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Topic: Review of Palm Reading for Magicians
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Sep 22, 2012 05:02PM)
Mine arrived today after ordering it late thursday evening (bought/ordered from magictricks.co.uk)...you get:

little colour crib card (very good card stock)
physical copy (good quality) Magician's Guide to Palm Reading
Two dvds

What it is...
Firstly, you get a 30+ minute fire-side style chat between The Jermay and The Voodini...minus the fireside, its sofas..
A very interesting chat it is too, covering some lovely straight forward advice and some straight talking too. Plus at the end, a nice rapid fire "questions that you always get asked" kinda thing...

Then its onto the meaty goodness of how to read palms. I have a couple of books on the subject, but I have a slightly weak memory for names of "things", if you asked me to describe Tervil from PME, I'd stare at you blankly...perform it for me and I'll say "oh yeah, this is that Terry or Gerbil thing from PME, right?"...

so I'm fine with tarot, because its very visual, shapes = good, words = bad for my brain...

I have tried, and struggled massively with palmistry...but because is paul is very calm and almost soothing in his delivery, he has delivered an excellent 10 step method for entertaining palm reading... explained in a very clear and straight-forward way, and with a live "subject" (the lovely Charlotte)...

after this, you get to see Paul out in the field, doing it..no you dirty minded rascal, not like that...(but now you're thinking about it aren't you -tut tut) - this is paul on the wild and feral streets of essex plying his trade with the locals, giving readings at various places...lively, engaging, clear, different...

the dvds also cover the ethics, pointers/tips on what to say and when, how to deal with the situations that will happen eventually when you perform enough - as well as how to deliver this 10 step system in a caring, interesting way...

I should say, that there is an irony in learning this... when you give any kind of reading, if you want the focus to be on you - then you shouldnt be doing readings, if you want the spotlight on you and not the person you are reading, then please - do not do readings... the irony is this... as you are focusing on them and not you, you will become the focus of attention by default... so being kind, being considerate and so forth with do nothing but enhance your profile...

so what else is there? well, there's a couple of card effects included, again - explained how and where you tie both the palmistry and the magic together...and the recapping of it all too...

filmed plainly and cleanly, you are not getting a hollywood production of dramatic music mid performance with lots of flashy cut aways and slow motion shuffle shots...you are getting live, real, honest production and performances...

this is definitely something I will be studying/watching a few times - and more importantly, using....i can think of a couple of things I already do that will definitely benefit from adding this to it... learn it, apply it, add your own imagination...

paul has provided you with the tools, its now your turn to build that into your skillset, and to then aborb it into your own personal way of using it... I am lucky enough to have paul as a mate - and I will be bugging him and practicing on him soon...but as I know how some users think about these kinds of reviews, I think its best to post some bullet point style...erm...points!

wasn't asked to review it
I bought my copy
the review is honest
this style of palmistry taught is for entertainment style readings, 3-6 minutes per reading
crib card is great, some may find the font size a tiny bit small (from a design point of view, I feel it could have been done with a different colour font to help 'lift' it a little)
very good value considering you get a 49 page booklet, crib and 2 dvds
if you follow along with your own hand, pausing it to look - it helps absorb the info (in my opinion)
paul is a very good teacher
charlotte is cute

I think that covers it 9/10 - does what it says on the tin. not that it comes in a tin...but the metaphysical tin that I imagine its in...
Message: Posted by: Anthony Black (Sep 22, 2012 05:34PM)
Thanks for the excellent review Iain, sounds brilliant and exactly what I expected it to be.
I shall be getting this.
Message: Posted by: DrRob (Sep 23, 2012 03:56AM)
I can only echo what Iain has written, it is great to be able to follow along with Paul's demonstration.
The real time examples also made you realise how powerful this can be.

Thanks Paul and hopefully this will not be the only DVD you create.

Dr Rob
Message: Posted by: NFW (Sep 23, 2012 09:31AM)
Thanks Iain, looks like this is going on the 'purchase' list........
Message: Posted by: keeblem (Sep 24, 2012 05:40AM)
Haven't watched all of this yet - but really loving the Voodini/Jermay chat! Some real gems of information being imparted.

Message: Posted by: Voodini (Sep 24, 2012 12:59PM)
Thanks for the reviews and delighted that you're enjoying the DVDs. 9/10 will do for me! ;)
Message: Posted by: Zombie Magic (Oct 24, 2012 09:20PM)
Iain, thanks for the review. I saw it on the Penguin site and did a Café search as I had not heard of it before.

Goes on the to get list!
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Nov 30, 2012 06:42PM)
Review from AmirasIdeas.com:
Paul Voodini-Palm Reading for Magicians

Paul Voodini is a great thinker on the realms of mentalism, paranormal entertainment and cold reading. He has several publications in printed and eBook format, and with his first DVD he offers a great simple introduction to palm reading called "Palm Reading for Magicians"
Very clear and full of good quality

Price and Description:
£45 at http://www.magictricks.co.uk/products/15692-Palm-Reading-for-Magicians-by-Paul-Voodini-Luke-Jermay-and-MagicTrickscouk/

My opinion:

2 DVD set, great video work and great quality of image.
You receive in the package the DVDs, a nice booklet (basically his eBook "Palm Reading for Magicians" and a great wallet card that will serve you as a crib sheet.
We can see a conversation between Luke Jermay in which they discuss several topics regarding ethics,strategies and approaches, a clear instruction with a excited lady where Paul shows you his 10 easy to follow steps to give palm readings, and real world performances in which you can see Paul´s charisma.
2 card effects are taught that will give you the confidence to start to read palms in a parallel manner and will give your participants a great experience.

Rate: 9,5/10
Readings are being very popular among mystery performers and there is a great reason. They involve your participant in a deep manner and allows you to be the mystery character that will be remember not just for being clever, rather for being caring
An excellent product for the beginner and interested on palm readings for performers.