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Topic: Greetings from the Heartland
Message: Posted by: J R Thomas (Oct 25, 2001 06:33PM)
I have been studying and performing Magic for over 25 years. A friend backpalmed a card and I was hooked. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. He lent me the Amateur Magicianís Handbook by Henry Hay. I still think for the money it is the best buy in magic.

I have performed in restaurants for the past ten years. I have performed behind the bar, in front of the bar and with people lying on the floor staring up at my hands.

Cudos to Steve for creating this place. More cudos to the rest of you for making it the kind of place I will visit often.

Magic... Star Trek... Gilliganís Island.

Iím Home.



Does anyone know who the quote in my signature is attibuted to?



who hear not

the music


the dancers mad
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Oct 25, 2001 06:59PM)
Welcome JR :wavey:

Great to have you, and so glad you enjoy it here at The Cafe.

I look forward to hearing from your expertise.

Why is it there were people at the bar on the floor? :lol: :rotf: :goof: :rotf: :lol:

You must mix íem pretty strong :dance:


Tom Cutts

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Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Oct 25, 2001 07:12PM)
Welcome to the CAFE :) :dancing: :yippee: :dance:
Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Oct 25, 2001 10:32PM)

Welcome JR


Glad your here, hope you come by often,

We're always open :babyface:

Mya :angel:

By the way; why were they on the floor?

:hrmph: :rolleyes: :wow:

:eek: :blush: :goof: :bg: ;) :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 25, 2001 11:06PM)
Welcome JR, we ALWAYS have room for just one more here at the Cafe! :bg:

People on the floor eh? Either great mind blowing magic, or really good booze :wavey:


There will always be those that wish to rain on your parade, so never leave home without an umbrella...
Message: Posted by: J R Thomas (Oct 26, 2001 06:40AM)
Ok... I guess I should clarify the "on the floor" comment. For 8 to 9 summers in a row I performed for Athletic camps at the University of Illinois.

Visiting High School students would stay at a private Residence hall on campus while attending sports camps with College coachs in charge. Being high school students many of them were rowdy. I would perform for them during dinner, I came to call this experience "guerilla magic".

Sometimes kids would follow me from table to table just to see my set again. The worst group was wrestlers, I remember several of them laid down on the floor to see if they could figure out what I was doing. This happened several times. I found the easiest way to get around this was to sit at the table.

There was another time I was surrounded by about 30 13 year olds. Talk about angle problems. It was in this type of environment that I really honed my performance and audience management skills. Once I did the balducci kaps levitation and one kid screamed and fell on the floor in utter disbelief. This was right after Blaine burst on the scene.

I have not performed there for several years due to job constraints. I have a new job now so I might try going back there. It was a great forum to try new stuff and smooth out the rough edges.

Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Oct 26, 2001 07:47AM)
Welcome to your new home J.R.

You will be expected to help with the dishes & refill the creamers. :bg:

I'm glad you found us :dancing:
Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Oct 26, 2001 08:11AM)
Message: Posted by: mikesmagic (Oct 26, 2001 08:42AM)
Welcome to the group and after much researching on trying to find the author of the quotation in your posting, I could only find ONE reference to it.


Here is the link I used to find it.


However, the response was that the author was "Anonymous".

I have to admit that I am curious as to whom might have said it and would welcome the correct response.

Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Oct 27, 2001 07:49AM)
Welcome JR!

I'm excited to read some of your posts!


Steve Landavazo :cool:
Message: Posted by: J R Thomas (Oct 28, 2001 05:17AM)

Thanks for the effort and the info.

Message: Posted by: mikesmagic (Oct 28, 2001 09:19PM)

Thanks for the effort and the info.



Your very welcome JR. oops, I hope the "youíre" isnít upsetting the spell checker in here now?