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Topic: Who is "Joe Fox"
Message: Posted by: joe faro (Jul 3, 2012 07:48AM)
We just went to the Renasonce Festival here in Colo. and saw Joe Fox do magic and sword swallowing. I asked if I could talk to him after the show and he told me to meet him to the side of the stage. He must of thought I was a bill collector or something because he took off through the people on the other side.Any one know who is is or where he's frome. I don't see his name on thr SSAI site.
Message: Posted by: rossmacrae (Jul 3, 2012 08:21AM)
Call it a disappearing act.
Message: Posted by: The Curator of the Unusual (Jul 3, 2012 09:40AM)
See Wayne, heres proof they all left the Carnival and joined out with the Renaissance Faire...
Message: Posted by: erikkloeker (Jul 3, 2012 11:05AM)
Are you talking about Johnny Fox?
Message: Posted by: dough (Jul 3, 2012 01:52PM)
Isn't he the little fox that does the car fax commercials?
Message: Posted by: Steve_Mollett (Jul 3, 2012 03:01PM)
I know of a Joe Fox who is an escapologist:

Message: Posted by: joe faro (Jul 4, 2012 08:33AM)
Yes, It was Johnny Fox, do you know of him?
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Jul 4, 2012 08:57AM)
Johnny's a good guy, creative, a fount of knowledge, and a great performer.
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Jul 4, 2012 11:26AM)
He sure is and we saw him at the Annapolis Ren Fair a few years back followed with a visit to his Freakatoriam in NY which has since closed.
I sent him a giant photo 5ftx3ft of a Freak Congress which he displayed on the ceiling of his shop,,,in return he was sending me a pic of Melvin doing BH,,,but it never got to me !!!!!

Message: Posted by: erikkloeker (Jul 7, 2012 10:37PM)
Yes, he has been working ren faires for a very long time. We have worked a couple with him over the years, good guy.
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Jul 8, 2012 06:17AM)
He also has an amazing collection, and used to have a Freakatorium in lower Manhattan.
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Jul 10, 2012 11:09AM)
Wake up Harley I already said that already, and his woman is real good looking as well !!
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Jul 10, 2012 11:31AM)
You're right, Ken. I'm distracted.