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Topic: Sankey Linking Key Rings
Message: Posted by: HiveMind (Oct 5, 2003 03:06AM)
I recently saw a demo of Sankey's DVD with the linking
key rings. I thought it was a nice little pocket
linking rings, but I already link rubber bands and
finger rings etc...

But, I would like the effect better if you could ALSO
link keys to the ring like that. Can someone who has
the DVD tell me if this would be possible? Think about
it. It wouldn't be GREATLY useful to instantly link
keys to rings, but it would be one of a few magic
effects where you aparantly do something useful that
looks impossible.
Message: Posted by: Joshua Quinn (Oct 5, 2003 03:41AM)
I can't comment on the Sankey DVD, but if you're looking for a linking key and keyring routine there's a very nice one on Gregory Wilson's "On the Spot" tapes. I'm willing to bet that you could work the two routines together with a little thought.

Message: Posted by: Chris Aguilar (Oct 5, 2003 05:01AM)
Wilson does some linking stuff with keyrings on one of the convention at the captital tapes.
Message: Posted by: Tony Venetico (Oct 5, 2003 10:19PM)
With the Sankey Video -- technically you COULD link a key onto the ring -- it would definitely involve a little more "work" and definitely practice to make it look good -- but Ya, it can be done....the possibilities are endless. Its a great video!