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Topic: Review: Yigal Mesika's Spider Pen Pro
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Jul 31, 2012 07:26AM)
As promised, after a few days of playing around (and fixing) the SPP, here is my untarnished review:

The SPP arrives 'clamshelled' with the accompanying DVD.
Gently slide the DVD out of the paper case and the pen will reveal itself.
The pen itself is contained in a smaller bubble packaging with "Made in PRC" clearly stamped on the bottom.
You may have to unfold the bottom edge of the packaging to see this... deliberate or not? Only the Shadow knows...


The DVD:

The dvd comes in standard clamshell, with an accompanying booklet that I took at first to be a user-manual. It was without much surprise that I discovered it was in fact a catalog, advertising Yigal's other products.

The DVD itself played without problem in my Blueray player, and seems to be region free for universal compatibility.
The DVD is professionally made, but without the commonality of screaming rock music and flashy graphics that speed by at the rate of Blip-Verts (kudos if you can identify the reference) so common to today's DVD releases. But I digress.
The menu is simple, with three choices: Play, Chapters, and in the bottom right corner, an option marked "P.K.".

The DVD itself is again, well made. The introductory sequence goes over the history of the ITR in general, giving credit to the originators. I was pleased to see this. As noted in another review, the ITR was explained graphically and clearly in a History Channel style manner. Very nice, and an unexpected touch of class.

The following teaching session(s) are well done, but I found the background lighting to be a tad too strong and the audio from Yigal's lapel mike to be inconsistent. Frankly, it had the feel of being shot with an expensive camera in a flat somewhere in Europe around midnight.

Yigal was impeccably dressed as always, and provided a (mostly) adequate description of the SPP's various parts. I felt strongly that more time could have been spent going over the various parts and how they figure into the function of the pen.

The strongest "glossover" I noticed was the very brief time spent on explaining how to ensure the battery compartment has a snug fit. For such an important piece of operating knowledge, I was amazed so little time was spent covering this. In short, Yigal recommends slightly squeezing the sides of teh "collet" together to ensure a tight fit. As it later turned out, this is far more important than it seems.

The remainder of the DVD gives standard handling tips, how to change the spool(s) and to apply the (optional) black accessories package. Again, this seemed more like an infomercial than instructive technique.

The effects we're all familiar with from the demo video are explained in detail, and offer some surprising and innovative thinking, especially the "Zero Gravity Bill". The remainer of the effects and handling were all explained on he DVD accompanying the Tarantula, so if you bought one, you're already ahead of the game. In essential, little has changed between the two products; but what HAS changed has made all the difference in the world.

The "P.K" bonus section of the menu describles little more than the fact that you can use the SPP to produce "ghost touches" for seance/mentalism type routines- but not how to actually perform the routines or what handling(s) to use. It is assumed you are familiar with this area of IT work, apparently.

The PEN:

First impression is that this is a very solid, elegant pen that you would find in any better stationery store. The wax end took some finding, mine was attached to the top of the pen clip and proved to be nearly invisible. I'm glad I searched for it, or I likewise would have broken the thread scraping about for it.

The pen breaks down into several subsections:

The cap
The spool
The penclip and retainer ring
The barrel of the pen, which contains the electronics and the motor
The "point" of the pen, which consists of two parts:
A metal 'collet' which connects to the barrel through a pressure fitting (see above) and contains the (+) battery terminal connection.
The actual writing portion of the pen, which is just what is seems to be, a very small cut off portion of ink resevoir fit into a plastic connection that will extend or retract the pen point as needed to write.

All the pieces and connections are of aluminium (I assume) with the exception of the cap, spool and most importantly, the threading on the inside of the very tip of the writing portion of the pen where it attaches to the 'collet'. Why on earth the threading was done in plastic instead of metal like the rest is beyond me, and resulted in a weak/tenous connection that threatened to wobble or fall off if not tightened snugly. The trouble was, tightening it merely served to verge on stripping the plastic threading. Seeking to avoid this, I took a small piece of plumber's thread tape (cellophane would also work) and wrapped it once around the metal collet connection. This tightened the pen tip connection and solved that problem. If you were not going to use the pen to write, I suppose you could just glue it shut.

Eagerly anticipating playing with my new pen, I inserted the battery correctly and... nothing. Double checking everything and re-tightening the connections proved futile. My $100 pen was DOA? This... shall... not... pass.

I went into more detail on how to fix this on anothe thread but I will summarize here:

Remove the cap and spool. Separate the lower 'point' connection with the upper barrell/collet connection. If this is tight, twist gently and pull.

The collect (+) battery attachment must be scraped on the inside where the battery connects. During manufacturing it was likely covered with an anti-oxidizer and this must first be removed. An exacto or small piece of rolled sandpaper will suffice.

Inside the barrel of the pen is a spring; the (-) battery attachment point. Using a pair of tweezers or hemostats, GENLTY stretch this slightly.

Now re-insert your battery and you should hear the motor spin merrily for approximately 10 seconds or so. If not, repeat the above steps.

Once the motor is working, make note of if the collet and the point are staying together or if the spring is pushing the two apart. If it's pushing, here is where you must adjust the collet (or spring stretch - I prefer the collet). Yigal recommends using your fingers to gently squeeze the collet together, but I was unable to budge it and used a pair of slip-joint pliers and a washcloth to protect the finish.

NOTE: INSERT A AAA BATTERY BEFORE SQUEEZING. This will ensure you don't oversqueeze the tube shut. GENTLY squeeze until you have obtained a good friction fit between the pieces. You want them to stay together, but to pull apart with a slight effort.

So much for the fixes. Now on to the pen operation:

I bought the Tarantula and was extremely disappointed. Good engineering idea, poor execution.
The SPP takes the basic Tarantula concept and expands on it. Gone is the awkward sa***a gimmick in favor of an elegant pen.
Gone is the incredibly short battery life.
Gone are the button cell batteries, in place: ONE AAA.
Gone is the incredibly weak motor.

Retained are the spool and cap design. In fact, these are interchangeable, so if you already own a Tarantual, you have a spare spool and cap (albeit flesh colored) in case you lose these parts.


