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Topic: Scripting and threading together a new act
Message: Posted by: bertietonks (May 14, 2012 04:58AM)
Hi all

I usually specialise in close up/table hopping magic but wanted to embark on a new direction of my learning. I have been working hard on putting together a mentalism stage act and had great fun trying to thread all the elements together. I found that drawing a timeline on a large piece of paper and then writing a list of the effects I wanted to include, really helpful in helping me to visualise the act and to spot where opportunities existed to raise and lower the tempo in order to keep the spectators state at inconsistent levels (i.e. keep them fully with me :))

I have two questions, the first of which is would you consider a 50 minute act too long and also if you have any other thoughts on threading together and scrpting an act? I would really be interested in your thoughts.

Thanks and best regards
Message: Posted by: KPPfeiffer (May 14, 2012 09:29AM)
Bertie, just a very brief note.
Generally, there is a book out there called Scripting Magic. That might be helpful.
50 minutes: well, it depends on your venue, audience and what you do in those 50 minutes. :)
threading: I like your time line idea. Another resource is Chuck Hickocks Mentalism Inc. He has some profound notes on how to build a mentalism act.
Hope that helps.