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Topic: Headset/Earset for Sing & Dance Performance
Message: Posted by: Magic Headset (Apr 19, 2012 04:47AM)
We're completely new to this, but it looks like there are many experienced professionals on this thread offering great advice. Please help as we're sourcing for a headset/earset mic with body pack transmitter and receiver that can be used for sing and dance performances. Have been recommended the Countryman E6 earset, but it appears to be quite costly.

Could anyone offer advice on the Countryman E6 and the cheaper OSP Hs-09 alternative and their ease of use for sing and dance.
What about the differences between the Shure SLX14 and the Sennheiser EW152 G3 (which already comes with a headset)?
Is the EW172 a higher model than the EW152?
Are there any other recommendations?

Would greatly appreciate any advice asap. Thanks a million in advance!
Message: Posted by: g0thike (Apr 19, 2012 03:04PM)

What is your budget? Mic differences are sound quality, pickup patterns and costs.

Running and dancing will eventually short the mic cable. Depends on the type of dance. The countryman e6 has a detachable mic cable, cost $60 to buy a new one. Other headsets might be affordable but if you short them then you got to buy a whole unit.

I personally use the Countryman E6, bought them used on EBay. I carry extra mic cables.

I use DPA for any high end corporate work.

If you can explain the purpose and dancing, then we can help.

Message: Posted by: garydunn (Apr 19, 2012 07:35PM)
If I need to use a headset (not very often) I have one of these which I connect to my Sennheiser backpack transmitter.


Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Apr 19, 2012 08:10PM)
What about googling something like an Aerobic Instructor Headset?

- Donald
Message: Posted by: Magic Headset (Apr 19, 2012 10:51PM)
Sorry all,

I just realised this forum is for Magic Enthusiasts. Sorry to intrude. Just thought I read some good advice here.

Thanks for your replies. By the way, cos I'm really new to this: how do you short a cable when running and dancing? And we're actually in Singapore, so we can only get what's available here, unless we purchase online.

So the DPA is more durable? Not sure if it's available in Singapore.

And yes, I'll check out Aerobic Instructor Headsets too. Good idea!

Thanks all!
Message: Posted by: g0thike (Apr 21, 2012 05:22PM)
Magic Headset,

You said that the Countryman E6 earset was costly.

If you tell us your budget then we can recommend equipment.

DPA headsets (Danish Pro Audio). Used on Broadway and high end productions.

Shorting, when you pull on the mic cables, large dance movements, the cable from the inside might break and cause static.