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Topic: Ultimate Control review thread
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 6, 2012 01:34AM)
What are your reviews from the ones who received Ultimate Control? Dan posted the following in a different thread:

On Oct 5, 2012 11:28pm, Amazing Magic Co wrote:

I received my Ultimate Control today and can offer some initial impressions. The device and remote feel very lightweight and should easily Velcro to whatever you'd desire. The device seems pretty intuitive but does take a few minutes to get used to figuring through menu options and feeling comfortable which remote buttons do what. Brian's online video was very helpful in getting started but the User Manual has fine print and a challenge for folks who don't see as well as they used to. I must admit that I abandoned reading the User Manual and just dove into figuring out its operation. I did need to refer back to the manual a few times but have easily found answers to most of my questions. This seems to be rather clever and nicely thought out. The backlit screen does not remain illuminated and darkens after some time interval after . It would be nice if it flashed when the next track is cued up. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a control setting to adjust this ... I just haven't found it yet. Importing tracks, creating playlists and sequencing tracks in the playlist seems very simple though it does require a few clicks through some menu options for each step. My computer read the device and easily allowed me to transfer tracks to the device. The stereo output seems to play nicely with volume levels adjustable both in the playlist settings and live on the remote. I found the remote range to be about 50' in an open room but found it does not transmit through walls very well. So far, I would rate this device very highly as it works nicely exactly as described and should be a good value for the money. I am certain I'll have more questions as I gear up for a show while others also share their impressions.

I am still playing with mine before I give a review.
Message: Posted by: Ken Dumm (Oct 6, 2012 03:35PM)
Thanks Dan and Mike. Mike, when you're testing yours, can you confirm Dan's findings on response from the mp3 player using it through walls?

Message: Posted by: Oliver Ross (Oct 7, 2012 06:25PM)
Hi everybody,

Just a short question : Is the Ultimate Control the product that got reviews and or ads in the Genii and Magic magazines ?

If not, what is the product I've heard about. I don't read the Magic or Genii magazines and I know it's a pitty, but that's the reason why I'm asking about this.

Thank you very much,

Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (Oct 7, 2012 08:07PM)
Here is the link for the Ultimate Control from Happie Amp: http://www.happieamp.com/ultimatecontrol.html

Message: Posted by: marknem7 (Oct 7, 2012 11:29PM)
I only wish it could handle more than just bottom-of-the-barrel MP3 format. It's 2012.
Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Oct 12, 2012 08:48PM)
I am still testing mine, but here are my thoughts so far:

1) The instruction book is written in about 6 point type, and I can't see that without reading glasses. Brian posted a link to the manual on the technical specifications page on his site, and I can see that a lot easier.

2) I had problems with syncing my remote to my UC MP3 player. The instructions said to change out the battery, so I did, to no avail. Brian sent me a new remote and new UC in exchange for sending the non-working one back. He gives great service. Apparantly, of the 100 or so initial units to ship, mine was the only problem one, although one other person posted that he couldn't sync either, until he changed the battery. The batteries are commonly found in drug stores for about $3.50.

3) Changing the remote battery is a delicate operation. I was afraid to bend the brass clip back, it is so tiny.

4) I find the screens on the UC to be a little hard to read - not enough contrast. Especially blue on black and green on black and red on black. OK, I guess that only leaves yellow as visible. Maybe there is a way of increasing the amount of light from it. I'd probably have to read the manual to find that. Brian said he didn't want a lot of light to come out and flash from the stage.

5) It only uses MP3 and WAV files, and some of my sound effects and music files were in different formats. You can search the web to find how to convert to MP3, but it is time consuming.

6) I wish it were sold with the sound patch cord you need to connect to the Happie Amp or other device. Luckily, I had one.

7) Well, once you get a bunch of music loaded THEN you can create playlists. I guess you should have one playlist per show, and not one per routine, because using the menu to go to the next playlist is a distraction.

8) Don't load too much music before creating your playlist. You'll have to scroll through it all each time you want to add a file to your playlist.

9) Who cares about the "About" menu? Seems like wasted valuable real estate.