Sadly, this was the one area I was hoping would be addressed. The spools are TINY and virtually impossible to re-wind. It CAN be done, but it is very tedious and time consuming. A better, more robust spool design that takes advantage of the cross hatching (the locking mechanism) on the bottom of the spool would have increased pull force and led to less tangles. The top of the spool is angled and comes to a VERY small connection, leading to over-lapping of the thread and causing tangles. Sticking to a more standard sewing thread spool design would have eliminated this and led to a greater spool capacity (which is nothing to sneeze at with a 20'+ range, but still).

I have tried the SPP with the thread it comes with (unidentified), Vectra, WN and Kevlar. By far, the Vectra and Kevlar appear to work best with the SPP. Much to my surprise, the SPP will take WN, despite its fragility; the motor will compensate for it.

If using Kevlar or especially Vectra, use a hard wax such as Fearson's Master Wax. Otherwise, the motor will pull the thread right out of the wax.

The Motor:

Impressive. Really darn impressive, actually. This is probably what saved the SPP, in my opinion. At least easily twice the strength of the Tarantulas' motor, this puppy has some lifting power. I haven't fully tested the limits yet, but bills, cards and coins up to quarter size are a cinch. Also, rings (using the lockout technique to limit thread length, which is covered in the DVD).

The tensioning is smooth, silky and extremely even, even when loaded with IT. For those who have been reporting 'jerking' of while stepping away, there are several things that will help alleviate this:

After threading or replacing the spool, pull out nearly all the lenght and let it smoothly retract while guiding it through your fingers. This will re-tension the spool and was first mentioned on one of the other threads- DO THIS.

Second, contrary to what your instinct tells you, it is actually better to step back QUICKLY rather than slowly. Keep the object as NEAR the anchor point as you can, this also helps.

Third, pay close attention to where the access hole in the cap is located. It should be pointing as directly at your anchor point as possible to ensure no rubbing or snagging. Play with the position of the pen clip and use that as a guide. You will also notice a small arrow mark on top of the cap that will aid you in aligning this. Decide whether you are going to clip the pen "inside" or "outside" the shirt/pocket. "Inside" keeps the pen against your body, "outside" means the audience can see the pen- but it also can swing a bit as the thread maintains tension. I recommend "inside". Move the pen clip and cap hole direction to compensate.


The motor is set with a 30 second on/off mode. To keep this from kicking in, either move forward or backward slightly to re-engange. If you wait too long, the thread will momentarily 'release' which will cause some bounce or make you think the thread has broken. To correct, back up a step or two and it will re-tension.

LEARN THE 'Z' GRIP. Those who work extensively with ITR's will know what I'm talking about, and why.

Battery life:

Yigal states a year. Well, mine has used the same AAA for three days now with now perceptible drop in power, which is a far cry over the Tarantula, which ate batteries like M&M's. A year? We'll see.


So, is it worth it? In my opinon, YES.

Admittedly, there are a few bugs that need working out, and some quality control issues, but nothing that anyone with some rudimentary DIY knowledge can't fix. That said:

THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER'S ITR. THIS IS AN ADVANCED TOOL for professionals seeking to take their IT work to the next level. There are some truly remarkable possibilities opened up by the "soul" technology (the constant tensioning) that should provide some exciting and revolutionary effects from those with fertile and creative minds.

So if you're just looking for the latest toy to make you an instant IT worker, THIS ISN'T IT. You wouldn't put a student driver behind the wheel of a Mazarati, would you? Of course not. But, as with all magical devices, the real worth is in what the magician DOES with the tool.

The SPP is a fantastic tool, but only if you're willing to put a little something back in return; care and maintenance.

If you are not familiar with IT, IT work, or ITR's, I highly recommend you start with a product like the UFO card, LeClair Animator, or the Fearson Master Floatation system.

If you're a professional thread head looking to up your game and produce some truly jaw-dropping effects, and are willing to do a little maintenance, then the SPP is well worth your while.

Price ($ - $$$$$): $$$$
Value for your buck (1 to 10): 8.5
Ease of Use (1 being easy, 10 difficult): 8.0

Overall verdict:

A vast improvement over Yigal's previous products, the SPP solves the durability and battery issues of its predecessors, but suffers from some unfortunate (but easily correctible) quality control issues. Poor spool design leads to un-necessary tangles. Stong motor, reliable and smooth tensioning, long battery life.

Recommended for the experienced IT worker.
Message: Posted by: mickym (Jul 31, 2012 09:53AM)
Hi Ekuth,
It sems that I am the first one to comment on your detailed SPP review. I have read it from the beginning to the end and I take off my hat (is this a correct expression in english?) as a sign of appreciation to your so nice, organized and perfectly done review and explanations.
Message: Posted by: Zombie Magic (Jul 31, 2012 11:40AM)
Only a very kind soul would take that much time, with all he has going on in is life, to share how he did trouble shooting to make this pen work. Your dedication to the art and to helping others is amazing.

Thank you, brother!
Message: Posted by: Mysterious Mike (Jul 31, 2012 12:24PM)
Thank you for the taking the time to write this most excellent review.
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Jul 31, 2012 02:02PM)
Just trying to pay it forward to those who have helped me here. You run across too few reviews who actually *review* the product and just don't focus on the hype surrounding it.

You're quite welcome!

*tips hat*
Message: Posted by: Burf (Jul 31, 2012 11:26PM)
I agree with your review, this is a great product.
The only improvement I would have liked to see is an ability to vary the motor speed.
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jul 31, 2012 11:42PM)
There are very few people in this world who can take a POS and turn it into something that can be a golden egg - kudos to you! A good number of purchasers will feel much better about their investment, and be able to use it, to boot.

I tip my hat back to you.
Message: Posted by: bowers (Aug 1, 2012 01:31PM)
Thanks for the great informative review ekuth.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Aug 1, 2012 08:28PM)
Ekuth, this item was not on my radar, yet I read your review in its entirety. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to research and write this informative piece. I'm still not in the market for a tool like this, but I will definitely be looking for your next review...you are objective, informative, and entertaining. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Kipp Sherry (Aug 2, 2012 04:04PM)
Ekuth, your review pushed me over the edge. I have been using a Spider Pen since they first came out back 1993. This amazing device has got me booked for so many gigs that I have lost count. It has paid for itself 10 fold. And I have not had the traditional problems with it that many others claim to have. In 9 years I have only replaced the pen 1 time. So I wasn't sure that I wanted to invest 3 times the money for basically the same thing. But your review convinced me it would once again be a good investment.

