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Topic: Unleash Your Dreams - which experience have you made
Message: Posted by: artismagica (Aug 5, 2012 01:33PM)
Hi together,
I´m new in the Magic Café and english isn´t my home language.
Please excuse if I write errors.

Is there any one how have experience with the magic items of Unleash Your Dreams ( http://www.unleashyourdreams.co.uk/Unleash_Your_Dreams/Home.html )

- quality
- reliability
- shipping
- etc.

I saw some of the products life but I had no possibility to check the details.
The look is pretty good and all the props are hand made. I need some items very urgent.......
I place a order about three weeks ago. delivery time / production time should be 14 days.

The communication is a little bit behavior.
Guaranteed appointments where not kept.
I don´t want to chancel my order ( payed via paypal ) but I´m a little bit worried.

Do you have good or bad experience ?

Message: Posted by: MagiChrisMitch (Aug 5, 2012 01:36PM)
Nothing but good experiences for me.
Message: Posted by: Andre Hagen (Aug 5, 2012 02:25PM)
I have purchased twice from them, the last purchase about six weeks ago.

Shipping was prompt and quality was very satisfactory.

I had a question prior to my first purchase and it was answered promptly.

That is my personal experience.

Message: Posted by: UYD (Aug 5, 2012 02:33PM)
Hi there
It may help if you tell me who you are and what you have ordered? I have no idea who you are and what you ordered, please mail me now.

On 2012-08-05 14:33, artismagica wrote:
Hi together,
I´m new in the Magic Café and english isn´t my home language.
Please excuse if I write errors.

Is there any one how have experience with the magic items of Unleash Your Dreams ( http://www.unleashyourdreams.co.uk/Unleash_Your_Dreams/Home.html )

- quality
- reliability
- shipping
- etc.

I saw some of the products life but I had no possibility to check the details.
The look is pretty good and all the props are hand made. I need some items very urgent.......
I place a order about three weeks ago. delivery time / production time should be 14 days.

The communication is a little bit behavior.
Guaranteed appointments where not kept.
I don´t want to chancel my order ( payed via paypal ) but I´m a little bit worried.

Do you have good or bad experience ?

Message: Posted by: MagiChrisMitch (Aug 5, 2012 02:41PM)
Email him, he is one of the good guys. You will get the items in a timely manner and should expect a ood experience. This has always been the case for me during the past 7 months.
Message: Posted by: UYD (Aug 5, 2012 02:44PM)
Ah I just saw your tag line / website in your profile Stephan, I know who you are now.
Now I don't know what the problem is and you have emailed me via FB and privately and I told you in no uncertain terms that your items would not have left till the end of this week and I offered you a refund without any fuss if this was not to your liking.To be fair you gave me grief less than 3 days after you ordered.
You said you did not want a refund. I have checked the email from just now and there is nothing there from you nor on the FB group or anywhere else until 13:50 BST today,you have given me no time to answer you it is a Sunday as well.
All items are made to order, yours was a special order and it took longer than expected due to my daughter's illness, something you knew about.
As I said your items will come out this week as promised if this is not good enough then ill refund you tonight.
Ill send this to your email address as well, in case you miss it.
Message: Posted by: artismagica (Aug 5, 2012 03:19PM)
I don´t want to make bad mood about UYD.
This was not the plan.....

I think sometimes it is just a language problem, and maybe I understand some information wrong.
simon get in touch with me 1 minute after I send him a PM.

Sorry if I made tham worse............
Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Sep 1, 2012 11:34AM)
Simon at Unleash Your Dreams is not only a nice guy, he’s knowledgeable, puts effort into his products and business, and makes certain his customers are satisfied.

I have one of his old Ouija board which I treasure, and just got his old scented oil “Antiquity” which is very high quality.

He’s told me that with the ubiquitous incompetence of the UK and US postal services combined some things vanish into black-gulag-holes at times. But I know he always stands by his customers.

I’d buy with confidence is stuff is good and fairly priced.
My two-cents,
Message: Posted by: Miguel Abril (Oct 21, 2012 03:54PM)
I'm having problems with Simon. I ordered a Complete Spirit Lamp Kit in Box on 8th September.

I don't know anything about the status of my order. When I ask to Simon he always replies that he's out of office and tomorrow will answer and, guess what, never answer.

Anyone with the same situation?
Message: Posted by: UYD (Oct 21, 2012 04:22PM)
Miguel I answered your email two days ago. Please check your emails
Message: Posted by: Peter McMillan (Oct 21, 2012 04:29PM)
Purchased a Spirit Lamp last year. From UK to Utah was just about 30 days, customs in New York was the hold up.

Product is outstanding. Customer service and responce was second to none.
Message: Posted by: Warren-Peace (Oct 21, 2012 06:26PM)
I have had no concerns. My last item was shipped promptly, but the customs into Canada held onto it for some time. I would like to think they were enjoying my purchase for themselves, but I know they are just slow with processing etc.
Message: Posted by: spookyone (Oct 21, 2012 07:46PM)
My stuff should be here shortly, maybe even tomorrow. I can't wait! :) I got the whole kit 'n caboodle in the complete Spirit Lamp kit.
Message: Posted by: docsteve (Oct 22, 2012 06:43AM)
Always good and indeed, I've just enjoyed a pre-weekend gig splurge this morning :)
Message: Posted by: maxnew40 (Oct 22, 2012 10:08AM)
I bought a spirit lamp from them, I was happy with purchase. It even came with a spare bulb for the lamp and some nice printed materials.

Message: Posted by: Jon_Thompson (Oct 22, 2012 10:22AM)
Simon and co at UYD are really great guys.
Message: Posted by: Van Helmont (Oct 22, 2012 11:07AM)
My first SL got lost in the mail; less than a week later I was sent a replacement!
No complaints here.
Message: Posted by: OnTiltSoon (Oct 22, 2012 01:04PM)
On 2012-10-22 12:07, Van Helmont wrote:
My first SL got lost in the mail; less than a week later I was sent a replacement!
No complaints here.

Same with a Magnetic Disc
Message: Posted by: Tokyo Williams (Oct 22, 2012 03:53PM)
Ordered a pocket lamp back in the summer...UK to NYC in only a couple of weeks. I'm enjoying mine, and Simon et al seem very helpful.

I've also posted a question to fellow lamp users down in the crypt, incidentally.
Message: Posted by: doctorrigormorto (Oct 22, 2012 05:35PM)
I ordered Dead Ringers... and got it in under 2 weeks!
And that was going from England to Canada!

I know companies in the States that take a couple of months...

I am personally a BIG Fan of Unleash Your Dreams effects, and the workmanship is Fantastic!

I have been in contact with Simon about a few of his effects and he has been very helpful in making them 'Special' just for my type of Show.
He is very hands on and has a good understanding of what makes a prop look creepy. Normally I build ALOT of the effects and props for my Show... but I can trust Simon's work to match my quality every time :)

All in all, if you are looking for some GREAT Bizarre magick... take a good look around http://www.unleashyourdreams.co.uk
Message: Posted by: Miguel Abril (Feb 12, 2013 12:12PM)
Bought a Spirit Lamp Kit for Halloween. It didn't make on time. The stuff is well dome with some good details, but some issues:
- Broken wood box
- Poison pendulum not sealed properly, so all liquid was spilled
- Same with a PK blood bottle.

I fixed myself the box with some superglue. And I'm emailing him almost weekly for another bottles as Simon said on his las email.