10) I may be dreaming and wishing, but it MIGHT be nice to be able to quickly go out of a playlist to a few key sound effect files. For example, I will be using mine in my continuing education classes for professionals. When someone is taking a long time to answer a question, some 'thinking time' or 'jeopardy' type music might be fun to have. then back to my regularly scheduled program.
Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Oct 12, 2012 08:51PM)
As for price/value, I am happy. I had been using old technology with a Show Tech before, and that was quite clunky with all of the required connecting wires and DAT player.
Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Oct 12, 2012 08:51PM)
(or whatever that thing was - mini-disc I think)
Message: Posted by: Ken Dumm (Oct 12, 2012 11:28PM)
Kevin, have you tested the range of the remote and if it will work through walls?

Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Oct 13, 2012 08:36AM)
Not yet. I only got the good set on Thursday. I will play with it some today though.
Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (Oct 14, 2012 02:50PM)
Nice to hear about some honest feedback Kevin. Really appreciate it.

How is the remote and player themselves? Do they work? Like on every click, is there a long delay between songs, are the auto fade in and fade out working? Those are my main conserns. I don't really mind even if is pain in the "peep" to make a playlist if the thing works :) After all, it is almost 1000$ cheaper than mediastar.

Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Oct 14, 2012 05:42PM)
OK I've played with it some more today. I'll pick up where I left off:

11) Range - easily 50 feet, I went 75, but not 100. I'd have to go outside to get 100.

12) Through walls? Yes and no. My office has 1/2 inch sheetrock filled with fiberglass insulation then another 1/2 sheetrock. Heavy wood core (not foam core) doors. Designed to maximize sound minimization leaking to the next room (it is an income tax office, I wouldn't want other clients hearing the advice I might be giving to a different client, he he).

Worked through 1 wall with door closed very reliably. Worked through 2 sets with doors closed reliably. Only worked semi-reliably through 3 sets of walls. Did not work well at all through 4 sets of walls. Of course, there is also furniture and metal filing cabinets in the direct way. Thus, depending on the wall construction, your results may vary.

The most unreliable part through the walls was the fade out button, which is what Juha-Matti is concerned with. I had to turn up the volume in order to hear it from 3 and 4 rooms away. The 'next song advance' worked much better than the fade-out through walls. I don't know why.

13) I tried re-naming some song files through Windows on my computer using the UC as a drive. When I turned the UC back on, all of the songs said 'deleted'. Hmmmf. That's not nice. Now I'll have to actually delete them, rename them on my desktop, then copy them to the UC again. Not fun. But a learning experience. There, you don't have to learn that yourself, I learned it for you.

14) I don't have my songs set up to play one after the other (I don't think, at least). I only want them to come on when I hit the button. Not a delay at all hitting the 'play' button and the music starting. You CAN add a blank space (one or two second blank track) in between tracks if you want to. Brian emailed us that blank sound file.

15) Auto fade in? I haven't tried that. You can set the volume for a certain track to start on, then manually increase or decrease the volume via the remote, but I don't know how to auto fade in. Maybe that's in the instruction manual in 6 point type. I can't see it if it is.
Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Oct 14, 2012 05:45PM)
Oh, the problem that I had originally: Brian had sent me both a replacement UC and a replacement remote. The replacements worked fine out of the box. The original remote worked fine with the replacement UC, so it must have been the original UC and not the remote that was bad.

I'm taking someone's advice on another thread and buying that 2nd remote from Brian and will just ship him back the non-working UC device. He even sent me a check to cover the postage back to him AND enough to cover the battery I had bought trying to get the original to work.

I think that is pretty good service on his behalf!
Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Oct 14, 2012 05:53PM)
16) I haven't figured out how to use the remote to get to a different playlist, but without seeing the UC screen, I'd be afraid of selecting the wrong playlist. That means you have to access the UC MP3 player to change playlists. Like I wrote earlier, better to have one playlist per show, rather than multiple playlists.

Where this MIGHT matter: You might have a playlist for while the audience is getting seated (Ladies and gentlemen, 15 minutes until showtime.....music.....Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats, 10 minutes till showtime....), then another playlist for the actual show, then a playlist for after the show as the audience leaves.