I didn't even have any of the problems you stated you had. I just put in the battery and everything worked fine. I didn't even need the fine adjustment.

With the old pen, I will admit that I was self conscience about the battery life and many times the battery would go out before I would break a thread. This new improvement alone is going to remove so many of the unnecessary moves I had to make before to preserve the battery. I do wish the new version had a way to store away a second replacement thread ready to go. :(

I'm sure the pen will pay for itself again if only by the money I save on batteries. :) No matter, I'm glad I stepped it up, and I thank you for pushing me there.

Until we appear again,
Kipp Sherry
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Aug 2, 2012 05:26PM)
I wonder if Yigal is (or, has?) making some of these corrections on his unshipped stock so that pens going out now are a bit more 'right out of the box' friendly than at first?

Possible, I suppose.
Message: Posted by: rasmus (Aug 2, 2012 09:31PM)
A beautiful and perfect Review. Thank you very much for that. :)
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Aug 2, 2012 11:03PM)
Quite welcome, gentlemen.

I'm not quite done with my tweaks to the SPP... I am NOT satisfied with the spool and am currently exploring alternatives that I believe will solve many of the tangling problems and increase thread capacity.

@Chessman: It does make one wonder, doesn't it? Also the dead lack of any official response regarding the issues... Ah well.
Message: Posted by: Chris128 (Aug 4, 2012 10:18AM)
Thanks for the review, I was going to purchase it but as you've stated its not really for beginners I think I'll spend a bit more time with my existing IT toys first :)
Message: Posted by: atinczor (Aug 5, 2012 02:59AM)
Thank you for taking time to write and post this review, Ekuth.

I was planning to purchase the SPP, however, after reading your post I decided not to. I am not an experienced IT worker. This would be a dead-investment for me and your review helped me realize this. There is no doubt that this is an amazing tool for the right person; just not for me, yet. I guess I will have to work on and improve my IT skills before I can put my hands on this beauty.


Atinc ZOR
Message: Posted by: Fantasy Knight (Aug 5, 2012 05:15PM)
Well Ekuth, THANK YOU...i couldn't have read a better review than the one you gave us here. I was just asking my friend who owns the local magic shop what his thoughts were on this as it had come to my attention before that the other models had many problems. He gave it good review based on a customer that he has that lives and breaths IT effects. He did say though that with the hours and hours of practice you can exspect to change the batteries, but in regular usage you will be more than happy with there life spand, and also as you mentioned to buy extra spools.
BUT...I was still not sure if I wanted to update my IT working into the new age with just this one review so I decided to check here. Now very pleased with your review,,i think I will be ordering myself one, Based on the fact that I'm very handy though and that I come up with compatibility solutions very well.
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Aug 10, 2012 12:47AM)
Glad I could help, gentlemen.

On the spool issue... two words:

Pencil Erasers.
Message: Posted by: MagicPro17 (Aug 14, 2012 04:21PM)
I just want to acknowledge Ekuth's excellent detailed review for it's accuracy and clear communication. I really enjoyed reading it and seeing what others thought. Just thought I would also share my experience with the Spider Pen Pro.

So far I am EXTREMELY happy with mine! I have had zero issues with it so far and have been having a blast practicing the Zero Gravity Bill with it. I did not even need to squeeze the "collet" to get it to work, I assume most of the units on the market are like mine. So far I have performed my sloppy handling of the zero gravity bill (and like Ekuth mentioned the method is genius) for a few close friends and ALL OF THEM were astounded. I seriously couldn't believe the reactions that I have been getting even though I thought my performance was lacking...

The pen is really fun to practice with and use, I think once I have mastered this versatile tool it will be terrific for stage and close-up situations! I felt that the DVD was extremely clear and pretty well organized. The production quality has definitely set a new standard for Yigal's work, the information I felt was fantastic, and my expectations were surpassed with the 3D animations!

Overall I have been 150% satisfied because my expectations were exceeded. On top of the quality of the product itself, I also thought that the packaging was innovative and cool!

Definitely a very successful product in my opinion and a great purchase for any thread worker 10/10
Message: Posted by: devilrabbit (Aug 21, 2012 02:08AM)
Thanks for your perfect review Ekuth! I was pretty confused with another thread of releasing the spp, because of all these issues with the spp, but after read your review and compare to my original spider pen's performance, I regained the confidence of the SPP. And I have owned the SPP and play with it for three weeks, it came with perfect status and did not have any issue up to now. The only effort I prepared it is to slightly bending the collet and trim the overbended layer a little bit.
As you concluded, this is a awesome device for the IT pros, I only break the thread three times when I trying to get used to the SPP and trying the limitation of the strangth. After that, the device acts stable and can accomplish all the effects Yigal showed in the DVD once I know the limitations.
Thanks again for your decent and great review!
Message: Posted by: devilrabbit (Aug 21, 2012 02:27AM)
Ekuth, I totally agree with your oppinion that SPP has a poor spool.
In fact, the first time I took my original SP's spool out and compare with the one came with the SPP, I found out that they acturally looks a little bit different and obviously the original SP came with a much better quality spool than SPP does which seems perform a better traction of the thread.

And I found when I use the spool came with the SPP and peel the the wax off the anchor spot letting the SPP retract the thread back by itself, some times you will find that the thread is rolling around the lower side of spool but not the area where the thread supposed to go. Which will cause a tension when you pull the thread out again.
Do you have any suggestions on that?
And I'm currently looking for a thread to make my own spare spool with it. I'm currently thinking of the Vectra, but considering I have never saw this kinda thread and some review in the magic Café saying it's super shining like a Christmas tree, I'm quite hesitate to approach that. Do you or anybody here have any idea about it, and does it stronger and more invisible comparing to the original spider thread?
On 2012-08-03 00:03, Ekuth wrote:
Quite welcome, gentlemen.

I'm not quite done with my tweaks to the SPP... I am NOT satisfied with the spool and am currently exploring alternatives that I believe will solve many of the tangling problems and increase thread capacity.

