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Topic: Reed McClintock's Coin Ovations DVD
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 11, 2003 06:58AM)
[b]Reed McClintock[/b] has [i]quickly[/i] earned the reputation of performing some of the most technically demanding, yet audience pleasing coin magic you'll ever get to experience. Awsome technical ability, fluid movement and a gift for misdirection all equal what I would call [i]state of the art[/i] coin magic. :nod:
With that in mind, I rather enjoyed watching Reed do his stuff on this, his first official dvd release. The following are a few thoughts on the disc in question.

[b]Reed McClintock's Coin Ovations DVD[/b]


[b]Disc Description:[/b] [i]In his eagerly awaited first coin release, Reed McClintock shares some of his famous effects! Discover Reedís rare brand of coin magic-smooth, graceful and in-your-face!
Each routine on this DVD is jam-packed with one surprise after another. So much so, that audiences forget about catching you; they just sit back and enjoy the roller coaster ride.

Since all the magic on this DVD is performed standing, itís suitable for performance in strolling venues, trade shows, restaurants, banquets, and hospitality suites[/i].


Reed's first dvd offering consists of not just some magic tricks, but complete solid routines, that once mastered, will have your audience standing in total disbelief. Lucky for us, Reed tips the work and we need only practice the material for our own miracle making presentations.

Routines include:

[*]13 Coin Matrix
[*]Reed's Elbow, Knee and Neck
[*]International 3-Fly

The [i]13 Coin Matrix[/i] starts off like a typical Matrix routine but then quickly explodes into the truly impossible, leaving your close-up mat covered with coins, and the seemingly unexplainable appearance of a giant coin as the grand finale.

I must point out that this will take real dedication and practice BUT, those willing to put in the time will be greatly rewarded. :)

Using his Elbow, Knee and Neck, Reed quickly demonstrates just how simple (yet amazing) a basic coin routine can really be. This is not that difficult and is a lot of fun to perform. Very cool.

[i]Scream-Fly[/i] is yet [i]another[/i] variation of the 3-Fly fad that has swept the magic world off its feet. Practice this and you'll be the envy of everyone at that next club meeting. Again, as mentioned earlier, this is not [i]just[/i] an effect but rather an entire routine. It does use a gaffed coin, but one you probably already own. ;)

The very last routine is called [i]International 3-Fly[/i] and is ( in my humble opinion) easily the very best routine on the disc. Reed has taken the standard ( is there a standard? ) Three Fly concept a step further by using three different kinds of coins (Half-Dollar, English Penny & Chinese) which I feel makes the transfers even more deceptive.

While this routine does require a set of gaffed coins, the good news is the coins are available through most dealers and learning this routine is [i]well[/i] within the reach of anyone who will actually apply themselves. :)

While the video portion of the disc is good, the audio does suffer some. However, I must point out this will not hinder the learning process at all. I'll end this by saying for a [i]first effort[/i] Mr. McClintock has done a pretty good job and I salute him for taking the time to share this material with us. If you really enjoy [i]COIN MAGIC[/i] do yourself a favor and check this title out! Recommended. :)


[b]My rating:[/b] [img]images/Reviews/4.gif[/img]

Available from your favorite dealer or you may purchase directly from:

[b]Reed McClintock[/b]
[i]20782 SW SKIVER ST.
BEAVERTON, OR. 97007[/i]
[b](503) 997-2273[/b]

You may email Reed at: reed@reedmcclintock.com

Or visit his website at:
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Suggested retail is $30.00

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