I haven't figured out how to auto-advance to play the entire playlist for the pre-and-post-show playlists yet. I'm sure it can be done, at least I think it can be done. Will have to play some more with it.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 15, 2012 10:24PM)
I'm sorry I took so long. Thanks for waiting. My first time using mine in my show was last Saturday. It was like a new magic trick to me. I had to quickly think about what to push. I made a couple of mistakes.

1. I wish the instruction booklet was written better. It would have been better if there was a diagram of the remote and MP3 inside. It takes a little to get use to what it is explaining.

2. When I first got the package I turned on the MP3 to see if it would work. There was no connection. I thought the battery was low, even though there was a light coming from both items. Later I noticed the remote will have to be programed to the MP3. After I programed it, it worked.

3. The buttons on the MP3 are kinda flimsy. I wish they were also further apart so it will be easier to push each individually. I do not like the cheap plastic of the MP3. It would be better if it had durable rubber around it like the remote.

4. I love the grip and durable rubber with the remote. If it is dropped, the rubber will soften the fall. The rubber makes a great grip for the remote too. The raised buttons are super. Because it makes the buttons easy to recognize feeling through your pocket. I had the remote in my pocket during my performance. It stayed in place without moving its position.

5. I like the features of optionally keeping the lights on with the MP3. There are also timing segments on how long you would like the MP3 to stay on.

6. Everything with the MP3 cannot be programed through the computer. And everything can not be programed through the MP3 either. That will make a big plus if everything could be programed by only one of the two items.

7. The songs first downloaded to the MP3 are on a music list. The songs you would like to use can also be placed in a playlist. The songs can not be switched from the music list to the playlist by computer. That would be very helpful by consuming a lot of time. If there are a lot of songs (50 plus) you would like to download to the music list, it can be very frustrating going up and down the list to search for songs placing them in the playlist. Whatever songs you place in the playlist will be deleted if you delete them from the music list.

8. There are really two music list. #1 are the songs that are downloaded to the MP3. When one of the titles in the playlist are opened, is shows music list again. I was confused at times which music list I was in. I wish the second music list was titled song list.

9. The distance range can be extended if a Happie Amp transmitter is used. The transmitter will translate to the MP3 at its maximum distance. The MP3 is plugged into a transmitter of the Happie Amp. The Happie Amp PA is at its maximum distance from the transmitter.

10. I did not measure the distance to the range. The MP3 was downstairs. I walked around my house. When I was upstairs, the range never failed. When I walked in different rooms of my house downstairs, it would connect on and off going to different rooms.

11. Continuous play will work when playing the songs in the music list. The play button must be pushed again for each song in the playlist.

12. I did not like the distortion when programming the MP3 while it is connected to the PA.

13. It would be a big plus if a 8"X10" sized screen could be included to see the songs order far away.

14. Sorry Brian, but because of number 3, 6, 7 and 8 I think the value of Ultimate Control should be less. But because of the easy to push transmitter, I will keep what I have.
Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Oct 16, 2012 12:23PM)
Brian sent me an email in regards to my number 13 a few posts above. If I'll copy the music over from the UC to a new folder on my desktop, then delete the songs from the UC Music list, then re-copy them over to the UC (while the UC is ON - this is a very important step) they will show up correctly as the re-named titles. (The files haven't really been deleted from the UC even though the music list says they have, because I had renamed them from my laptop).

Always have the UC ON when copying from the computer. If you do not have the UC ON when copying files to it from the computer, then the UC will not recognize the files as being there when you do turn it on. Brian had written this in an email when he first mailed the UCs, but I had apparantly slept between the time I read that and the time I started playing with the UC.
Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Oct 16, 2012 11:18PM)
I found out how to have the tracks play one right after the other instead of pausing (for my pre-show playlist). You have to set the track to "cue and play" rather than "cue and pause" on the UC device.
Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Oct 20, 2012 12:41PM)
17) You CANNOT edit the order of music in a playlist from the computer, only from the UC device.

18) You CANNOT edit the name of a playlist from the UC device, only from the computer.

19) You CANNOT add music to a playlist from the computer, only from the UC device.
Message: Posted by: bhappie (Oct 30, 2012 07:53PM)
Just found this thread and I feel like I am listening in on gossip about myself LOL! Thank you all so much for your honest comments here! This info is INVALUABLE to me. I am always wanting to make improvements. Here are some answers good and bad about the issues/questions brought up here.

