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Topic: Lipan Portable Asrah
Message: Posted by: hkmagic (Oct 21, 2003 08:53PM)

I'm thinking of buying the Lipan Portable Asrah. Do you know if it is very effective and worth the money? Comments about the audience, please help me out.

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Nov 27, 2003 11:12AM)
In Las Vegas there is a man who sells on eBay with the seller name of "thudbutt" (I did not make it upI promise!). He had several illusions on eBay that did not sell. The Asrah was among them.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: habilo (Dec 8, 2003 03:19AM)
Hi henry,
yes, I do think it`s worth the money.
if presented properly you will have an amazing alternative to the asrah - levitation, without all the rigging.
if you are going to buy one, you will have to customize
it, because the extra-gimmick for the "both-hands-free"
floating is not so good.
:xmas: best wishes, habilo
Message: Posted by: dove-boy (Mar 4, 2004 12:25PM)
Perhaps you might like to check out the version by Owen Magic...is very pricy & is v good...I seen it performed live in a cruise ship..eveything PLUs base can be packed in a suitcase..great! :)