My last 3 emails were no answered. No idea what's happening with Simon.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Feb 12, 2013 09:01PM)
Their offerings look good, but I've steered away from them because their website is roaring into the 1990's...i.e. time to upgrade. It's so difficult and painstaking to navigate I get frustrated and move on. Sad, since they have a lot of great ideas.
Message: Posted by: espkeith (Feb 13, 2013 08:24AM)
Ordered a seance box/kit from UYD a couple years ago. Yes, the website is in need of an overhaul, but no issues with regards to ordering or customer service. The box was ordered to my specs, and no problems other than the usual wait for it to get across the pond.
Message: Posted by: Jon_Thompson (Feb 13, 2013 09:04AM)
UYD sells a lot of Subversive Circuits' products and we have a close working relationship with Simon. He's a good man, if very busy. I think that if someone has a problem with contacting him, it's simply pressure of work. Keep at it. I know he worries a lot about things going missing in transit, and genuinely cares about satisfied customers.
Message: Posted by: OnTiltSoon (Feb 13, 2013 09:38AM)
Simon also sent me something that got lost, and sent it again free of charge. So my opinion about UYD is very good.
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Feb 13, 2013 09:46AM)
I've never had anything but good experiences with this company.
Message: Posted by: Brynmore13 (Feb 15, 2013 04:18AM)
Simon and UYD are fantastic. I have has them replace items for free that were seized by quarantine, even though they were not responsible for the seizure. I have nothing but praise for them.
Message: Posted by: Anthony Black (Feb 15, 2013 04:41AM)
Another vote here for UYD, Simon has always been very customer focused and helpful and I have never had any issues regarding orders.

He is also the man to see for custom work and has a great team behind him with a lot of experience in various fields of craft making and design.

Anthony :D
Message: Posted by: Sicnatius (Feb 16, 2013 03:21AM)
I had mixed experiences with UYD. The contact was super friendly, but the delivery of the items took very long.
The products are just wonderful, I am having a UYD duel spirit lamp and it just works great at seances.

So overall I am a satisfied customer.
Message: Posted by: Stu Montgomery (Feb 25, 2013 01:31PM)
I know Simon has had some very, very sad things to deal with recently. I ordered a Box of Delights, in early January, now almost March & still waiting. Very, very frustrating 'cause I want to get my hands on this & start playing... however, I understand Simon's recent loss & that's more important than any delay. I'll post when it arrives - which I'm hoping wont be too long now ;)
Message: Posted by: Lord Freddie (Feb 26, 2013 09:33AM)
Simon is a great person and takes pride in his excellent customer service.
I can also vouch for his integrity and honesty.
Message: Posted by: Stu Montgomery (Mar 1, 2013 04:18PM)
Received my order as promised by Simon, who also very, very kindly sent two additional (excellent) props free due to the (entirely unavoidable & understandable) delay. All I can say is they are totally top drawer props! I can't say enough in support of Simon, and the quality of his effects! Worth every second of the wait. These I WILL use... And have lots of pleasure doing so. As for the odd delay... Accept these things happen from time to time remembering that these are hand made, or go for near instant delivery with sub standard mass produced effects that will be no where near the quality of UYD effects.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Gould (Mar 1, 2013 05:27PM)
Sad to hear that Simon has had some personal loss. My thoughts are with you sir.
He is one of the good guys, and not responsible for the vagaries of the postal 'service' and customs.
Message: Posted by: Stu Montgomery (Mar 2, 2013 09:38PM)
Yes, a very sad personal loss... even more so considering the considerable distance involved. A credit to him that, all along, he's managed to keep his customers in mind. Simply one of life's good guys!
Message: Posted by: Miguel Abril (Apr 24, 2013 12:07PM)
It's a shame to hear this bad news from Simon.

I hope he get well soon. I'm still waiting for 2 items from him...
Message: Posted by: george1953 (Apr 24, 2013 12:49PM)
Sad to hear about this but must say that I have only ever had first class service from him.
Message: Posted by: Miguel Abril (Apr 24, 2013 03:34PM)
Simon just contacted me by Facebook. He explained me that with all this family issues, my small items were out of sight. He just packaged them and tomorrow is shipping these.

I strongly recommend buying your bizarrist things to UYD. Quality of products and great customer service.

Thanks Simon!
Message: Posted by: vianns (Oct 11, 2014 05:50AM)
Hello !

Do you have any news about this website ?

I ordered a Curio set early september, and never received it (a mail services issue I think).
I ordered a new one something like 10 days ago, and I have no news about it...
Message: Posted by: horus1 (Oct 11, 2014 09:45AM)
The spirit lamp and seance kit were the first bizarre props I bought.
The props arrived and I was a little disappointed. The spirit lamp didn't work
very well, and everything else except the box and protection bottle seemed underwhelming.

I had many exchanges with Simon who said that there was a batch of lamps that had a weaker
gaff. I was a little put off that a sub par
item had been shopped to me in the first place, and he offered to send a replacement.
He was very nice in all our exchanges.

The replacement never arrived and eventually Simon just disappeared from all correspondence.
When I read the thread above... this was probably during the time of his personal troubles. - and for that I
am of course sympathetic.

Ultimately I found my way to companies like Lebanon Circle, Outlaw Effects and Gemini Arts and Alchemy Moon.
Their products are amazing, and customer service is excellent. (With Outlaw.. your purchase may take some time if it's not in stock..)
I quickly forgot about UYD and shelved the items I bought from them.

In my opinion, these companies cater to the professional. UYD has products more suited to the beginner or hobbyist.
I'm sure some people are quite satisfied with UYD. Especially if you don't want to spend the money for an LC, OE, AM or GA product.
I'm not one of those people.

I peruse their website now and again and see a few clever things there. I might give them another shot in the future, but for the most part
I am sticking to LC, OE, AM and GA. I am always thrilled with everything I order.
Message: Posted by: vianns (Oct 11, 2014 05:28PM)
Yeah, but some pieces of UYD were quite appealing for me.
But I wrote many mails since the last few days, and I got no answers.
Message: Posted by: vianns (Oct 30, 2014 07:36AM)
So, I ordered an other Curio set, since I never received the first one ordered early september.
It's 2 weeks now since it's shipping, and still nothing (I'm in France, and I received many packages ordered in the US)... I don't know what to think. I had to open a Paypal litigation procedure to have some answers about the first order, and now I don't have answers about the second one.
Message: Posted by: Footman (Nov 7, 2014 04:11PM)
I tried to place a large order early in October but nothing arrived and then got no response from UYD so had to raise a paypal dispute. I was refunded immediately
Message: Posted by: gothicmagic (Nov 7, 2014 10:51PM)
Sorry to hear people have Run into problems, when I've previously dealt with him, I got nothing but quick responses and pretty fast shipping for having to come across the pond
Message: Posted by: Pasteboard Alchemist (Nov 7, 2014 11:45PM)
I've ordered a couple things over the last two months. While it's been hit-and-miss with shipping (I suspect sometimes the nature of the items holds them up when coming from overseas--one order arrived extremely quickly, while the other is MIA after more than a month) Simon has never failed to respond to an update request.
Message: Posted by: Circusman (Nov 8, 2014 04:29AM)
I waited a VERY-VERY long time for a box of delights.
Simon used to be absolutely top-notch to deal with, and I have bought a lot from him.
But, sadly, his service became intolerable and he no longer answered any emails.
For that reason, I stopped dealing with U.Y.D. some time ago.
Message: Posted by: Lo Pan (Nov 8, 2014 01:10PM)
I found them difficult to deal with and the products were always disappointing - I now skip them entirely and save a little longer for something of higher quality with better customer service.
Message: Posted by: vianns (Nov 9, 2014 07:13AM)
So I guess I lost 76€ :(
Message: Posted by: Pasteboard Alchemist (Nov 26, 2014 08:35AM)
Unfortunately, I'm having very poor luck as well. While I was originally getting replies to my inquiries over the last two months (each reply saying he'd get right back to me with a tracking number--which never happened) the last three weeks have seen zero communication/replies.