REVIEWS- none yet. I received 150 units from the factory as the initial run. Those quickly were used up. I am expecting 350 more on Thursday. Samples will be sent to MAGIC, MUM, Genii, FCM, KIDabra, Linking Ring, MAGIE (in Germany), and any other publications worthy/willing to review.

MP3 FORMAT- We could have made the UC accept many formats however, since it is not just possible, but simple to get the file format changed with other programs it was much smarter to use the KISS theory. (Keep it simple stupid). More firmware just means more possible problems and slower running units.

PATCH CORD TO AMP- very good point! It will now be incuded with all sales. Anyone who bought one and needs the cord I will send you one just let me know.

ABOUT MENU- Version # is very important incase updates are needed. The http://www.HappieAmp.com/PAC.html address is where all the FAQ and videos are (loading a new one right now).

REMOTE DOESN'T GO THRU 4 WALLS- Kevin, where are you performing? LOL! I hadn't taken into consideration someone might be 4 walls away from the speaker trying to use it! I'm just kidding. I did consider that.

FADE IN- no, it does not fade in. Songs have a natural start to them.

RENAMING FILES- We found that in Windows XP you have to use the right click, rename function. By just clicking and changing the name of the file, it will delete the extension on the file and make it unusable on the UC or most other mp3 players. They corrected that in Windows 7.

USING DIFFERENT PLAYLISTS- I recommend having all your songs for a show in one playlist. Preshow music can be set to "cue and play" all except the last preshow song set to "cue and pause" then if you run out of preshow music it WON'T skip right into your show music. Then, if you want to skip to your show, just fade out the song that is running then once it fades out, press the play/pause button so the next track doesn't start and use the next track button (all on the remote) to advance to your first show song. That way you never need to touch the UC, just the remote.

MP3 PLAYER BUTTONS AND CASING- yes, buttons are loose feeling. I went thru a lot of options and wanted to keep the price under $500 retail. This was the best casing available to us that fit everything we needed to fit inside.

SCREEN SIZE- I like the idea of the external screen. It has been discussed but isn't an option right now. Maybe for the future. You would be surprised the colored screen feature is VERY visible from a distance! I use it and just a glance and I know what song I am on... but for the most part once you know your playlist you don't even need to do that.

ON DEMAND TRACKS- The idea of having a couple on demand tracks (such as jeopardy theme or symbol crash) has been discussed a lot. We had no easy way to do it and keep the price low. Its a thought for the future maybe. If you know when you need it just put it in the playlist or buy a second Ultimate Control and put only those tracks and attach it thru another input and put the remote in your other pocket! I really like that solution :o)

VALUE- A ton of thought went into the price. This was a six figure investment to bring this product to the magic community. No, I am not joking. I wanted to bring to market a reliable music device for under $500. $499 is what I figured it would be. $449 is where we landed. Getting used to the device, setting up playlists, reading the screen is what everyone is concerned about at first...

but when all is said and done,
when the curtain opens,
the suits gather in the conference room,
or the kids sit down in the grass
what really matters is:
you have a reliable remote in your pocket that will work with every button press,
wont flip over without you knowing it,
wont stop working if you sweat on it,
has raised buttons so you know you are pressing the right one.
It wasn't overcomplicated with software so it is reliable.

Not to mention for $4.99/month the UNLIMITED warranty covers ANY AND ALL possible problems, accidents, drops, spills, natural disasters.... what happens if your current device falls into the pool? If it's the UC and you have the warranty, I mail you a new device the next day (overnight it if needed) and THEN you return your broken parts at your convenience.
Message: Posted by: bhappie (Oct 30, 2012 09:52PM)
Here are a couple instructional videos for the UC. They are also available on our site.


Message: Posted by: magicbern (Nov 5, 2012 09:27AM)
I recently purchased a Ultimate Control music control system from Brian Foshee - having had much success with his Happie Amp 2.0

There were some teething problems - similar to those mentioned above, and I was nearly on the verge of taking advantage of the 30-Day refund offer. However, I decided what could be better than going to the source - Brian himself? So at 10:30 pm in Hong Kong, I sent him 2 emails detailing the various problems I was having with this product. To my amazement, Brian sent a very detailed email with his solutions to my problems. Suffice it to say, ALL PROBLEMS were solved and I now look forward to a long and happy relationship with my UC!

