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Topic: Is Daryl's Card Revelations good?
Message: Posted by: erictan8888 (Oct 5, 2003 07:49PM)
Hi, I have Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights and I love it...

How about Daryl's Card Eevelations? Is it as good? does the tricks taught in the encyclopedia of card sleights repeat in this series? How does this compare to Ammar's ETMCM? (Sorry I am using this to compare as I do not have a lot of card DVDs to compare)

eric :)
Message: Posted by: Ricky B (Oct 5, 2003 10:27PM)
Daryl's Card Revelations series is good IF it is what you are looking for. It was for me, and so I like it. At the time it came out, I was literally looking to collect a number of revelations, and lo and behold, Daryl did it all for me.

It's a different series than the Ammar series. The effects here, by and large, are much simpler to do, and they are almost all "you pick a card and I find it" tricks. Some people have griped that no one should be doing trick after trick of "you pick a card and I find it." Agreed, but no one says that you have to use more than one or two of the effects at any given time.

While most of the effects are not stunners, many are quite effective because they are short and simple. Some of the effects can be quite charming, and some can be quite strong if presented well. I use a number of the effects regularly, though I must say that I was using them already when the series came out.

One criticism that could be leveled is that Daryl gives the material the once-over and moves on. In other words, he doesn't develop the presentation as fully as he could. For example, "Business Card Prophesy" could use a bigger build-up than Daryl gives it (the big build-up is suggested in Bill Simon's book, Card Magic for Amateurs and Professionals, a Dover publication).

On the other hand, there are something like 30 effects on the first four disks. To keep it manageable, he has to get moving and keep it moving. All in all, I think Daryl stikes the right balance. If you like an effect, it is up to you to polish and develop it.

Daryl is a most genial lecturer. He is quite pleasant to watch. I suggest that most other lecturers would get on your nerves after the first 50 "you pick a card and I find it" tricks, but he doesn't.

There are a number of effects that are shown in different versions. For example, there are a number of card stab effects. One criticism I have of the DVD series is that there is no indexing, just a table of contents for the disk. L&L should have put an index on the disks so you could see all the card stab effects, all the spelling effects, all the effects where you know the card but not its location, all the key card effects, etc.

Along these lines, another criticism is that the different versions on an effect are scattered on different disks. While it keeps each disk more interesting not to have different versions of the same effect on one disk, it means you have to have several different disks and pop them in and out to compare the different versions of the same effect.

One annoying technical issue is that the sound synchronization is a bit off. Daryl's lips move, but they don't match his words exactly. I understand that this is an issue with DVD's.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. I like the series, and I recommend it to those looking for "you pick a card and I find it" tricks (hence the name of the series, Revelations). If that's not what you want, if what you want is a variety of "plots," look elsewhere.

The best disks in my opinion are 1 and 2, in that order. Disk 5 offers the least value, again IMO.

Message: Posted by: ChopCup (Oct 5, 2003 10:59PM)
I liked this series. There are some very clever workings of great effects. I picked the effects that fit me, learned them and then sold the set.
Message: Posted by: erictan8888 (Oct 6, 2003 01:01AM)
Thank Ricky B.... your review is greatly appreciated..
I think I will just go ahead and order it...

eric :)
Message: Posted by: LeConte (Oct 6, 2003 03:01AM)
It can get a bit dry and boring to watch, but Ricky B's review is spot on!!!
Message: Posted by: cardfreax (Oct 6, 2003 04:59AM)
How is it compared to Vernon's revelation series (9 series if I'm not mistaken)...

Message: Posted by: Ricky B (Oct 6, 2003 01:15PM)
[i]"How is it compared to Vernon's revelation series (9 series if I'm not mistaken)..." [/i]

So far as I know, the only thing that they have in common is the word "revelations" in the title!

Here is a link to L&L's website, which discusses the Vernon Revelations series:


You may draw your own conclusions.

Message: Posted by: Mistro (Oct 6, 2003 05:39PM)
Yes, The videos are good but I don't really like Daryl. He annoys me a little bit.
Message: Posted by: ChopCup (Oct 6, 2003 10:44PM)
Daryl is very REVEALing on this set.

I like his style. he's funny and so casual, you miss the sleights.

There's good fodder here for those that love the pasteboards. His TRIUMPH version by Tenkai fooled me.

Chop Chop
Message: Posted by: Beetroot (Oct 7, 2003 04:40PM)
On 2003-10-06 04:01, LeConte wrote:
It can get a bit dry and boring to watch, but Ricky B's review is spot on!!!

I love Daryl's tapes - Encyclopedia, Revelations and Monte. The thing to bear in mind is that he absolutely jam-packs these full of content. With regard to the Revelations DVD that I have, the quality of the effect varies with the skill level (although none look particularly hard).

The reason I've quoted the above is because I've seen this comment before and it's accurate but I think would benefit from additional qualification (at least from my perspective so no offense to LeConte, I hope).

If Daryl put only half of what he does onto the tapes you'd probably still think you were getting your money's worth. Because he puts so much onto the tapes, watching one effect after another (in what is not an overall routine) can perhaps start to tire. If you treat a single tape as two and watch it in a couple of sittings then that may help.

As for me - I find Daryl chucklesome and am quite happy to watch about 3 DVDs in a row (but that's probably my limit).