Taking him at his word, I did not file a PayPal dispute when I had the chance, so that opportunity to recoup my payment is long past. I guess I'm out that money.
Message: Posted by: vianns (Nov 26, 2014 11:14AM)
I got a mail on 11/11, I get told that my second order came back to the shop. I sent an answer telling that I was ready to pay a little more to have a parcel tracking number (3rd time I asked it I think). No answers to my mail at the moment, despite an other mail I sent monday.
On the other hand, I received a flash pot sent by T. Wisseman last week (I'm in France)...
Message: Posted by: RCP (Nov 30, 2014 04:56PM)
Early on I had great results and then the service began to fall off. I wish I could say “oh well” but this is not an uncommon story……Creative people try and run a business and realize…stuff, life, hard times come their way……
People trust you with their money and you have made promises….sorry…..just doesn’t cut it.

If you returned peoples money and said....I am sorry........we would understand

And really...friends vouching for someone....... is little consolation for those defrauded.

and please no pm's from well meaning friends about....life problems, suicidal tendencies or any other baggage.

If you want to run a business....step up...or just announce you are out of business.
Message: Posted by: Darkness (Nov 30, 2014 05:13PM)
Can't argue with that RCP :)
Message: Posted by: vianns (Dec 1, 2014 12:39PM)
I think I'll litigate on Paypal (again), since it was the only way to have an answer weeks ago.
Message: Posted by: Pasteboard Alchemist (Dec 12, 2014 10:06AM)
If anyone else has heard a peep within the last month, let me know. Once the timeframe to open a PayPal dispute was over, so were any communication/assurances that he'd send the items out. This is quite disappointing. His eBay account has received well over 100 positive feedbacks in the last month, so Simon is definitely sending stuff out and communicating. Apparently, though, just to eBay people who can leave feedback--not us.

It's no way to run a business.
Message: Posted by: vianns (Dec 12, 2014 05:05PM)
I finally called Paypal and I was able to open a litigation for the first set I ordered early september (I couldn't for the one for october since I already had opened a litigation on october due to the lack of answers of the seller). But I've still not received anything.... 2 Curio sets ordered, nothing on my mailbox. The only answers I got was answers to the litigations, telling my that his mailbox had issues, blablabla...
I miss my euros.
Message: Posted by: Footman (Dec 12, 2014 05:10PM)
When I placed a big order with him, he gave excuses such as he has no internet access, phone problems, staff shortages, holidays, etc etc. It's odd that he continues to sell a lot on eBay with good feedback yet he ignored orders on his own website.
Message: Posted by: RCP (Dec 12, 2014 05:21PM)
[quote]On Dec 12, 2014, vianns wrote:
I finally called Paypal and I was able to open a litigation for the first set I ordered early september (I couldn't for the one for october since I already had opened a litigation on october due to the lack of answers of the seller). But I've still not received anything.... 2 Curio sets ordered, nothing on my mailbox. The only answers I got was answers to the litigations, telling my that his mailbox had issues, blablabla...
I miss my euros. [/quote]

PayPal will refund your money and if there is a pattern terminate his ability to use the service. PayPal is considered a bank and defrauding bank customers is a felony with very harsh penalties.
Message: Posted by: vianns (Dec 13, 2014 03:40AM)
Here's my story and why I had only one order refunded:

I ordered a Curio set early september. I never get it. Early october, I ordered a new one. 2 weeks later, nothing, no news, no answers no my mails. So I opened a litigation on Paypal for this second Curio set. This litigation wasn't to get a refund, only to have answers. Which I got, so I closed the litigation. But it was only answers.
Late November, still nothing, no answers to my mail. I called Paypal, and the guy told me that he couldn't reopen a litigation which has been closed before, or open a litigation for an order which has already been litigated (sorry for my english, I'm french).
In normal circumstances, you have 45 days to open a litigation. But the Paypal guy told me that I was able to open a litigation for my september's order (>45 days). So he did. So I got a refund. But only for my first order, since I can't litigate my second order again.
Message: Posted by: TH1 (Dec 13, 2014 04:38PM)

Sorry to hear about your trouble and PayPal alleging an inability to re-open a dispute. You may still have a chance to get your money back if you used a credit card via PayPal to pay for the order. Most credit card companies have a limited window in which to dispute charge. However, I have learned that some credit card companies will extend the window if you've rec'd correspondence from the Vendor indicating a later-than-originally promised date of receipt of the item. So if your PayPal payment went via a credit card, then try contacting your credit card company, and let them know the full story, including dates of correspondence from the vendor and any changes in ship date. They may let you still open a dispute based on the particular facts of your case, even thought the "typical" window has passed.

I had a lot of trouble getting an order from UYD as well:

[b]1 Dec. 2012[/b] - Placed an order for a PK Witch Bottle and the New Spirit Lamp Kit on Dec. 1 2012 (Fri eve). Simon provided an impressive same-day response to my emailed questions. I was told he would start making the items that coming Mon.
[b]16 Dec. 2013[/b] - Witch Bottles arrived...but no NSLK. After sending an email rec'd a same-day response that the NSLK would be sent shortly, with a tracking number.
[b]1 Jan 2013[/b] - Sent inquiry as to status and asking for a tracking #. Same-day response told me that NSLK would be sent the following Mon or Tue.
[b]1 Feb 2013[/b] - Still no NSLK and no tracking #. Sent inquiry as to status...again asking for tracking #.
[b]4 Feb. 2013[/b] - Rec'd response stating "...cannot believe this has not been delivered...calling Royal Mail and USPS to find out what has gone on here. Will be back in touch today." But no tracking # was provided.
[b]5 Feb. 2013[/b] - Having not rec'd the promised 4 Feb follow-up, sent another inquiry.
[b]6 Feb. 2013[/b] - Simon tells me that USPS and RM confirmed parcel still in transit, but that he would send a new parcel out as a replacement...and that parcel would leave within 24 hrs. Curiously, still no tracking # provided for the first parcel.
[b]13 Feb. 2013[/b] - Receive message from PayPal that a parcel is on its way. Curiously, no such PayPal message was ever rec'd for the "first" NSLK.
[b]23 Feb. 2013[/b] - Neither "first" or "second" NSLK has arrived. Send another inquiry to Simon. Same day response "I'll get all the details sorted for you and mail them across."
[b]10 Mar. 2013[/b] - Promised details still not rec'd. Send another inquiry. Ask again for a tracking # (to date, have not rec'd a tracking # for any packages).
[b]14 Mar. 2013[/b] - Sent another inquiry, having still not rec'd either "first" or "second" NSLK nor any tracking #'s. Same day response, Simon gives me a RM tracking #; tells me if I don't receive the NSLK w/i 48hrs, he'll "send another shipment via a courier such as USP or FedEx." (By my count, this would be a "third" shipment of an NSLK.)
[b]15 Mar. 2013[/b] - Emailed Simon to let him know that RM's system does not recognize the tracking # he gave me.
[b]21 Mar. 2013[/b] - Having rec'd no response to my 15 Mar. message, I send another inquiry, asking for confirmation of the most recent tracking #.
[b]25 Mar. 2013[/b] - Simon responds "...I'll send another out to you via special delivery. I'll get full details on line tracking." I respond same-day that I am submitting a dispute via American Express, as my dispute window will otherwise close. But I let him know that if any of the (now 3?) deliveries arrive, I will cancel the dispute.
[b]7 Apr. 2013[/b] - Still no confirmation of previous erroneous tracking #, and no tracking number for "third" mailing to date...and no other correspondence from Simon. I let him know I am giving up on the transaction and formally canceling my order, and will continue to pursue the dispute I set up with American Express. Same day response from Simon "I can confirm that this was sent out to you." But he still does not provide a tracking #. I respond back to him asking again for a tracking # if he has in fact sent out the "third" package; and that if the item does show up, I will still have an opportunity to cancel the dispute.
[b]13 Apr. 2013[/b] - No response from Simon, no tracking # provided. PayPal confirms that American Express has resolved the matter in my favor and that I have been refunded the money.