In this day and age where we can find surly service and poor attitudes everywhere, it's refreshing to find that good old-fashioned professionalism and care for one's customers is alive and kicking - in the very person of Brian Foshee!

Here is the email of gratitude I sent Brian about half an hour later...

Hi Brian,

Received your email and I am in total AWE as to the speed and efficiency of your after-sales service! I've read about it on the Cafť, but never experienced it until now (not that I would want to as it implies a problem with your products!).

Thanks for all the detailed replies to each and every problem - and by following all your suggestions, every SINGLE problem was solved:

1/ The main problem contributing to the slow response (at setup) as well as the inability to read the playlist folders on my computer was the SD card! Once it was removed (using that double thumb release method - should be patented!), then those 2 problems cleared up! I think with that 4 gb internal storage, I don't need the sd card at the present!

2/ As for the minor gripes about the casing, mp3 formatting, pdf version of instructional manual - these are all inconsequential because as you said in a post on the Cafť, when you do a show, you just want the durability and reliabilty of a device like the UC.

Despite my seemingly negative comments, I want to reiterate that I believe strongly in all your products and this one integrates seamlessly with my Happie Amp 2.0. The sound quality is really clear - actually better than my iPod nano which tended to distort the music when turned to a higher volume. The colored screens for each song are vibrant and clear from a distance and the remote control is solid and very responsive to touch! Another plus factor is the fact that the display can be set to remain ON at all times - which is very necessary. As for the other features, such as fade in etc, I havent explored them yet, but I'm sure they will be superb.

Brian, thank you again for your prompt and highly professional service - you have put my mind at ease and I will be a customer of your products FOR LIFE!

Wishing you every success in this venture and I, for one, will be singing your praises and that of your products to all the magicians in Hong Kong.

Warmest regards,


How many of you have similar stories to tell based on the excellent service and attention Brian places on his clientele? Truly awesome!
Message: Posted by: Kevinh5 (Nov 7, 2012 11:16AM)
Brian is correct. I was using Windows XP when I tried to re-name files.

Because my computers are on a network, I've stuck with XP instead of Windows 7. For some reason, XP works better on networks.

Most won't have that problem.

I do have W-7 on my laptop, but don't have my music library stored there on I-tunes.
Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (Nov 14, 2012 01:10PM)
My first impressions review

I was little skeptical to buy this cos Happie Amp applifier looks like a toy (no offence). However since I am from Finland (Nokia for the win) and I dislike Apple sound cues wasnít an option for me. Besides getting iphone or ipad are 300-500euros anyway so getting a software and remote would raise the price quite high as well. So after first reviews were in I decided to give Ultimate control a go. I am glad I did.

Even with slower priority mail I received the packet in little over a week. Thatís great considering it was stuck few days at Finlandís custom. I had to pay little VAT for it but it was expected. Euro is still little stronger than dollar so in all together with customs and shipping the Ultimate control costed me around 380euros. Thatís not even one gig.

Right from the packet I plugged the thing to computer to charge it. I donít even think this was needed but I am used to do that with electronic devices. Transfering my songs to device were easy and setting it up was really easy with Youtube videos. I have to admit that it might have been harder if I had to do it with just manual that was included since manual was only text and no pictures. But Youtube videos covered that. Creating and altering playlists were also really easy to do. By watching the youtube video I was totally ready to go within 45minutes of opening the packet. I mean I had my songs added to device, play list created and the controller plugged to my sound system up and working.

The user interface of the player is easy to use. Making changes to playlists and creating new ones is easy. Altering sound levels of different tracks is also made really easy. Adding and deleting songs from playlist is easy and fast. But this doesnít matter if the thing doesnít work in performance.

The good thing is that it does work! For me the most important thing was to be able to switch tracks and music invisibly and have fade out in the end of the songs. Sometimes I work to 30 people, some nights up to 300 people. I simply cant adjust my song lengths when getting someone up on stage beforehand. With Ultimate control I donít have to worry about it. I just press a button and song ends right when I want to. And it ends with a fade out. Press again and my next song is automatically playing. All this is invisible to spectators and looks 10 times more professional that my old method looked (hand held remote and pointing at the speaker).

