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Topic: Confetti to Dove Bowls
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jul 3, 2012 11:52AM)
Many years ago, a young "Mall Show" magician appeared at our giant mall in town. He did a trick I had never seen before. He showed 2 white soup bowls, one filled with confetti and place the other upside down on top of the other. When he removed the top bowl, a dove appeared in the bowl. This looked spectacular from my viewpoint. I cannot remember if he filled the one bowl in front of the audience or just took a few pieces of confetti and let them flutter to the floor.

He told me it was a Morrissey Product from Canada, but I searched, this was before the Internet in the 1980's, but could never find them. No dealer or wholesaler offered it for sale.

I now see they are finally being offered on the Morrissey web site. I have always been intrigued by bowls of confetti.

Does anyone have these props and can offer any pros and cons to the working of the trick, and safety of the bird?

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Jul 3, 2012 02:33PM)
I know that Owen's made Andre Kole's dove cones. They looked more like funnels than bowls.

I don't know about the Morrisey product.

Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Jul 3, 2012 06:19PM)
I'm not familiar with Morrissey's version of this, but confetti bowls has been described in one or more books if I recall. I'll have to dig and see if I can find it. Think OLD book.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jul 3, 2012 06:35PM)
Yes, there are other tricks like this, Abbott's use to have silk bowls that changed to something like flowers. I remember the release being very nice and easy to release at a touch.

Morrissey is kind of known for doing things differently then the classic methods, so I was wondering if this has any "accidental" problems with the working of the trick.

I vaguely remember there being this trick on the market before my time, or something with soup bowls. So I don't want to invest for a prop that will just set in a box. Most of Morrissey products, I don't care for, and now that they even got lazier, and will not even polish their items, it makes me cautious.

When I seen it, it was really a good trick from the audience viewpoint, but was that just a lucky presentation.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jul 5, 2012 07:44PM)
I found this on Abbott's site, looks like the Confetti to Dove Bowls is an old item from the creator of the Chop Cup, Chop Chop as he was known as in the day.

Chop Chop Confetti Bowl to Doves:
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jul 5, 2012 09:15PM)
Chop Chop original Confetti to Doves Bowls, as discovered by Abbott's Magic.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jul 27, 2012 11:30PM)
Chop Chop originally (late 1950's -60's) sold his Confetti Bowls in two sizes--a larger two Dove Size and a smaller size just right for spring flowers.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jul 31, 2012 01:00PM)
Thanks Julie, I think this effect is much better then a Dove Pan or Fire to Doves. It is so much more surprising to the audience.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Jul 31, 2012 07:57PM)
The best part about the Confetti to dove/doves over the Fire to Doves (one of my favorite props by the way) is that there no fire and it can be used in any venue. I find that I am not even allowed to use flash paper or burn a dollar bill in some venues (there goes a couple of my standards!). As Bill suggests it is very surprising as confetti is so very innocent seeming. Making it look real and handling it as if it was a bowl of shredded paper does take some acting.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Aug 2, 2012 07:35PM)
Hi Bill et al...

The best way to present the Confetti Bowls (at least the larger ones) is to have the feke loaded and set-up upside down with the regular bowl nested on top> inside a large clear plastic box filled with confetti.

Performer picks up the bowls with both hands (the loaded bowl with its bottom facing the audience), separates the bowls and in a fluid scooping motion uses the empty bowl to "fill" the bowl (with the doves hidden inside.) The loaded bowl is turned upside down a time or two visibly "dumping" the confetti back down into the box.

Finally the loaded bowl is left upright and the "excess" confetti is allowed to fall into the box and the performer blows the remaining bits into the air leaving a heaping display of colorful paper bits in the one bowl (the feke). The second bowl is placed over the full one and the Magic happens.

I mentioned all this to point out that the care and feeding of the Confetti Bowls is easy and practical because the apparatus itsself can be transported inside that same large plastic box that contains the confetti thanks to a snap-on lid that comes with the box.

We used this a lot "back in the day"...

Message: Posted by: revmike (Aug 30, 2012 10:10PM)
I have one of these in pristine condition (Chop Chop's Confetti Bowl to Dove). Never used it but if anybody is interested they can PM me.