As of this posting, I have never heard back from Simon, nor have I ever rec'd any of the three NSLK's that Simon told me he had sent.

I highly recommend American Express for placing on-line orders. They have an excellent dispute resolution department.
Message: Posted by: vianns (Dec 13, 2014 06:10PM)
Woaw :(

I had an exchange of mails today and everything look sorted out.
I don't know what happened this last months, but it was probably a cocktail of technical issues, misunderstandings and lack of communication, on both sides. Simon refunded me my second order (which Paypal told me they couldn't reopen a litigation) and proposed me to sent this order with free shipping fees, and to pay it only after the shipping with a tracking number.
I had been very frustrated about it this 2 last months, but now this issue is solved and I feel better :) I guess I was part of the few % of customers who have some issues ordering items overseas. But it's ok now !
Message: Posted by: TH1 (Dec 13, 2014 06:13PM)
Glad to hear you've been able to sort things out and get your refund.
Message: Posted by: naoh75 (Dec 23, 2014 02:17AM)
My turn to complain about UYD...

Beginning of June 2014, I bought some stuff from him on eBay and on his website. The eBay stuff arrived pretty quickly and I was happy with the quality. On his website I bought for more than 100 pounds of stuff (Curio Set, Box...)and still no news of it.
End of July 2014, I contacted Simon via email and he repplied me that the stuff from his website has been sent. I've been to my post office but no trace of it . I live in Paris , France and I've bought dozens of items from UK and it was the first time that something was lost... (It can happens but when I look at this thread it looks that it is something reccurent with UYD.)
Anyway, in August, Simon wrote to me that he will replace my order.
I've been waiting since this time. Until end of october, Simon repplied to me via SMS or email but currently I have no more news from him. He was always saying that he would take care of my case but It was just words...

Because this case is from june, I cannot complain on paypal to get my money back...

When I look on eBay, he's still selling stuff but he looks like dead when he needs to answer me.

Funny thing, at the same time he can answer to an email from another member of this forum but he nevers answer to me. Since the beginning of this case, I've always been nice in my messages but I'm starting to loose my patience.
Message: Posted by: naoh75 (Dec 23, 2014 06:19AM)
Update to my former post.

Chris from UYD just contacted me. It seems that Simon is dealing with personnal issues and that's why I had no news.

Chris wrote to me that my case will be taken with consideration and that they will send my stuff right after Christmas.

So it seems everything will be fine at the end :)
Message: Posted by: Footman (Dec 23, 2014 06:30AM)
I don't want to appear unsympathetic, but he's been using this reason for a long time. Chris gave me this excuse too many months ago and I never got my orders.

let's hope you really do get your items.
Message: Posted by: Pasteboard Alchemist (Dec 23, 2014 10:07AM)
Agreed. I've heard that story [i]multiple[/i] times now. Received an apology, been told that it'll be sent out as soon as he's "back in the office tomorrow" and he'll send a tracking number, only to hear... nothing.
Message: Posted by: horus1 (Dec 23, 2014 09:23PM)
I'm sympathetic to the personal problems - but never received the replacement items Simon and I emailed about.
Conversations eventually ended, and I chalked it up to lessons learned.

Naoh75 - in my humble and unsolicited opinion - the best bizarre biz is done with Outlaw, Lebanon, Gemini, Alchemy Moon, and Prof BC.
There are some individual gems out there as well with Bobby and and Steve.
You can't go wrong with anything you purchase from these guys. You might pay a little more, but the quality and customer service is impeccable.
Message: Posted by: george1953 (Dec 24, 2014 06:51AM)
I am really surprised that people are having problems. I used to order quite regularly from Simon and always had terrific service. I haven't ordered anything for a while purely because I keep reading these horror stories, I don't want to be another complainer. So if Simon reads this I hope he realises this kind of thing is also losing customers that were fans of his at one time.
Message: Posted by: vianns (Feb 17, 2015 01:52PM)
[quote]On Dec 13, 2014, vianns wrote:
Woaw :(

I had an exchange of mails today and everything look sorted out.
I don't know what happened this last months, but it was probably a cocktail of technical issues, misunderstandings and lack of communication, on both sides. Simon refunded me my second order (which Paypal told me they couldn't reopen a litigation) and proposed me to sent this order with free shipping fees, and to pay it only after the shipping with a tracking number.
I had been very frustrated about it this 2 last months, but now this issue is solved and I feel better :) I guess I was part of the few % of customers who have some issues ordering items overseas. But it's ok now ! [/quote]

So, two months later, here I am again.
I never had any news from UYD after my refund and a mail I sent to get informed about what was going on.
I definitely stop to wait for them to send something after it was promised it would be sent in 3 days.

I hope other customers are luckier than me and some other unlucky customers.

Peace !
Message: Posted by: RCP (Feb 17, 2015 04:40PM)
Seems to be a rash of this sort of thing from over the pond. What is even more appalling is their so called friends make excuses, tolerate and even defend these criminal acts.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Gould (Feb 18, 2015 03:22AM)
[quote]On Feb 17, 2015, RCP wrote:
Seems to be a rash of this sort of thing from over the pond. What is even more appalling is their so called friends make excuses, tolerate and even defend these criminal acts. [/quote]

Wow, that was a bit of an unfair blanket statement!
I may need to remind everyone here in the light of this that Alchemy Moon has a solid 100% customer satisfaction record, with not one single complaint since we stated.
Message: Posted by: RCP (Feb 18, 2015 05:19AM)
You are a class act sir! I wish everyone maintained the high standard of customer service you provide.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Gould (Feb 18, 2015 06:05AM)
Arguably Lebanon Circle and Alchemy Moon are two of the bigger players here. I will let Dan speak for himself, but both have been trading for many years and both have an excellent record in both customer satisfaction and in getting all orders out promptly. Then we can look at companies such as Blackheart who have been successfully trading far longer than either. Then we have to consider individual traders such as Roni, Freddie, Dr Todd and Mat, all of whom are active on here both in terms of contributions and in excellent customer services. All of these from 'across the pond'. I am sure that I have missed many more, who can also speak for themselves. None of these are 'criminal acts' and all conduct their business with integrity. When mud is flung around without thought, it sticks to everyone and when it is unjustified, the record needs to be putting straight, which is what I am doing here.
Message: Posted by: Louis Cypher (Feb 18, 2015 06:54AM)
Well said Chris.
Message: Posted by: Lord Freddie (Feb 18, 2015 07:19AM)
People here aren't defending UYD. The recent lack of contact shows no respect for his customers. When he first vanished, I was aware he was having some family problems and because he was always an honest and reliable person in the past I would have thought he'd sort matters. He didn't.

