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Topic: Looking for a specific Thumb Tip size
Message: Posted by: nonvpro (Jun 23, 2012 02:57PM)
I'm looking for a large "soft vinyl" thumb tip. I'm currently using the following TT:


It's 2" long with an inside diameter of approximately 7/8". The vinyl is very soft and flexiable. I'm hoping to find one a bit longer. Say perhaps 1/4" to 3/8 or even 1/2" longer. I prefer it be of the soft vinyl variety. If anyone has any suggestions, please post or pm me.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to look and perhaps respond.
Message: Posted by: nonvpro (Jun 25, 2012 12:10PM)
Message: Posted by: J-Mac (Jul 6, 2012 12:56AM)
Unfortunately no one publishes the dimensions of their thumb tips. Last year I ordered five different tips online and only one fit halfway decently. Surprisingly (to me) most are too small - and I definitely do not have big thumbs! I mostly use a standard "hard" Vernet tip for bill switches and the like, and a "Thumbs-Up" soft latex tip for other stuff. Two other Vernet tips I bought are so small I can barely get them on my thumb.

Best I have read about here and elsewhere is the "Fredi-Up" tip. Their site was in French (I think!) and there was an English version but the site was being redesigned for a long time. Haven't looked recently, but IIRC they had instructions on how to measure your thumb and would sell tips made to fit you. Worth Googling them and seeing if their site it up yet.