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Topic: Jumbo Version of "King Monte"
Message: Posted by: pintirri (Apr 16, 2012 01:12AM)
I live in Western Australia and I am interested in buying "King Monte" for $125 from "Mr Aaron Smith's The Magic Depot". First of all has anyone had experience with this trick and secondly I'm not familiar with the dealer. Is he OK to deal with?
Message: Posted by: MickNZ (Apr 16, 2012 05:03AM)
Magic Depot is fine, been around for years.
Message: Posted by: pintirri (Apr 16, 2012 08:28AM)
Thanks for that Mick.
Message: Posted by: bishthemagish (Apr 25, 2012 08:57PM)
I use King Monte at almost every stage show - often I close with it.
Message: Posted by: pintirri (Apr 25, 2012 09:23PM)
Thanks for that bishthemagish.