A friend has mp3 tech that does the same things but costs 1100$ more. So at the moment I am really happy about my purchase. It does what it is supposed to do and what is important to me. The time will tell how it will work on shows and if it is made to last. I can highly recommend it to any working pro. You are not losing anything by trying it out. After all, if you are unhappy, you have 30 days to get your money back.

Its busiest time of the year for me right now. that's 3-5 shows a week for the next month so I have plenty of gigs to use ultimate control on the road and when the dust settles down before christmas I come back to report my findings :)

Message: Posted by: Jim Sparx (Dec 8, 2012 06:35PM)
After reading these reviews and responses from Happie Amp, I will purchase after Christmas. There is such a wealth of honesty in this thread from both owners and mfg., that Happie Amp might want to link this thread on their web site. It is refreshing to read a response from a mfg. that they are listening to their customers.
Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (Dec 17, 2012 06:15PM)
Had the unit now for little over month. During this time I have used it on 15 different gigs. I started with 9 tracks/sound effects and last weekend I finished with 16 tracks/sounds effects on my 35-40min stand-up set. Sometimes I used my own sound system where I plugged the ultimate control and sometimes I plugged it to larger house systems. Not single hickup, problem or anything like that. Every time it worked like charm. And this is great considering I got to plug it to many different types of sound systems and usually my sound check took like 3mins. That inlcuded plugging the player up, powering it up, selecting playlist for soundcheck and testing the volume.

My best investments in years. It really raised my show up to next level. Everything just is soo much more professional since I have total control of all my music in my belt and I can control it invisibly. Anyone performing any way seriously, and not owning Mp3 tech, mediastar or similar system should get this.

Just imagine...
- Having walk in music
- Having walk out music
- Having music every time you get someone on stage
- Having music every time someone gets off stage
- Having music play on background on certain pieces to create atmosphere
- Have music to kill dead time (writing predictions for cody Fishers confabulation for example)
- Do Shoe Business by Puck and Scott Alexander if you want to... Or any routine with voice over (paul Romhany has some good ones)
- Have fanfaires on few strong pieces to mark "TAD AH"
- Use music to create jokes (Ardan James, Jeff Hobson, David Kaplan all use it)

Cant imagine doing my show without it anymore :)

Message: Posted by: SleepNow (Dec 21, 2012 01:58PM)
Wow Juha-Matti, that was the kind of review I like to read. You told us what you like about the unit and that you have had no problems with it. You mentioned two other products and you didn't put them down or complain about the other products.

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Like Spartacus, I might buy one of these early in 2013 and I like hearing from present users about their experiances.
Message: Posted by: Ken Dumm (Jan 5, 2013 09:05AM)
I have to report that the Ultimate Control is "working through walls". I've used it for a little over a month now, and it's working like a champ! I'm working the particular comedy club this weekend that I referenced earlier in the thread, (the green room with the audio connections is 50 feet away from the stage and of course behind walls. When I start the music, I'm actually even farther away, and behind yet another set of walls) Anyways, it's worked great for the shows so far. Thanks Brian for a great product!

Message: Posted by: bhappie (Mar 7, 2013 10:45AM)
Just wanted to chime in here- a couple things-
we have an extended range remote for a $50 upgrade that works at 200 feet inside your pocket without obstruction. I imagine 10 walls would not be an issue :o) so, if you are lost in a rat maze you can still start your show.

We have a toe switch. $179 that uses an extended range remote (that uses a extended range remote tucked in your sock)

We have a rent to own option. Check out with code rent2own and you will pay 10% of your order and your order ships right away. A total of a year of 10% payments each month and it is yours free and clear!