It's not just "across the pond" (a post which revealed the authors own prejudices more than anything else) that this happens. It also happens in most places, probably even Texas.
Message: Posted by: RCP (Feb 18, 2015 08:12AM)
It seems I have offended the many excellent dealers across the pond and please accept my apology. There have been a few bad apples but I won't rehash them. Yes, there have been bad dealers in Texas as well, no point in rehashing them either.
Message: Posted by: Gregor Von G. (Feb 19, 2015 01:18AM)
Hi there
I just place an order yesterday at UYD, a seance kit, but I just read now this topic....i am a little worried....anyone out there have ah a recent positive experience with them?
Message: Posted by: Gregor Von G. (Feb 19, 2015 01:19AM)
Errata corrige anyone out there have had a recent positive experience
Message: Posted by: Gregor Von G. (Feb 19, 2015 06:20AM)
UYD is no longer my problem.
This morning I received an email from Mr. Simon where he said it was very upset by my previous post so he decided to refund and cancel my order, inviting me to not buy more from him.

Great professionalism.
Great commercial suicide.

But, just for being fair, I report here my previous experience with UYD:
I bought a magnet a month ago and everything went fine, very fine.

I do not trust blindly trading online, even after a transaction carried out positively, maybe after ...4/5/6 just to say a number. And if I read a lot of negative criticism to a seller which I entrusted my money, I try to inform me better. In my previous post I haven't offended or talking bad about no one
It is just right for a customer take infos in places such as forums, I just do not understand how a seller should take offense to this.
Indeed, perhaps a seller with such negative reviews should be glad to have a way to improve their image in front of the customers, in fact I informed Simon that if all went well I would write positive reviews right here at the Cafè.

Personally speaking, I spent 20 years working in commerce, now I am a graphic designer for a company, but in my spare time still sells vinyl records, in my career I have heard all kinds of excuses and I realized that in business these only serve to cover something which is going wrong. The serious trader does not mix feelings nor do private life with work, and driving away a customer for such nonsense is a crime against your own business.

I really hope that Mr Simon gets better and better with his company and to continue for the better.
As for me, I can even do without UYD products.
Message: Posted by: naoh75 (Apr 5, 2015 12:56AM)
So here I am again. 10 months since my order to UYD and a lot of emails and still nothing... I live in France, and for several years I received more than 100 packages from UK various sellers without any problems. And UYD tries to make me believes that my two parcels were lost, I just don't believe them. Below you will find all my emails exchanged with UYD since the first time I explained my case on this forum.
Of course on this day, I received nothing and didn't get my money bacK.

On 23 Dec 2014, at 11:47, Ollivier wrote:

Hello Chris,
Just saw your MP on the forum.
So I exchanged some emails and a lot of SMS with Simon but no answers since the 30th of october.
I have one order from the 22/06 of 32.99 pounds and one order from the 27/06 of 38 pounds.
At this time, I still miss the “Curio set”, “the fill your poison with a filigree pendant” (32.99 pounds)and the upgrade from a normal dual morphic spririt lamp (that I bought on ebay at almost the same time) to a “dual morphic spririt lamp full trick séance” that I bought on your website (38 pounds).
I hope that it will solve 

On 23 Dec 2014, at 12:53, Simon & Helen wrote:

Hi there
Ok Simon is away at present and if there has been no reply via SMS it is because he is dealing with some personal issues with elderly relatives. So my apologies for this.
Ok Ill sort this out and get a parcel out to you after christmas would this be acceptable. I think looking at things here there has been some confusion with orders and what you have and have not received.
Ill also speak to Simon and get him to contact you.
Would you also be willing to either remove or edit the post saying this is getting sorted on the Magic Café as well?
I only ask as I am trying my best to run this business while Simon is away and while the ball has been dropped so to speak on this I am doing my best to sort it out for you.
very kindest regards
Happy Christmas.

On 12 Jan 2015, at 19:39, Ollivier wrote:

Hello Chris,
First of all, happy new year !
So did you send a parcel as you wrote me ?

On 13 Jan 2015, at 08:05, Simon & Helen wrote:

Good morning
I have a few things here to just get together and Simon should be back this week, so ill get it all packed up and sent out to you later this week.
I hope this is ok

On 12 Feb 2015, at 06:10, Ollivier wrote:

Good Morning Chris,
One month since your last email and still no news from you…
I’m someone who is really patient but I start to loose any hope to get this order that I passed 8 months ago…

On 18 Feb 2015, at 00:04, Simon & Helen wrote:

Hi there
OK I have had two parcels go missing in France and I think we got mixed up with orders.
Simon will be in on Thursday and Ill be able to put an end to this whole mess.

On 5 March 2015 at 06:15, Ollivier wrote:

Hello Chris,
So is this mess cleared ? No news from you for 15 days…

On 5 Mar 2015, at 09:38, Simon & Helen wrote:

Good Morning
Just opening the office, let me get settled in and ill reply in full

On 17 Mar 2015 15:19, "Ollivier wrote:

Hello Chris,
Still waiting for an answer 

On 18 Mar, at 22:43, Simon & Helen wrote:

Hi there. sorry for the delay in replying to your email. I was away. I'll be contacting the postal service in the morning as it should have been delivered and I am also very sorry and upset this is outstanding..I'll be back in touch with you very soon and bring this matter to a close asap
Regards Chris

On 24 Mar 2015 07:37, "Ollivier wrote:

Hello Chris,
I guess that I have been more than patient for 9 months. I have the feeling that I will never see my stuff. It’s fine for me so I joined the copy of the 2 paypal wires that I sent to you.
Please refound me my 70,99 pounds and we can close this case.
You can send them on my paypal account : XXXXXXX

On 25 Mar 2014, at 22:22, Simon & Helen wrote:

Hi. Sorry only just seen these emails as I have been away. I'll check the offices in the morning and make sure this is sorted for you but I can assure that these items were sent to you as I did it myself. Regards Chris
Message: Posted by: vianns (Apr 5, 2015 07:18AM)
What a mess... ;)
Message: Posted by: Footman (Apr 5, 2015 07:30AM)
I can't work out how UYD gets good reviews on eBay yet any sales on his own website seem to go missing or never get sent in the first place. I had exactly the same excuses last year
Message: Posted by: Enigmo (Jun 16, 2015 11:47PM)
I am going through the same experience as Ollivier above and have a long email thread to prove it as well. Simon Beckett from Unleash Your Dreams has given me the run-around for the past 5 months. I really don't understand why he has all these positive reviews.

He has provided all kinds of excuses from being out of the office, to having shipped it, to still manufacturing it, etc... Of the 5 times he has claimed having it shipped to me, the provided tracking info has ultimately proven that was not the case.

I have given him every opportunity to fix this but he has continuously failed to do so. My ultimate mistake with respect to hoping to get my money back was to let the ebay opened case close while I was assured it was being shipped to me. Once it is closed, you can not reopen it.

At best, Simon Beckett from Unleash Your Dreams provides poor customer service and/or bites more than he can chew. At worst, he is scamming people out of their money.

Whatever the reason: Buyers beware! Stay away.
Message: Posted by: vianns (Jun 17, 2015 02:09AM)

Now, prepare to receive an email in the next 48h, with some outrage in it... ? ;)

I too really don't understand how his business is running while scamming so much customers...
Message: Posted by: phil_n (Jun 17, 2015 06:17AM)
I've had two experiences with them.
Recently (as in the last two months or so), I ordered a spirit lamp via ebay, and it arrived very quickly, with a free bonus dead ringers.

The time before that was perhaps a year or so ago, I'd ordered a spirit lamp via the website and with a lot of backward and forwarding with them, I got a refund. The reasons given were as others have said in the thread, but the owner was very apologetic about the whole thing and did refund my money.

I guess I'd advise people to go via ebay and paypal - that way you get buyer protection.

Message: Posted by: Enigmo (Jun 17, 2015 07:16AM)
At 12:47am (my time), I posted the message above.

At 1:58am (my time), I received an email from Paypal informing me I was refunded.