@Chessman: It does make one wonder, doesn't it? Also the dead lack of any official response regarding the issues... Ah well.
Message: Posted by: rowland (Sep 17, 2012 11:01AM)
Just loaded my SSP with vectra thread and I love it, I bought one of Steve Fearsons bullet made loading the spool a piece of cake :)
Message: Posted by: Bill Scape (Sep 19, 2012 03:01PM)
I must say that I'm having great fun with this, but I have been through 5 spools since I got it. Performed it in a night club on Saturday with a bunch of drunken golf buddies and one chap told me that he had never seen a better trick when I made a £20 note float around the dancefloor. I love it!!
Message: Posted by: rowland (Sep 20, 2012 11:26AM)
On 2012-09-19 16:01, Bill Scape wrote:
I must say that I'm having great fun with this, but I have been through 5 spools since I got it. Performed it in a night club on Saturday with a bunch of drunken golf buddies and one chap told me that he had never seen a better trick when I made a £20 note float around the dancefloor. I love it!!

You need to try vectra thread, since I loaded the pen with it I have been doing spooked with the deck on the floor with me standing and I haven't had one breakage. I stopped doing spooked on the floor with my old itr, instead I used to ace the deck on a chair because I used to get the occasional breakage, not anymore :)
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Sep 20, 2012 06:14PM)
Received my SPP from Stevens Magic, thoroughly checked by their staff. Am very impressed and pleased so far. Each physical aspect of the pen is just right.
Message: Posted by: jstone (Sep 26, 2012 01:00AM)
Here's another review for you reading pleasure: [url=http://www.magicreviewed.com/reviews.php?review=347&product=379]Spider Pen Pro[/url]
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Oct 1, 2012 12:57PM)
I had not realized that the Spider Pen Pro was in existence as early as 2008.

Yigal Mesika had 100 available for pre-order at a convention at that time. One of the 100 recipients was our own Bill Palmer. He wrote (here at the Café):

"Mine arrived about a week ago. I had a couple of minor problems with it, so I phoned the number in the instructions. An hour or so later, Yigal phoned me back and told me how to make it all work.

This is a really great product. I can't say much more, because I will be reviewing it for one of the mags; however, I took it to our magic club meeting on Monday night. I floated a bill and made it go through all the gyrations.

If I'd had a half dozen, I could have sold them on the spot.

Regarding the shipping delays. Yigal was absolutey determined that every pen he shipped would be top quality. He has taken very special care to see that it happens.

The new one has a lot of really nice improvements. One has to do with the battery. another has to do with how the case goes together. I promise you, you will not be able to overtighten this case!"
Message: Posted by: rramasamyy (Nov 27, 2012 10:37PM)
I recently bought the SPP and I have 1 problem. The motor doesn't stop running after the the thread breaks. It is only supposed to run for 30 seconds and stop, but it continues to spin and doesn't stop at all. So I have to take the spool out, find the edge of the thread and put it back inside again to stop it. Is there any way to fix this, or am I doing anything wrong?
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Nov 28, 2012 07:30PM)
It should stop on its own. If it doesn't, it's defective and needs to be sent back.
Message: Posted by: rramasamyy (Dec 1, 2012 05:19AM)
Thanks Ekuth, and I have another problem. I put in a brand new battery, I leave my pen unused for 2 days and after 2 days the battery power has been fully drained off and I need to put in another new battery. So far this have been happening for 3 batteries already. Is there anything I must do for it to go into sleep mode? I thought it is supposed to automatically go into sleep mode...
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Dec 1, 2012 08:40AM)
Definitely sounds like you have a defective unit. Just checked mine, has been sitting idle for a couple of weeks and it works fine.

Message: Posted by: rramasamyy (Dec 1, 2012 09:03AM)
Just realised that mine was a defective unit. The main problem I have is the motor starts when the battery is placed, and it doesn't STOP AT ALL! The only way I can make it stop is by taking the battery out. Is there any way to tweak and solve that problem? or the only way is to replace it?
Message: Posted by: dfeder (Dec 2, 2012 01:35PM)
I've been using the SPP for about a month now and am really liking it. However, I do a haunted deck routine placing the deck on the floor. A Z grip is great for a short distance but getting into it bending down to put the cards on the floor makes it much more difficult and quite un-natural. Is there any way to lock the thread?
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Dec 3, 2012 01:19PM)
On 2012-12-02 14:35, dfeder wrote:
I've been using the SPP for about a month now and am really liking it. However, I do a haunted deck routine placing the deck on the floor. A Z grip is great for a short distance but getting into it bending down to put the cards on the floor makes it much more difficult and quite un-natural. Is there any way to lock the thread?

Yes. It is covered in the dvd, I believe.
Message: Posted by: bigjay1974 (Dec 28, 2012 03:59PM)
Any one know the difference between the Spider Pen & The Spider Pen Pro, and is it better to upgrade or just to stick to the original ???
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Dec 28, 2012 04:28PM)
There are some in-depth reviews here at the Café on the SPP which should give you a good idea if you feel upgrading is right for you.
Message: Posted by: richard_mentalism (Dec 31, 2012 09:05AM)
Is it difficult to master the SPP?
Does it require previous experience with IT in order to perform with it?
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Dec 31, 2012 07:55PM)
Your previous experience with IT will come into play here, definitely. No doubt about it. If you have not worked with IT before I would HIGHLY recommend you become proficient with standard IT before jumping to a tool like the SPP. If one has patience and persistance, one will get there.
Message: Posted by: richard_mentalism (Jan 3, 2013 07:27AM)
And if I can chose between the "old" original SP and the newer SPP, which one should I purchase? Are there any advantages to the "old" original SP in comparison to the SPP?
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jan 3, 2013 04:32PM)
None that I can think of.

As I mentioned a couple of posts up, read some of the many reviews of both here at the Café. There is a lot of info.
Message: Posted by: c4rlito (Jan 17, 2013 06:11PM)
Could this be used for the floating rose, as the bill is so impressive on the trailer? The only issue I can see is that when you set fire to the rose and the t****d breaks, wouldn't it be a nightmare to reset?
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Jan 17, 2013 09:03PM)
It can be used for the floating rose, yes.

But, you found the persian flaw; you would need to carry spare spools with you.
Which, you're going to be doing anyway.

Just swap out a fresh spool and you're good to go.

Finding the end when the thread breaks *can* be a... PITA. About 50% of the time, I have to cut the old thread off and re-spool.
I put this down to what I mentioned before: Poor spool design.

