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Topic: Anyone Remember Louis Berkie?
Message: Posted by: irossall (Oct 8, 2003 05:56AM)
Louis Berkie was the owner of the Elbee Magic Company in San Antonio, Texas. The shop later moved to another location in San Antonio and evidently went through several name changes. I believe that the final name of the shop was Fun & Magic (not sure). Berkie died in 1995 and the shop was taken over by his surviving wife and son and then closed shop about 2 years ago. Berkie was a good friend as well as my boss for several years and I would love to hear from someone who remembers Louis.
Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: camikesrd (Nov 14, 2003 12:49AM)
I have but only second hand, Don Estes ( Brandon ) lived here in Richmond,Virginia untill his death a few years ago and he told me about his friend Berkie .
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Dec 13, 2003 07:56PM)
I knew Berkie very well. Louis Berkowitz was his real name, but everyone called him Berkie.

He was a delightful man. He printed more wooden nickels than anyone else before him. He printed up two different versions of mine for me.

I remember one year at the TAOM -- probably 1983 -- the TAOM was in Austin and Yutaka Kikuchi was one of the headliners. Berkie had some newspaper headlines printed up for him that said


Of course, the word "shotgun" should have been "shogun." Evidently, whoever was setting the type for the newspapers thought Berkie had made a mistake and "corrected" the typo. Fortunately, Berkie showed it to me before he gave it to Kikuchi, so he was able to get a corrected version printed up.

Every time I went to San Antonio, I made it a practice to stop by his shop for a visit. He had all sorts of neat old stuff in there!

Sometimes people say things like "He will be missed" when they talk about people like Berkie. That's not exactly right in his case -- HE IS MISSED!