At 2:02am (my time), I received an email from UYD telling me this:

"Why are you continuing to contact us over this,Your refund has been sitting in paypal
Your refund has not been claimed.
We ship the world over , with a few problems now and then but we correct them. I am sorry there was a problem ,tracking showed this as being signed for and you state it was the incorrect address. I have taken this on the chin and refunded you to make it right.
I am sorry but there is little I can do if you do not claim your paypal refund."

For people's information, the tracking number provided clearly showed it had been signed by someone with a completely different name in a completely different city. It is not something I was stating. It was a fact. That was more than a month ago (4 months after the original purchase) and for the 4 weeks since, every couple of days, I was promised it would be taken care of and something would be courriered in the next 48 hours.

Finally moving on...
Message: Posted by: naoh75 (Jun 20, 2015 12:26AM)
Glad for you Egnigmo.

It is now one year since I passed my order to UYD and I received nothing and I'm still waiting for my refund of 70.99 £

I have checked my paypal from times to times since my last email to UYD in march 2015 (where I gave them again all the references thaht could be useful for them to refund me)but I never got anything....
Message: Posted by: vianns (Jun 20, 2015 08:58AM)
Just open a litigation. If you can't, call Paypal and if you have somebody comprehensive on the line, he will open a litigation process. That's what happend with me (I'm a big user of Paypal, maybe that helped too).
Message: Posted by: Enigmo (Jun 23, 2015 10:23PM)
Naoh75, I feel for you. I understand the frustration you must feel. Instead of a win-win proposition, it seems it is a lose-lose for everyone.

While I got my money back, I am not getting the time I spent browsing the web page, coming up wit a script for what I ordered, the time I wasted with ebay, the mounting frustration, the time spent chasing the issue, etc.... At least I learned I should rely on a different supplier of bizarre props. As I said: it is a lose-lose situation.

Ebay won't let you open a litigation after this time. As Vianns points out maybe Paypal or your credit card can do something for you. Unfortunately, it is obvious that waiting for the product won't resolve this.

I wish you luck dude. All I can say is that it is a small community and what goes around comes around.
Message: Posted by: Paul Forster (Dec 13, 2015 02:16PM)
My wife ordered the box of delights seance kit set for my birthday well over a week ago and the first box never arrived. We then asked for another one to be sent, we were told that the tracking number for the new box would be sent yesterday but it has yet to be emailed to us. My wife did this as a surprise for me but has had to tell me as she is unsure if she is being ripped off by UYD. I've not bought anything off them but the service does not seem to be up to what it should be.

I hope SIMON sorts this out. She is a little stressed about it.
Message: Posted by: Pasteboard Alchemist (Dec 14, 2015 11:34AM)
Best of luck, Paul. Have given up on ever seeing my package from UYD after a year of waiting. I'll note that I was told mine shipped three separate times and was told I'd get a tracking number each time, but never received any numbers (nor package, nor, ultimately, response communications). Thankfully, my order was far more nominal than yours, so I can write it off as a "lesson learned" without having too bad a taste in my mouth.
Message: Posted by: Paul Forster (Dec 16, 2015 02:04PM)
Received my little box of delights séance kit today. It did take longer than it really should have but it is a great kit. Simon did end up adding some extras in for the trouble. Just a shame it didn't go as smoothly as it should. In the end Simon was very helpful and his emails kept us up to date on an almost daily basis.
Message: Posted by: vianns (Dec 16, 2015 04:04PM)
Lucky you ! :)
Message: Posted by: Paul Forster (Jan 7, 2016 08:30AM)
I used my seance kit recently. I auditioned for the Harrogate Society of Magicians and performed a Victorian seance routine. The kit came in very handy and the routine went well. I coupled it with the para pad and Luna from Outlaw effects and the whole routine was a great success.

Happy to say I am now a member of the Harrogate Society of Magicians!
Message: Posted by: Dr SH (Jan 8, 2016 12:38AM)
[quote]On Jan 7, 2016, Paul Forster wrote:
I used my seance kit recently. I auditioned for the Harrogate Society of Magicians and performed a Victorian seance routine. The kit came in very handy and the routine went well. I coupled it with the para pad and Luna from Outlaw effects and the whole routine was a great success.

Happy to say I am now a member of the Harrogate Society of Magicians! [/quote]

Congratulations Paul Foster. When did you buy your seance kit? Recently? I ask you because when I read the topic, it appears that 2-3 years ago people were very happy about the service and props but I can read lots of complain since 2014....
Do many people have good experiences with recent purchases? If yes, what did you buy?
Message: Posted by: LootahPaytah (Jan 11, 2016 01:50PM)
I've found UYD to be fantastic and would definitely recommend them. Great quality and Simon is a really nice guy. After placing my order I had to go to hospital (and I had no idea how long I would be there). I called Simon up and explained the situation to him and he kindly offered to hold onto it till I was out of hospital. I just phoned him once I'd left and it was there within a couple of days.
Message: Posted by: Malakim (Jan 13, 2016 02:19AM)
Now it becomes really weird.

Did you join the Forum just for this Topic?
Message: Posted by: LootahPaytah (Jan 13, 2016 03:43AM)
Nope, I've been a lurker for a few years and decided that I should actually get involved in the discussion. My profile should show that I've been a member of the site for ages.
Message: Posted by: Dr SH (Jan 13, 2016 04:12AM)
[quote]On Jan 13, 2016, Malakim wrote:
Now it becomes really weird.

Did you join the Forum just for this Topic? [/quote]

Malakim, unfortunately I understood that Lootah tried to reassure me but I had the same feeling than you at first... Lootah I am glad you clarify and you finally decided to participate to the forum, welcome here.
So much opposite views on this store is still very confusing in my mind.
Message: Posted by: LootahPaytah (Jan 13, 2016 07:37AM)
No problem just thought I'd chime in my two cents for what it's worth. I personally like the store but respect that not everyone shares the same opinion.
Message: Posted by: markthorold (Jan 25, 2016 07:29AM)
I'll throw in that all my dealings with Simon at UYD have been faultless and his after service is commendable .
I've had a long break from the Café as it was all getting snotty and backslappy at one point Not sure if I'll go back to the break but my participation on here will be less than was .
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Jan 25, 2016 12:57PM)

It is nice to see you posting again.

Message: Posted by: Paul Forster (Mar 4, 2016 09:50AM)
[/quote] Congratulations Paul Foster. When did you buy your seance kit? Recently? I ask you because when I read the topic, it appears that 2-3 years ago people were very happy about the service and props but I can read lots of complain since 2014....
Do many people have good experiences with recent purchases? If yes, what did you buy? [/quote]

Hi Dr SH - I bought this recently actually. There was a minor delay and the first box never turned up. However, the second box did and I am very happy with my purchase.
Message: Posted by: Jim Wilder (Jul 3, 2016 04:04PM)
For what it's worth:
I have an experience that sounds just like the experiences noted here about not receiving items ordered and also excuses of being out of the office. My issue dates back to 2010. I never took action with Paypal, because I trusted and took them at their word. I have been in contact with Chris via email in the past week, but will see how the situation is sorted, and will report if it is handled appropriately.
Message: Posted by: Dreda (Jul 9, 2016 03:17PM)
Bad experience for me too even if I remain hopeful.
I always wait for my pendulum (April 7)... :(
Unfortunatly, I'm not the only one that has had this problem (in France and even with professionals performers).

I can be patient but a seller must be precise, he must communicate and he must honour one's commitments.
Message: Posted by: Jim Wilder (Jul 28, 2016 12:49PM)
Back in 2010, I ordered a Monte Box from Unleash Your Dreams. When my package arrived, it turns out that they mistakenly sent me a Spirit Lamp. I immediately emailed them to let them know. At the time I was in contact with Simon. He apologized for the mistake and was cordial in all of our emails. He told me that he would have a Monte Box made and ship it out to me when it was finished. Although he told me it would be sent out, there was no tracking to see what might have happened. The Monte Box did not arrive. After several weeks and a few more emails, our communication ceased, and life went on.

