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Topic: An idea for memorized deck
Message: Posted by: El_Lamo (Oct 16, 2003 09:17PM)
I was at staples / business depot and picked up a folder for business cards.

It has twelve pages, 4 clear pockets to a page.
If you put them in back to back, you can see 8 cards at once.

If you number the cards, you have a quick way to flip through and practise memorizing your deck.

If this is helpful to anyone...

cheers - El Lamo
Message: Posted by: 10cardsdown (Oct 17, 2003 08:00AM)
Actually, that IS a good idea. I'd only put one card in each pocket, not back to back. That way you could write the stack number on the back of the cards and study the stack number and card. :wavey: