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Topic: Want to join IBM - Question about rings
Message: Posted by: Magic is great (Aug 26, 2012 06:38AM)
Hello! I am new here at the Café so please forgive me if this has been covered - although I did search through countless threads before posting this & didn't see it come up... I really want to join the IBM but I live in the middle of nowhere in PA. The closest ring I found in my state is roughly 2 hours from me. I did find one in MD however that is only an hour from me. Here is my question - Are you allowed to seek membership in a ring that is not based in your home state? It would be much, much easier for me to attend meetings at the closer ring if that was permitted.

I looked on the IBM website also before posting here & couldn't find an answer. I also looked at the application & it requires 2 sponsors to join. Does anyone have any advice on finding sponsors? I would like to be a member before I try to join a ring. Keep in mind that I don't know any IBM members & there isn't much of anything around where I live. (closest mall is an hour away, grocery store 1/2 hour, Wal-Mart 50 minutes lol)

Thank you in advance for any answers :thanx:
Message: Posted by: Bill Wells (Aug 27, 2012 09:46PM)
Dear Magic is Great -

You may join any Ring you wish or you can be a member without belonging to any Ring. The requirement for two sponsors was recently eliminated and I don't think they have changed the application form on the website to reflect this. However, if you still wish to list two sponsors, I will be happy to be one of them and to find you another. Just send me a private message and we will exchange the necessary information.

Message: Posted by: Magic is great (Aug 28, 2012 05:39AM)
Thank you Bill! I had a PM from somebody else saying that they thought that I didn't need sponsors and another from a kind gentleman who said that he would sponsor me along with a friend so I should be set :) Again I thank you for your offer to help & I look forward to being an active member of the IBM :)