Half the time I find that the thread has wrapped itself around the BASE of the spool, instead of where it should be.

To remedy this, I have taken an exacto blade and carefully trimmed the top of the base to form a cone... like the top part. This prevents the thread from tangling around the base so readily.

Still, this is a stop-gap measure to overcome the poor design of the spool. I am working on creating a more efficient, tangle free spool.
Message: Posted by: BaryBazz (Mar 2, 2013 10:15AM)
HI Ekuth,

After reading this thread I have dug out my original pen which I have never really tried to master. There was no DVD with this just the floating bill effect. Do you know if there is any resource or routines available when using the pen and where can they be found.

Message: Posted by: magicshayne (Mar 7, 2013 05:25AM)
Hi Ekuth thanks for the review do you have a link to the full fix for the spider pen pro thank you
Message: Posted by: TheMagicalMan (Oct 4, 2013 10:56AM)
Thank you very much for the reviews and great details. I have one question for an effect I'm dreaming to perform. Can this be done with a playing card while the deck is on the floor and the card levitates and floats up to you and you can stand back few steps while the card is floating ? Thanks and hope you all enjoy and fry laymen's mind with this beautiful product ;) :D !
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Oct 4, 2013 01:53PM)
If you can think it, you can do it. Your main trouble with that effect is going to be attachment to the (I'm assuming) selected card. I'll let you percolate on that, as I've been working on a very similar effect since I got my SPP.

As far as the link to the fix... Ugh... it's somewhere here on the forums... under "Latest and Greatest" I think.

As to resources... your imagination, and any book or effect that uses IT! The DVD really does not teach many effects at all, the sole one really being the 'Zero G" bill. Which is clever, and so stunningly obvious you'll smack yourself in your head when you learn it. You also don't need an SPP to perform it, either.
Message: Posted by: peterger (Oct 6, 2013 09:41AM)
Did anyone here experience the same problem as me? The tension on the thread is not consistent. Even after some 50cm, the tension becomes so hard that the thread breaks. I removed the cap, and noticed that the spool is not winding up perfectly centrifugal, but slightly off-axis. Therefore the pen itself vibrates and the thread is whobbly. Sorry for my strange engish, but it's difficult to explain.

Does anyone experience the same thing?


ps: ofcourse I did not lock the thread
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Oct 6, 2013 02:54PM)
You need to unspool virtually all the thread on the spool and then slowly let the pen re-spool itself, guiding the IT through your fingers.
This will stop about 90% of the breakage caused by snags.

If that doesn't help, from your description, I'd say that you either have a defective spool, or the 'X' on the bottom has loosened up. Pinch the bottom shut again, or take a bit of wax/blue tac and work it into the 'X' to give the motor spindle some traction.

One of two poorly engineered parts of the pen is the spool. The other is the absolutely worthless 'pen' part, which is made of plastic, attaches using plastic threads... ugh. WHEN will manufacturers learn that PLASTIC DOES NOT MAKE GOOD MATERIAL TO BE THREADED?

I ended up simply removing the entire bottom 'pen' section of my SPP.

I'm still toying with a better spool design; because let's face it, the one it comes with is crap. But then I suppose the thinking was not "hey, let's make a reliable spool that can carry 60' of line and be easily re-spooled"... but "let's give them the same POS that breaks and needs to be replaced, thereby pumping up accessory sales..."
Message: Posted by: peterger (Oct 8, 2013 01:54PM)
Hi Ekuth,

Thank you for your very clear explanation...After trying your hints I came to the conclusion that my spool must be defective and will try a new one.
I'll keep everybody here updated in case someone encounters the same problem.

Thanks for your help!
Message: Posted by: magicmonk (Nov 18, 2013 02:27PM)
I too have just dug out my old pen and wondered what was the difference with the upgrade.
Am I right in thinking that the battery is better and the tension is better?
Basically is it worth buying another as it seems that it's pot-luck as to whether you get one that performs as it shoud?
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Nov 19, 2013 02:41AM)

I never owned an original SP, but from what I understand the SPP beats it hollow in terms of battery life and ease of use. The main thing about the SPP is the constantly adjusting line tension (other than the 30 second timer when the motor turns off and the line slackens- but this is easily dealt with my keeping the motor in active mode by moving around a bit- it doesn't take much) and the motor is actually quite strong.

Unlike the Terriblerantula, one AAA in the SPP will actually last months at a time. I've swapped batteries 3 times since initial purpose; and it's easy to tell when you need to because the retract begins to slow down.

The only real beef I have with the product is the 'pen' part, which is worthless as the threads are made of plastic, not metal as the rest of the pen is, so you end up removing it or gluing it in place. I went for the removal option, because it lives in my shirt pocket anyway and the audience never sees it. The other complaint I have is the spool design; it's just not very well engineered and the thread has a tendency to wrap down around the bottom of the spool rather than in the middle as it should. The technique Yigal shows on the DVD for re-threading is utterly worthless, IMO. I've hand carved several new spool prototypes and I'm closing in on a new design that will eliminate these flaws- but the darn things are SO small it's very delicate work.

As far as the mechanical issues you're worried about, those were only really previlant on the initial release of the SPP; most outlets are aware of the issues now and have already fixed them or bought new stock which doesn't seem as prone. On the off chance you do get a bum pen, I've got a comprehensive thread on how to fix the issues on the forums here, and I'm always happy to answer questions via PM.

In my opinion, even with the flaws it does have, it's one of the best pieces of kit I've ever purchased. I'm seriously debating buying a second one for backup- but I'm also eyeing Sean Begunia's DeckTR. I'd love to review one, but right now the $350 price tag is a bit steep for me. Plus, DeckTR is more for stage level than close up.

On the whole, I'd say go for it and make the upgrade if you can afford it. It's a brilliant tool and you can do SO much with it.
Message: Posted by: phillipsart (Nov 28, 2013 07:58PM)
Thanks for the indepth review Ekuth. As I sit here, any moment now my SPP will arrive in the post. I am a beginner, but a very patiant person. Looking forward to watching the DVD. Now if only the mail man will hurry up. :)
Message: Posted by: phillipsart (Nov 28, 2013 08:31PM)
Mail man has just dropped by a package, I opened it and Magic. Just what I been waiting for. My new SPP, Now to watch the video.

