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Topic: Update on Dad
Message: Posted by: JRob (Jun 30, 2012 01:18PM)
It seems his last round of chemo was ineffective, and if that is the case it will have been his last round. We won't know until early next week for sure. If that is so, I don't know what kind of time frame we are looking at (don't know how fast the leukemia will take him), but I am hoping for one more Christmas with him.
Message: Posted by: critter (Jun 30, 2012 01:28PM)
Hope you get that Christmas too.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Jul 1, 2012 06:05AM)
Prayers are with you all.

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Jul 1, 2012 07:36AM)

Leukemia is not the news you want. But I had a friend make it ten years beyond that point and worked! Making it to every Christmas is important. (To me, the fact that you value Christmas is even more important. Life here is not all there is to life.) Lucy and I will also pray that making this Christmas is a short term goal that your family makes together for years. Then we can set a new goal to exceed. (Lucy is a primary care physician that does not set time frames for leukemia.)

Make the best of your time. Wonderful things can still come from tough times.

Bob and Lucy
Message: Posted by: JRob (Jul 1, 2012 08:21AM)
Thanks, Bob, Richard and critter. You are right, Bob, about setting goals. And if the doctor was to give a time frame Dad is the kind that will push for a point well past it just to prove the doctor wrong. As long as he doesn't give up.

This is a guy that shattered his ankle climbing out of a deer stand, belly crawled back to the pick-up truck and drove home using the box on windshield wiper blades to work the pedals (the pick-up was a 3-on-the-column straight drive). We thank God and the Marine Corps for instilling that kind of will in him.
Message: Posted by: Tom G (Jul 1, 2012 09:25AM)
JRob, the very best to you and your dad. Hope it all works out.
Message: Posted by: Dr. Delusion (Jul 1, 2012 12:26PM)
JROB, With the Deer hunting story it sounds like your Dad is one tough son of a gun.
I hope and pray that your Dad passes all expectations and sticks around for a long time.
Take care, Bob.
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Jul 7, 2012 02:08AM)

Best wishes to you and your very tough Dad. It may not have been fun at the time but that is one great story. True Grit.

-Mary Mowder