In the past couple of years I moved, and recently I found a few boxes we had not unpacked that were stored away. I found the Spirit Lamp and remembered the situation with the Monte Box. I contacted them via email and was then in communication with Chris. He sorted the situation properly and informed me that he would still fulfill my getting a Monte Box since I had not received one. After 6 years, I found it surprising that they would still make sure that I got the box.

About 12:30 today, I received my Monte Box! It is fun and I am pleased with it. I hope these guys have the best luck with postal services in the future, because the Monte Box is certainly fun to work with. If you know/understand how it works, you're good to go. If not, it doesn't take long to understand the workings. I look forward to keeping it visible so that my guests and my children's guests can be entertained by it.

Thank you to Chris for helping me out on this.
Message: Posted by: FJR (Jul 30, 2016 08:24PM)
It's funny, I was thinking about this company just before I came across this thread. I bought a spirit lamp from them years ago (2011/12?) and it came after while - lovely and 'cool', but stopped working eventually after very little use really. But in fairness, it wasn't *terribly* expensive in the scheme of things. But then it all went downhill. I ordered some more expensive item/s, but it never arrived. The typical story that has been well-rehearsed here - promises in emails that things had been/would be posted. Then no responses to regular polite emails every 3 weeks or so, then every few months or so. But nothing. I was disappointed and annoyed, but I gave up on it, and chalked it down to experience.

I was just wondering whether they were still around, so when I saw this thread I was very curious to see what kind of experiences others had had with them. And that's been very revealing! Their excuses about packages going missing are almost comical. Postage is pretty esy to do - tracking and more expensive, safer forms of postage have been around for many years, so it's not rocket-science.

Well, I was wondering this evening whether to give them another try or not. I think this thread had pushed me to a definite 'not'. I've bought a decent amount of paraphenalia from places like Outlaw, Lebanon, Gemini, Dr Landman (via Stevens), and some others, and the quality and service has been excellent. These are all highly recommended businesses. (Well, one of them may be being a little problematic at the moment (and has been in the past I've read), with big delays, but I'll give them another little while before judging them too harshly yet).

Thanks everyone for the feedback - this has been really useful information for me (and others) to make more informed decisions about to whom we direct our hard-earned money for magical wonders.

All the very best,
Message: Posted by: FJR (Aug 2, 2016 10:03AM)
After reflecting some more, and after going through a sorting out and reshelving of my artefacts, I must qualify the above a bit - throw a bit more positive a light on them. I realised I bought two other effects, apart from the spirit lamp, from them back in the day which are both nice effects. And my spirit lamp, which I said above gave up working completely, actually came back to life when I gave it another go the other day. So it's not entirely dead, just a little intermittent, shall we say, or undead.

The bad experience I got from them was only one aspect of my experience with them - some sort of deluxe seance kit which I never received. In fairness to them, the other three items I received from them were delivered, and were pretty nice effects, especially the spirit lamp.

For the sake of balance and fairness to the company, I thought it important to note this.

All the best,
Message: Posted by: StreetWalkinCheeta (Sep 7, 2016 06:56PM)
Well, add another unhappy buyer. Been about seven weeks since first purchased and three weeks ago they said it would be going out the next day. Nothing and now not answering my emails. Too bad as I really loved their art.
Message: Posted by: vjr (Feb 6, 2017 07:05AM)
Another unhappy buyer. I have purchased this object 2016 sep 7.
I send mail 2016-09-28, 2016-10-19, 2016-10-26, 2016-11-02, 2016-11-09, 2016-11-21, 2016-11-24, 2016-12-14, 2017-01-05 and 2017-02-06.
At each time, the order is delivered to me asap or next week.
Nothing or refund received at this time.
A seller must honour one's commitments.
A french magician very disappointed.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Feb 6, 2017 07:07PM)
Every time I visit this thread I get depressed. UYD had such great products, but now, who is willing to throw the dice on an order? What a shame.
Message: Posted by: afinemesh (Feb 6, 2017 07:25PM)
[quote]On Feb 6, 2017, Wizard of Oz wrote:
Every time I visit this thread I get depressed. UYD had such great products, but now, who is willing to throw the dice on an order? What a shame. [/quote]

Agreed. I almost pushed the button many times, but held back.
Message: Posted by: salcioppa (Jan 13, 2018 12:11PM)
I want to share my experience with Unleash Your Dreams. I saw a spirit lamp on ebay and ordered it. Later, I realized that Unleash Your Dreams was the seller and had a dedicated UK web site. Before that, I never knew about them. After going to their web site, I decided to try a number of their items that looked like they'd work in my show, or at least be something I'd want to experiment with. I contacted them and corresponded with them via email. To save them some shipping costs I agreed it was okay to ship my ebay purchase with the other items I ordered directly from them. I was patient and understanding knowing it was custom work and would take awhile to produce. Six months later I was still waiting. I'm going to make a long story short here. After over a year, and at least 25 emails and contacts, I believe I was lied to, stalled, told it was coming, that there was only one last thing to finish and it would all be on the way, etc, etc. Repeatedly I was told it would ship within a few days but that never happened. Finally, after those stories wouldn't fly anymore I asked for a refund. I contacted them and, lo and behold, it had just shipped. Of course, they were out of town and couldn't confirm that but would let me know as soon as they got back. The items never arrived. When I asked for tracking information they stopped corresponding with me. Now honestly, had they just told me they were in financial trouble, sick, or had been up front about the problem, I would have forgotten about it and just let it go. I've been in the entertainment business my whole life and understand things don't always go as planned so I would have just moved on. At this point, I'm not seeking retribution or revenge, or trying to hurt anyone's reputation. I just want to warn my friends here of my poor experience with this seller. I'm assuming something serious or unexpected caused this to happen as I like to think the best of people. I requested a refund (it was about $200 total) and of course ... crickets. Anyway, if you buy enough stuff, I guess sooner or later this will happen and it's my turn. It's really the first time in forty years this has happened to me so I guess that's a pretty good track record. I hope this post will save someone else from throwing away their hard earned money who may be less able to afford it than me.
Message: Posted by: Nunhunter (Feb 9, 2018 05:41PM)
It's been a couple of years since I ordered anything and whilst things did turn up, the quality of some of it was very poor. "Victorian" artifacts clearly just printed off onto normal paper and then roughly cut out, for example. Spirit lamp lightweight and unusable.
Message: Posted by: BizarreRich (Jul 29, 2018 09:24PM)
My story is very similar to yours salcioppa. I had ordered a spirit lamp and several other items. Before ordering the items I had asked what they had in stock and ordered only items that they told me were ready to ship. Four months and many emails later I was still getting excuses. I gave unleashyourcash three options, they could send me the items I had ordered, suggest other items that were available or return my money. Still more excuses. When they would not respond to my request to return my money I contacted paypal. During the first stage of paypal discussions they said that they would be posting it that day and would I cancel my action with paypal when they gave me the tracking number. I ignored that request and it took one week for them to give me a tracking number. That week they had waited meant that the paypal action would end before the item would be received. I decided to escalate the action with paypal to make sure that I did receive the items that I had ordered. The next thing I know paypal had ruled in my favour and returned my money. The items supposedly posted to me, of course, never turned up. The fake tracking number and the request that I drop the action when I recieved the number showed me that this was not merely a case of bad business but was an attempt to unleash my money and send me nothing.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Jul 30, 2018 06:41PM)
Man, it seems like our little spooky neck of the woods is fraught with criminals. Makes one appreciate the good ones even more.
Message: Posted by: BizarreRich (Jul 30, 2018 07:30PM)
Couldn't agree more Wizard of Oz. There are some great people producing and selling magic of the highest quality and we all know that they will always treat their customers well. My own experience also suggests that the good guys far outnumber the criminals. The important thing, I believe, is that when people have been the victims of this criminal element they should use the Café to warn others. I thought I should tell my story because there appeared to be some doubt about Unleash Your Cash and I wanted people to know that this is not a safe company to deal with.
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Aug 7, 2018 08:57PM)
Wish I had seen this before...
I placed an order I the middle of May and got very prompt responses to all my e-mails.
A month later I checked in and they said it was going in the mail that same week.
A month later I sent an e-mail and got no response.
A week after that another e-mail, no response.
After a few more no-responses-to-my-inquiries I went to playpal and requested an refund.

