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Topic: Giant A4 force decks
Message: Posted by: VE Day (May 9, 2012 07:14PM)
I have been looking at some of the huge A4 sized playing cards that are being sold these days. I have one of my existing card routines that I want in my show using these giant A4 sized cards as I like everything in my show to be bigger than normal like Alice In Wonderland. But I will need to find a supplier of either A4 sized two way force decks, or A4 sized Svengali deck, or a deck that has 24 A4 sized cards that all match suit and value (ie something that I can make a giant A4 symbiotic deck/svengali deck from).

Please does anybody know of a supplier of such decks?
Even if I can find a supplier of a two way force deck I can mix them with half a matching regular A4 deck as I have the facility to cut my own decks.

Does anyone know a supplier of A4 sized two way force decks please?

(Not jumbo bicycle cards or jumbo piatnik cards as they are quite small in comparison to the size of an A4 deck).
Message: Posted by: MickNZ (May 9, 2012 08:58PM)
Where does one even find A4 decks like you're talking about? I've never seen them.
Message: Posted by: VE Day (May 10, 2012 04:24AM)
They sell the cards in the UK in quite a few places. Carta Mundi make some good quality decks, and some Chinese and Indian suppliers make them too. They are used for games at outdoor fetes, children's events, in schools etc.
But I want a deck that is made up of the same matching card.
Message: Posted by: ronnyman (Sep 20, 2012 05:43PM)
I have good news and bad news. There is a supplier on Alibaba selling them and the good news is that they do custom orders. The bad news (depending on where you are) is that they're located in China. The name of the place is the Fenghua Chunguang Playing Cards Factory.
Message: Posted by: ronfour (Sep 30, 2012 08:24PM)
I see some on Ebay from time to time.
Message: Posted by: thatmatt (Oct 1, 2012 09:22AM)
I am afraid I haven't come across any of these online (not even on eBay). Do you, by any chance, know whether that supplier ships the A4 sized two way force decks worldwide? Depending on the price, I would be interested in purchasing some myself...