I hope mine works with no modifications. I promise I will not touch the Pen till I have watched the whole DVD.
Message: Posted by: phillipsart (Nov 28, 2013 11:24PM)
Watched the video, about to watch it again, I only have Energizer Advanced AAA battery, Will this battery work with the SPP or should I purchase the standard Energizer or Duracell Battery?
Message: Posted by: ko_brian (Nov 29, 2013 12:22AM)
Does anyone use it for PK touches? Thanks
Message: Posted by: phillipsart (Nov 29, 2013 10:39PM)
Has interest for the Spider Pen Pro dimished? I guess it's been out for a while now, I have not inserted the battery in my SPP thus far, still not sure if I can use a Energizer Advanced AAA battery, will not be in town till tomorrow. Will grab a battery tomorrow. Meanwhile I will keep watching videos online.
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Nov 30, 2013 12:08AM)
Sorry, been out of town... you can use any AAA battery. I use Energizer Rechargeables, myself.
Message: Posted by: phillipsart (Nov 30, 2013 02:04AM)
Thanks, I just tried the pen now, It works great. I had to squeeze the chamber slightly as shown in DVD to get it to work. The Wax was not wrapped around the line on mine, I pulled the wax out and the line came out. I placed the wax back on as shown in DVD and all working fine now, Managed to do a quick magic trick and floated a note with success. That line sure is invisible, but I notice in certain light angles it does stand out, so I will have to be aware of that.
Message: Posted by: phillipsart (Dec 3, 2013 12:48AM)
I am loving this Spider Pen Pro. I've been practising for the past few days, Not to long, A few minutes here and there a few times a day. To be honest, I'm finding it a lot easier than expected, it really does work that great. Only problem I have is with our Australian Notes, Our Notes here in Australia are made from some sort of a plastic, I am not having any luck with our notes.

Is anyone out there using Plastic notes, with any success?
Message: Posted by: b0sl0q7 (Jan 5, 2014 09:13PM)

I just got mine, watched the video and tried it out. I love the way it works. I have a concern. When I use it the oen feels pretty hot. Is that normal or would you say I have a defective unit. Thanks for your help!

Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jan 5, 2014 11:54PM)
I would say you have a problem unit. Mine hasn't gotten hot.
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Jan 8, 2014 12:15PM)
Definitely should *not* be getting hot. Return it.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Feb 10, 2014 01:19PM)
This thing is $150! $99.95 at Penguin...

You guys that have this...would ya do it again? Myself, I don't see it. I can do just about ANYTHING that thing can do with just a length of IT and two brass rings! Just about...

<$10 vs. $100, hmmm... ;)

Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Feb 10, 2014 06:22PM)
Speaking for myself, yes, I would do it again. I'm seriously considering getting a second for backup.
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Feb 17, 2014 05:08PM)
Me, too. Absolutely love it.

Wow... $99 at Penguin. That's a deal!
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Feb 23, 2014 08:20AM)
OK, guys, I'm convinced. So the Spider Pen Pro is a good investment. I can't justify spending $100. I do pretty good with my $5 spool of woolly.

Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Feb 24, 2014 01:18PM)
I hear ya, Doug. It was a tough bullet to bite for me, but in the end it paid off.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Feb 24, 2014 09:48PM)
Chessman and Ekuth both think it's great! These are not beginners, folks. That tells me a lot! :)

Message: Posted by: Casey Sparrow (Mar 24, 2014 11:20AM)
Hey Ekuth quick question did you purchase the black accessory pack as I'm not sure if mine is defective... the cap is a seriously snug fit ... to the point I need pliers to get it off if the threat breaks :( any advice ?

Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Mar 24, 2014 09:19PM)
Heya Casey.

I didn't get the accessory pack myself, just the standard. I haven't had any trouble with my cap; definitely should not be THAT snug. I admit, that's an odd one... is the grey one it came with okay?

Only thing I can think of is that your cap got FUBAR'd somewhere along the line... plastic too thick maybe?

As to a fix... can't think of anything off hand other than switching out for the grey.

If you were really ambitious, I'd say boil the cap in the microwave in a mug of water for 3 minutes or so and then place it on while still hottish. Once cool, this *might* stretch the cap to a proper fit... but might also make things worse. Plastic is funny stuff.

Safest solution would be use the grey or return the accessory set as defective. If the grey really bugs you, hit the outside of the cap with some matte black nail polish or paint.
Message: Posted by: ncsteve (Apr 1, 2014 08:03AM)
On Mar 24, 2014, Casey Sparrow wrote:
Hey Ekuth quick question did you purchase the black accessory pack as I'm not sure if mine is defective... the cap is a seriously snug fit ... to the point I need pliers to get it off if the threat breaks :( any advice ?

I had problems getting the original cap off and thought I'd have to use plyers but was able to finally work it free without them. I bought the accessory pack & changed it out. The new cap is much easier to remove.
Message: Posted by: gassaox (Jun 28, 2015 05:47AM)
Hi just bought my spider pen pro,the thread keeps breaking very easily,i am going to replace it with Vectra thread ,just wondering is this thread as strong as they say it is,or does this break very easily too?
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jun 28, 2015 12:21PM)
Hi gassaox! Welcome to the Café! Vectra would work well! The strongest is Vectra X2, which is a dead-black monofilament. Not sure about that, though. I've used it a short distance in place of IT. Could not be seen. Then again, I know how to block light and use a background.

Vectra should be great for the SP! :)

Message: Posted by: gassaox (Jun 28, 2015 01:41PM)
Cheers doug for the advice,i am going to give it a try just bought them yigal mesika wax pellets for it,look forward in performing it when my thread arrives
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jun 28, 2015 03:31PM)
Hey, let us all know, OK? It'll really help! :)

Message: Posted by: gassaox (Jun 28, 2015 04:02PM)
Hi Doug
will do as soon as the thread arrives I will let you know the verdict on it
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jun 28, 2015 05:25PM)
Gassaox, keep working with the regular thread that came with it. at least until you can operate things cleanly with little to no breakage, THEN switch to Vectra. It will stand you in good stead for later. If the regular thread keeps breaking, that means you need time in learning to handle it. The IT is not the problem.

Also, if you haven't done so already, begin using IT in standard hook-ups for practice. It will really help your overall skill with IT, including your use of the SPP.