I was actually pretty disappointed that I got the refund almost immediately. I'm no sure I would have been able to trust any response, but I did very much want the spirit lamp I ordered and still was kind of hoping something wold work out.
Alas! ...I used the refund to buy some ukulele books I've been wanting, so it's alright; but I am still spirit-lampless! :(
Message: Posted by: Merlinsmagic (Aug 7, 2018 09:12PM)
Seadog93, FYI - all may not be lost for you, member here Peter McMillan was making them & has info on his website so you can check with him & still be able to get your spirit lamp from him.
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Aug 7, 2018 09:27PM)
(part of the address got cut off, for anyone else interested it is: http://petemcmillan.wixsite.com/sd-artifacts/artifacts )

That may well be on my list (maybe should have waited on those ukulele books ...maybe not, it's hard to say).
I was thinking of buying a m***** and r*** sw!tC# and using a flashlight, but I think a lamp like this would be a lot nicer.
Those do look cool, do you have one?

Interesting that he makes the spirit bell too. I made one many, many, years ago. It didn't get the response I wanted, but in hindsight that was very much because I didn't understand how to run a seance at that time (first time through I mistyped "ruin a seance" ...which, in hindsight, I may have understood!). I may polish that off in the interim of buying the lamp. :)
Message: Posted by: Merlinsmagic (Aug 7, 2018 09:41PM)
Oops, sorry link was incomplete, I have numerous other spirit bells,Tims Wissmans telegraph,meter,etc but not a lamp however just bought a 2nd hand UYD spirit lamp from another member & waiting for it to arrive so hopefully I will enjoy it.
Was always planning on buying a SL from Peter & just never got around to it......

I do love my spirit glass bell from Adrain here & because its SO basic & non electronic item it gets THE most positive reactions to "spirit activity" so far of all my other devices !! ( & no worries of electronic problems/failures )
Message: Posted by: Jack Straw (Aug 8, 2018 09:30AM)
I read all six pages of this old thread with great interest.

It makes me laugh when people seem to think that the US Postal Service is incompetent, which I saw one or two posts here claim.

I've been selling on eBay for over 10 years, and have shipped almost 5,000 non-magic items.

Not one of them has gotten lost, and every domestic package has been received by my buyers in no more than 3 days- international packages have taken up to two weeks.

So do yourself a favor and never deceive yourself into believing that the Post Office is at fault.

They're not.
Message: Posted by: morgaine_le_fey (Aug 9, 2018 03:17AM)
[quote]On Jul 30, 2018, Wizard of Oz wrote:
Man, it seems like our little spooky neck of the woods is fraught with criminals. Makes one appreciate the good ones even more. [/quote]

Not only here my friend: what Rick Roth is to Spooky Mark Elsdon is to Penny; same unscrupulously blatant lies and belittling Schadenfreude after PayPal guarantee has passed.
Be forewarned!

xxx Morgaine
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Aug 9, 2018 07:27AM)
Maybe someone should set up a simple page somewhere, with links to threads on here that people can share around?
Message: Posted by: BizarreRich (Aug 9, 2018 10:45PM)
That sounds like a really good idea Iain. It could include general safety tips, such as always use paypal and don't use the familly/friend option, etc. It also should include reports of dealers like Rick Roth, Mark Elsdon and Unleash Your Dreams.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Aug 10, 2018 02:36AM)
Would be easy to do on social media...
Message: Posted by: gwclark (Dec 8, 2018 09:23AM)
[quote]On Aug 5, 2012, artismagica wrote:
Hi together,
I´m new in the Magic Café and english isn´t my home language.
Please excuse if I write errors.

Is there any one how have experience with the magic items of Unleash Your Dreams ( http://www.unleashyourdreams.co.uk/Unleash_Your_Dreams/Home.html )

- quality
- reliability
- shipping
- etc.

I placed an order for a haunted key during the summer and got it in about 3 weeks. In October, I placed a much larger order with a number of séance items. I received one email from Chris, but no response to any further inquiries. I suppose my money is now flushed.

Live and Learn.

Message: Posted by: Kephren (Jan 9, 2019 11:14AM)
Crap, so I guess what you guys are telling me is that I should have read this thread before hitting the buy button on the Unleash your dreams website.
Message: Posted by: BizarreRich (Jan 23, 2019 11:05PM)
Hi Kephren,

My experience and that of some others is that they received, at least partially, their first order and then when they made a second larger order nothing was ever received. In my case, even though they knew I was on a pension, they made every effort to give me nothing in return for my money. Luckily I had ordered through paypal and they were able to get my money back for me. But Unleash your Dreams kept asking me to drop the paypal case as soon as I had the tracking number for the goods. Thankfully, I realized this was a scam because I didn't drop the paypal case and the tracking number was a fake. So you may be in luck if this is your first order but don't make the mistake of ordering a second time. Also, if you used paypal then tell paypal that the goods are late.

Good luck and I hope things go better for you than they did for me and too many others.
Message: Posted by: Kephren (Jan 28, 2019 03:14AM)
Well, I have escalated the whole thing now on paypal. Let's hope they can get me my money back. Would be nice if they simply suspended or terminated his account on paypal. I saw that on ebay he got a new negative review too because of the item having never been sent.
Message: Posted by: MrNelio (Jun 19, 2019 03:21AM)
Did you get your money back Kephren? I sadly did not read this thread before my order (22 feb) and still there is no delivery and no answer to mails (except from an early one when I was asked what finish I wanted on my box)
Message: Posted by: paul1804 (Jul 8, 2019 09:15AM)
I really wish I too had read this thread as I am in the middle of a battle to get and order I placed with these guys delivered.
I have waited 5 weeks for an order to be sent out.
A total of 17 emails have been sent to them with only 3 received back from Chris apologising for the delay and constantly saying it will be sent out by the end of the week.
Which of course never actually comes.
Customer service is just terrible and I just could not advise anyone to buy from this company, which is unfortunate as they do have some great products on this site, it’s just a pity that’s all you get to see of your product.
I have raised the issue with PayPal and will update this if and when it is resolved.
Message: Posted by: Louis Cypher (Jul 8, 2019 10:52AM)
I just don't understand these people. The amount of stress and hassle to keep constantly BS the customers must wear you down. I know that when I realised my effect some years back now, Getting the customers purchase to them in good time was essential.
Message: Posted by: Payvand Reed (Sep 6, 2020 07:57PM)
Just an update to say that I’m now having a similar experience with Unleash Your Dreams. I purchased and received one item (Dead Ringers), so I ordered two other items and, in the process, started communicating with Simon Beckett about a fairly large order. (Well, large for me.) He said he’d be away for a week, but now it’s been over a month, and I can get no answers to emails through his website, gmail, or Ebay. I’m beginning to think, like others, that my money has just vanished.