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Topic: Please Post" Oh my God, by jay sankey
Message: Posted by: streetmagician_08 (Oct 22, 2003 06:17PM)
Hey I'm a sankey fans(one of the many) and I was going to purchase his oh my god vhs just to see him in performance and I know its "parental advisory" but is the video really that "bad"?? Does anyone have it that could post a review, even if its short? Are the tricks good?

Message: Posted by: Review King (Oct 22, 2003 06:19PM)
The video is very annoying. Not Jays best.
Message: Posted by: streetmagician_08 (Oct 22, 2003 07:15PM)
If anyone has a copy in good condition and will sell it reasonable, PM me

Thanks :banana:
Message: Posted by: Mistro (Oct 22, 2003 08:38PM)
I found this DVD really, really funny. Not his best, but one of his funniest!
Message: Posted by: KC (Oct 23, 2003 05:57AM)
I thought that the video was pretty hilarious. Some of the jokes were kind of stupid, but I laughed out loud on several ocassions. It's not too obscene, but I wouldn't watch it with my parents. There's some swearing and he uses tampons in one of his tricks. It's not for everyone, but if you have a twisted sense of humor, it's great.

Message: Posted by: streetmagician_08 (Oct 23, 2003 08:42AM)
Sounds like a winner!!!
Message: Posted by: JasonDean (Oct 23, 2003 03:52PM)
I think it is freaking hillarious! If your a harcore Sankey fan then you must own this one.
Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (Oct 23, 2003 06:17PM)
I love that freaking video!!!

****entro is one of my favorite effects on the tape. Every single thing he does on the tape is off the freaking wall!!!

it's not for everyone though. There are a few drug references and some pretty offensive language too. But if you can get past all of that it's pretty funny.
Message: Posted by: Evan Williams (Oct 23, 2003 06:23PM)
Sounds like a video a teenage boy like myself might find pretty funny. I might look into it if I need a good laugh some day.
Message: Posted by: streetmagician_08 (Oct 24, 2003 08:50AM)
Anyone want to sell their copy?

PM me
Message: Posted by: cardfreax (Oct 25, 2003 06:22AM)
Guys...I'm not familiar with this video..does he only teach one trick or lots of tricks in it?

Message: Posted by: Lonewolf123 (Oct 25, 2003 08:44AM)
No tricks taught all gags