Best of luck. You've got a fantastic tool in the SPP.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jun 29, 2015 07:43AM)
[quote]On Jun 28, 2015, gassaox wrote:
Hi just bought my spider pen pro,the thread keeps breaking very easily,i am going to replace it with Vectra thread ,just wondering is this thread as strong as they say it is,or does this break very easily too? [/quote]

The thread may be breaking because of the condition of your hands. Rough, dry, hands is not good for thread work. Wash hand so they are clean, apply hand lotion, there are some good products for men.
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jun 29, 2015 11:25PM)
[quote]On Jun 29, 2015, Bill Hegbli wrote:
[quote]On Jun 28, 2015, gassaox wrote:
Hi just bought my spider pen pro,the thread keeps breaking very easily,i am going to replace it with Vectra thread ,just wondering is this thread as strong as they say it is,or does this break very easily too? [/quote]

The thread may be breaking because of the condition of your hands. Rough, dry, hands is not good for thread work. Wash hand so they are clean, apply hand lotion, there are some good products for men. [/quote]

Bill makes some great points. One thing that he reminded me of, be sure you take good care of your fingernails - keep them smooth and rounded and in good repair.
Message: Posted by: Fabian Andres (Jul 11, 2015 11:15AM)
I have been looking for a long time for a "levitation device" and now I'm between 2 options, the spider pen pro and Fearson's Master levitation system. Anyone that could help me to choose? Thanks :)
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 11, 2015 03:17PM)
Hi Fabian!

Welcome to the Café! :)

I think you'll get a better value from Steve Fearson.

Message: Posted by: Fabian Andres (Jul 11, 2015 04:11PM)
THanks Dougini :) ,
I have other question, How's the MLS gimmick? (the spp is a pen, for example)
Sorry if it's a dumb question, but I'm new to the levitation jaja
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 11, 2015 04:48PM)
The MLS is a system. Steve recommends Vectra or Virtuoso. You can read about those on his website. :)

Message: Posted by: gassaox (Jul 13, 2015 01:37PM)
After buying Vectra thread for my spider pen it worked really great as the thread was strong,but I found it a bit tedious wrapping it around the spoil.I decided to invest in another two spoils of spider thread,I must say these two spoils work like a dream and they are strong threads.I think when you buy the spider pen and supplied with the one spoil of thread,that the thread is designed to be cheap and nasty so it breaks easily so you buy spoils of the proper spider thread ,as the thread supplied with the pen is a completely different thread altogether.
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jul 13, 2015 07:06PM)
Gassaox -

I had no problem with the IT that came supplied with the device.

I'm curious about something...can you say where/what store you purchased your SPP from?
Message: Posted by: gassaox (Jul 14, 2015 04:17AM)
Magicshop co,uk is where I purchased it from,i get all my magic from these
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jul 14, 2015 08:11AM)
The SPP is a device designed for one thing: animation. It does what it does, really well. The Fearson Master Levitation System is designed to be flexible and multi-phasic. Meaning more than one "trick" can be done. It can be adapted, and completely changed, depending on your needs.

I would call the SPP the Poor Man's Sean Bogunia device! LOL! The SPP is one of those hundred dollar devices that, when used, really can make the show. I have the Kennedy Power Reel. That little gem pulls a silk around table and chair legs, umbrella poles, etc. About 75 or 80 feet. I rarely use it. But, it's ready to use!

Look at Fearson's new Cobra reel! Another alternative.

Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jul 14, 2015 12:55PM)
[quote]On Jul 14, 2015, gassaox wrote:
Magicshop co,uk is where I purchased it from,i get all my magic from these [/quote]

Ah, ok. I wondered if you had received a knock-off SPP, which would mean knock-off IT, too.
Message: Posted by: normative (Sep 8, 2015 09:37AM)
PSA: For some unfathomable reason, Amazon is currently selling the Spider Pen Pro (normally $99+) for a rather stunning $19.99. Not sure if that's the result of some kind of clerical error or they're just trying to offload stock or what, but the discount is so insane I just ordered two... Toyed with just cleaning out the stock & putting the spares on ebay, but figured in the spirit of comity I'd let others snag one.
Message: Posted by: reignofsound (Sep 17, 2015 05:00PM)
[quote]On Sep 8, 2015, normative wrote:
PSA: For some unfathomable reason, Amazon is currently selling the Spider Pen Pro (normally $99+) for a rather stunning $19.99. Not sure if that's the result of some kind of clerical error or they're just trying to offload stock or what, but the discount is so insane I just ordered two... Toyed with just cleaning out the stock & putting the spares on ebay, but figured in the spirit of comity I'd let others snag one.
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008NHPUJS?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00 [/quote]

Mine arrived today and glad it is the real deal and not a cheap Chinese knock off.

Anyone advise the best way to re spool the pen with Vectra?

Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Sep 18, 2015 10:23PM)
Just remove the IT that's on the spool, attache Vectra to the spool, and activate the pen to add Vectra onto the spool. Obviously, you'll have to strip out a strand of Vectra that's between 20' and 40'. Perhaps it is available in an already stripped condition.

I found the IT on the SPP to be just fine. I didn't have any problems with breakage or visibility, so you may wish to test it out before switching to Vectra. YMMV.
Message: Posted by: reignofsound (Sep 19, 2015 02:59AM)
[quote]On Sep 18, 2015, Chessmann wrote:
Just remove the IT that's on the spool, attache Vectra to the spool, and activate the pen to add Vectra onto the spool. Obviously, you'll have to strip out a strand of Vectra that's between 20' and 40'. Perhaps it is available in an already stripped condition.

I found the IT on the SPP to be just fine. I didn't have any problems with breakage or visibility, so you may wish to test it out before switching to Vectra. YMMV. [/quote]

The thread on the SPP is actually decent as well.
Thanks Chessmann
Message: Posted by: lumagic (Oct 15, 2015 05:11AM)
Yigal Mesika's Spider Pen Pro is amazing for bill levitation and much improved to 1-st Spider pen
Message: Posted by: Capodastro (Jan 10, 2016 12:14PM)
Hi you guys, just new, fresh and promising, like the spider pen! :)
Now seriously, I will try to make a short thing with a long one...