Thanks ya-all.
Message: Posted by: trickychris (May 30, 2015 07:42PM)
Bumping for any recent updates our reviews?
Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (May 31, 2015 10:23AM)

Three years later, I still happily use the UCC. I am using the extended remote but never had a problem with the prior remote. The unit has served me without fail time and time again as I use it regularly. My only criticism is that I experience a slight loss in total volume when connected to my PA vs. connecting my iPhone/iPod directly. I use this regularly on my MiPro MA-202, Fender PD-150 and Anchor Beacon. The controller easily Velcro's directly to PA making everything relatively self contained. I even used this flawlessly to control all of the processional music for my daughter's Wedding. Brian offers a service plan for a nominal fee which completely covers the UCC but I have never had to submit a claim. I have called in for technical support and was very pleased in how exhaustive they were in detail. I have absolutely no connection with this company other than being a customer.

Message: Posted by: arthur stead (May 31, 2015 12:41PM)
I'm also very satisfied with my Ultimate Control. Unlike other systems I have used in the past, it has never let me down. And I love the fact that you can pre-set volume levels for individual tracks. Another very useful feature is that, at the touch of a button (on the remote), a currently playing track will fade out, and the UC will automatically set itself up in pause mode, ready to play the next track! Those features have made controlling music easy and flawless in my shows.
Message: Posted by: magicshowprod (Jul 4, 2015 01:18AM)
I just got my Ultimate Control a few days ago and successfully had it running in less than 15 minutes. And that included loading it with my music. So happy I never have to use ITunes again. Ugh! I was kind of skeptical and purchased it through their pay-per-month plan.

As soon as I opened it and played with it a bit I ran to the computer to buy the special warranty. Because I thought it would break? Nope! Because I never want to be without this device again! And for a few dollars a month I'm guaranteed that!

Top quality and much more than I expected. We will be using it for our costumed-character business also.

So impressed and happy we made this purchase!! I highly recommend it.
Message: Posted by: arthur stead (Jul 4, 2015 05:55PM)
Congratulations, Don! You made a wise choice. I keep telling folks about the Ultimate Control's amazing reliability and features. Plus, Brian Foshee's extra warrantee and customer service is unparalleled in this business.
Message: Posted by: Ken Dumm (Jul 5, 2015 11:58AM)
I love my UC. And, I love the toe switch. It has a "click" feel to it when it is depressed, so you know when you've hit the button with your toe. Sleight of foot at it's best! The remote is so small, I even use it when I have shorts on. It tucks nicely into my sock. Will not do a show without it.

Message: Posted by: KyleSW (Aug 23, 2015 08:04AM)
I got mine a week ago and so far my main impression is that for the money it costs a little more effort with its instructions might have gone a long way. The "manual" is unreadable for anyone over 40 and its online You Tube demo is not what I'd expect for a product that cost over £400. The You Tube demo is reminiscent of those kids unpacking magic tricks and has very little baring on Mac users. I'm sure I will eventually get to grips with it, but the reason I bought it was to make life easier. So far it has not come close to that.
Message: Posted by: Joey Evans (Aug 23, 2015 04:10PM)
I had to laugh a little reading this. What kind of venues do people perform at that you need your sound system to be on the other side of a wall? I must be missing out on some sort of performance avenue.

That being said, I've never tried to go hide my UC and leave the room and use it. However, I did have one strange situation when, although my rider said otherwise, there was no audio input on the stage. So I had to stick my UC way back on the soundboard in the back of a 750 seat theater. The UC worked like a champ, from my pocket without any hiccups. Although I was sweating the whole time, it made me a believer that day.
Message: Posted by: Investigative Mentalist (Feb 7, 2016 10:33PM)
I am looking to buy an Ultimate Control system (preferably with toe switch).

Sadly it is no longer available from the dealer.

If you are no longer using yours and wants to sell it, please PM me.


Message: Posted by: Investigative Mentalist (Feb 8, 2016 01:39PM)
Got one.

