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Topic: Real Mind Readers Seminar
Message: Posted by: crozboz (Aug 15, 2012 06:49PM)

This looks to be one hell of an event. A last minute day of seminars & workshops on "real" mentalism - from 3 of the greats - Paul Voodini, Chris Rawlins & Luke Jermay for 30.

Anyone heading along? And if not - why not!?
Message: Posted by: Voodini (Aug 16, 2012 12:03PM)
I'm certainly looking forward to it! Always a pleasure to work alongside Luke and Chris and this promises to be a great day. My lecture shall be centred around the enigmatic Cathy Shadows and shall imaginatively be called 'In the Shadow of Cathy'!

I know that Luke and Chris have some amazing things lined up to.
Message: Posted by: magicadey (Aug 17, 2012 06:20PM)
This looks like it will be a great day..
Message: Posted by: ChrisWall (Aug 23, 2012 03:37PM)
Going to this!

Very excited. 30 to get to pick these 3 minds brains and see what they have to say for 6 hours is worth anyones money. Plus it's right next to the train station so no taxi fare or too far to walk.