- The new fibers offer new possibilities in the magic, but often they require some additional accessory: Itr, Sp or just a reel. The last one is well experimented, does the work instantly, then disappears. The use is also quite different but by close up performance the big problem are the noises. Anyway, we are talking now about Itr / sp.
- The Itr suffers of increasing tension by pulling out the filament. Wen the tension riches a limit given by the diameter and material of the filaments, the filament breaks. If I remember exactly, the English name for this kind of tension is torque. Smaller Itrs have a much higher torque as the long ones and you can see your filament breaking after pulling out some 1,5 meters or less. So I used always Itrs with 17 cm length.
- In the Sp the electric motor offers a constant and low tension: that is the decisive advantage. Now the Sp disadvantages:
a) The ratio price quality is catastrophic. Wail the production involves only few exemplars the relative costs are very high. The price by cases of Motorola smart phones are infinitely lower because shared between millions of sold exemplars. The electronic components have a low realability (= probability not to break during some time.). As magician you can't "survive" a debacle, even if performing for your own friends.
b) The necessity of a check up like a plane before an intercontinental fly: keep the battery in a sealed box avoiding the contact with the ions in the air, they discharge your battery. Measure the battery level.
c) You are talking about prices but I know where to buy Spp originally packed with DVD for $28. That makes me think, I checked and the purchased object is really the same.

- The problem with the thread, but on the moment I am not very found and I need longer because the issue is complex: the best material to use should be kevlar, made in your country by Du Pont. There are problems with the color, the sawing monofilament seems to be available only in original color, aka yellow. Of course with 0,1 mm diameter. Such a thread breaks first by 1.8 Kg. So, I am looking what are doing the magic stuff providers wen they do not sell us nylon.
On the moment the only solution would be ask the supercharming Mary Mouder to visit Du Pont and convence them to produce kevlar 0.1mm monofilament black anti-reflex. That in name of the Arts :)

- I hope it wasn't too pedant, I wrote all that only by remarking that somebody was asking about such subjects.
Thanks for understanding.
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Jan 27, 2016 11:35AM)
Im curious. Can we make a list about which objects we can levitate w. Spider Pen. That can be useful.
Message: Posted by: Nick Sand (Mar 19, 2016 04:52PM)
The spider pen pro is very nice, but there are a few things about it I don't like. I have had my pen for 2 years or so, the plastic insert to the lower part that threads on has come apart. Also the lowest part of the pen that you twist to extend the writer no longer stays on or works. Also I think it should have had the same power as the tarantula.

Just a thought, why not combine pen thru bill with this pen.
Also If you take away the pen part and add a safty pen, he would have really nice small electronic traditional itr that you could place in more locations.
Message: Posted by: Nick Sand (Mar 21, 2016 09:30PM)
I pulled it back out and fixed it with some glue, works as good as knew. Turns out my battery spring was making poor contact. I adjusted that and the motor is performing much better.
It is working just as good as any non-electric reel I have have ever used. Now if it had a electric locking mode and normal Itr mode it would be simple and perfect. Just have the top push button press down to switch modes. :)
Message: Posted by: reignofsound (Apr 23, 2016 11:23AM)
Anyone got a better way to re thread (find the end of the threas after it breaks)
Really is frustrating.
Message: Posted by: appr3ntic3 (May 11, 2016 11:02PM)
To rethread, I have been stripping Vectra thread and then attaching one end of the stripped filament to the wall. Then I use the X grooves used for locking. Place a piece of wax on the end not attached to the wall. Then place the thread down on top of the locking X so that the filament goes through one of the slits that make up the X. I usually leave about a 1/2 inch between the wax at the end of the thread and the area I place in the X slit.

Then wrap it around the spool several times. Now take it back through one of the slits again. Repeat this process at least once. Now place the spool back on the motor and wind it counter clockwise several times - this is the same direction the motor retracts. Now pull very lightly on the thread to engage the motor and let it pull the thread back in. Once you see it starts pulling the thread back in, place the cap back on to help prevent tangling. Then let it reel the rest of the thread in. I like to guide it with my fingers just to be sure it doesn't tangle on this first retraction.

To find the end of a broken line, follow the video Yigal supplied. With a little practice you'll get more comfortable finding the end. The first 5 or so times I did so it took me minutes to find it. Now that I have practiced it takes me less than 30 seconds to find the end of the thread and get a new piece of wax placed on it.

Hope this helps. The SPP is a really great tool and has a lot of possibilities.
Message: Posted by: PendletonThe3rd (May 22, 2016 12:04AM)
Waited on this one for too long...then I noticed it was $65 at Hocus Pocus. Just got it today and so glad I did. It is fantastic!

Though I was worried about some of the negative QC issues I read about on these threads, mine seems to be working just perfect right out of the box. Great build quality overall and the DVD instruction is top notch.

As for finding the thread when it breaks, I was worried about this too. So wouldn't you know it, on my first practice session with the pen, I broke the thread almost immediately (slipped out of the wax)! That said, it was super easy to find. Same went for the other few times I broke it. It was just dangling outside of the spool so no real problem really. I can see if it gets wound too deep in the spool, though, that this could present a new challenge. But haven't experienced this..yet.

Anyway, after a bit of initial practice, while out to dinner, I was floating dollar bills to the surprise of many around me...not to mention the waitress who was pretty much speechless when she approached my table.

After day one...very much pleased with this purchase.

I love the practicality of it. And how self contained it all is. Sure other ITRs are self contained too but you cant just brazenly pop those in your shirt pocket for all to see. With this I can.

I have a feeling Im going to be carrying this with me now at all times.
Message: Posted by: Luke Dancy (Dec 20, 2016 12:46PM)
Have you been wanting a Spider Pen Pro? For Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas at Murphy's we're giving you the chance to vote on what we give away today! https://www.facebook.com/MurphysMagicSupplies/videos/1172814392766314/
Message: Posted by: Luke Dancy (Dec 20, 2016 05:06PM)
Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas had some live voting on the Murphy's FB page earlier and the final vote ended up having Spider Pen Pro as the prize we are giving away today.

Want your chance to win? Check out the Facebook post here http://bit.ly/2i7tLQX
You can also enter over on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOQQ8u_jqHh/?taken-by=murphysmagic
Message: Posted by: FasciN8 (Nov 6, 2018 01:18AM)
Well I missed that train lol
Message: Posted by: skoldpadda (Jan 23, 2019 04:42PM)
50% off currently at hocus-pocus deal of the day