office
- the partly covering of PayPal fees @ EUR 0.85 (average)

and still only EUR 4.00 for s&h where the post stamp alone is EUR 3,45

But that's just my 2 cent - which customers have NOT to pay ;-)