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Topic: Fake rabbit in a fire hat
Message: Posted by: Kel says poof (Oct 10, 2012 12:55AM)
I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on the best way to make a fire/flash in a hat or take apart box....I will pull a burnt rabbit out after (a bit like Steve Spill does in his stand up show) Would using some sort of mini flash pot (One you can hold in your hand) work or would you need something inside the box/hat to make it work?

Cheers Kel
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 10, 2012 02:58PM)
Hi Kel. Welcome to the Magic Café. May I ask are you 18 or older? To purchase accessories the way you are describing the buyer must be an adult. What type of audience are you targeting the effect for?
Message: Posted by: Kel says poof (Oct 10, 2012 07:49PM)
Hi Dynamike,

I went to the doctor last week complaining of heart burn...she referred to me as a "Middle Aged Man" - didn't like it:(

I'm now on blood pressure medication.

That aside, I do a comedy show for adults, I play guitar and sing songs and use props and simple magic....the burnt bunny will be the start of my Rocky Raccoon bit. I'll open the take apart box, flash and flames will come out, then I'll pull the half burnt bunny from the boxs and diguard him on the floor, where he will move around on the ground a little throughout the next bit.....luckily, I have a back up Raccoon!!! and we then start the Rocky dissapear/reappear bit.

Very funny after 6 beers.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 10, 2012 08:00PM)
You will be able to receive more information with that kind of an effect in the "Up In Smoke!" forum. Good luck.

I hope you the best dealing with your health.
Message: Posted by: Kel says poof (Oct 10, 2012 10:25PM)
Thanks Dynamike...I'll be over there in a flash (Get it? flash - up in smoke?....ok, cheers)
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Oct 12, 2012 09:49AM)
That was punny