Message: Posted by: TDS (Feb 9, 2016 03:45PM)
Seattle Steve,

It looks like Ultimate Control is gone. The site says, "CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR NEW CUSTOMERS. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR WARRANTY REPLACEMENTS AND SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES." http://empowersound.com/ultimate-control-mp3-player-with-radio-frequency-remote-new-low-price.html

If you're interested in a music player with more features and better visibility at a distance, you should consider Cue Command. Check out our video: http://www.deceptivelysimple.com/webpages/video_tour.html

Best always,

Team Deceptively Simple
Message: Posted by: arthur stead (Feb 12, 2016 12:35PM)
The Ultimate Control units are only temporarily unavailable because they are doing some re-designing. I would recommend waiting for the "new and improved" version.
Message: Posted by: Zuke (Feb 27, 2016 03:04AM)
[quote]On Feb 13, 2016, arthur stead wrote:
The Ultimate Control units are only temporarily unavailable because they are doing some re-designing. I would recommend waiting for the "new and improved" version. [/quote]

I think that's probably for the best, mine died mid show and it was a big deal. It never worked again. I'm using something more reliable now.
Message: Posted by: TDS (May 27, 2016 02:25PM)
Ultimate Control hasn't been available for several months: http://happieamp.com/ultimate-control-mp3-player-with-radio-frequency-remote-new-low-price.html

Cue Command is available right now and offers several features not found in other products:

Tight integration with Apple's iPhone, iPod and iPad
Rehearsal Mode where the user can fast-forward or fast-rewind within a track
Continuous Mode where the system plays uninterrupted from track to track
Performance Mode where the user can cross-fade to the next song in the PlayList

Cue Command uses the actual iTunes PlayList. There is nothing to move or assemble.

For more information, check out the video: http://www.deceptivelysimple.com/webpages/video_tour.html

Best Always,
Team Deceptively Simple
Message: Posted by: Bob Masterson (May 25, 2018 09:59AM)
I have the new 2018 version of Ultimate Control and am very happy with it .
Check out Brian's website if you want to know more.
Message: Posted by: hypnoman1 (May 28, 2018 09:46PM)
I was using the older version for a couple of years and was happy with it. I don't have a need to control my sound for most shows now. However, I may be looking into this newer version as I will be using it for overseas shows and it may come in handy. Thank you, Bob, I will look into it. Does anyone have a review of the newest one?
Message: Posted by: Jay Buchanan (Jul 1, 2018 10:37PM)
I purchased my Ultimate Controller and Amazing Amp about 5 months ago. My first UC Remote was dead on arrival and Brian was very kind and fast with replacing it, kudos for great CS. My replacement remote has failed in 5 out of 6 shows since and I'm not thrilled with the quality and reliability of the amp either. Hauling around backups for everything is defeating the purpose of buying this new setup, and I've never had to apologize for my entertainment delivery in almost 40 years of performing, until now. 5 times in 6 attempts is enough to call it a learning experience and move on. Again, I give kudos to Brian for his customer service, and to be fair I have not contacted him regarding the second remote as I had a few months of being unable to perform right after receiving it, so it only just started getting used recently, far out of my first 30 days. Maybe I am just extremely unlucky, certainly seems that way given all of the positive reviews.
Message: Posted by: makulit974 (Mar 21, 2019 02:42PM)
Has anyone had the opportunity to try Ultimate Control Plus?
Iím thinking of purchasing it but canít find any reviews on it.

Message: Posted by: bsears (May 23, 2019 10:13AM)
Ultimate Control Plus is now discontinued.
Message: Posted by: makulit974 (May 23, 2019 10:15AM)
[quote]On May 23, 2019, bsears wrote:
Ultimate Control Plus is now discontinued. [/quote]

Hi, whatís the reason?
Message: Posted by: makulit974 (May 26, 2019 11:52AM)
Ok just found out that Cobra and Empower sound are not working on this together. Thatís a shame.
I bought my EC+ in time but my friend wants one now 😊

Anyone could recommend a similar product with a similar price tag?
Audio Ape is a bit dear...
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (May 29, 2019 11:23AM)
[quote]On May 23, 2019, bsears wrote:
Ultimate Control Plus is now discontinued. [/quote]

But it will be back in 2020. I asked Brian himself.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (Jun 8, 2019 03:57PM)
[quote]On May 29, 2019, Donald Dunphy wrote:
[quote]On May 23, 2019, bsears wrote:
Ultimate Control Plus is now discontinued. [/quote]

But it will be back in 2020. I asked Brian himself.

- Donald [/quote]

a year wait is something that professional like me simply cant simply affort. I used original Happie Amp until this week where it failed me three times in same week. I managed to get thru but I will have to make a switch to other product since doing a year worth of gigs without music simply isn't an option...