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Topic: My review of a SAD night in Hamburg
Message: Posted by: celebrity (Oct 24, 2012 08:22AM)
Looch is one of a small minority of mentalists who specialize in close up walk around mentalism. Having enjoyed his book and DVD set I was keen to see what his latest work has to offer.

Until a sort while ago this e-book was only released to a small minority having been developed to support his lecture in Hamburg (hence the title). Even without Looch by your side to talk you through the forty eight pages of this work I found it a very pleasant read and one which was concise enough for even a novice performer to understand.

It is very obvious that this material is the result of countless real world performances for paying audiences. In short Looch has learned his craft the hard way and has documented his findings so that we can benefit from the fruits of his labor.

The main focal point of this work is to provide the reader with a working set template which will require very little pocket space and yet still play strong enough for the most challenging of audiences. The cliche packs small and plays big is certainly very apt here and 'm happy to report that this work delivers on both these counts

Looch opens with a discussion on the use of business cards in a mentalism. This provides a lot of food for thought and his insights offer new avenues of thought that would never have even crossed my mind. Topics here include how to hand out your business cards and how best to utilize them within performance.

Looch then details the select items (tools of the trade) that he carries upon his person for his walk around set. His revelations pertaining to the use of Post-it notes (with a nod to Julian (Bev) Moore) and his application of said items is fantastic. This routine is both fully illustrated and explained.

Any seasoned mentalist will agree that Mentalism by its very nature generally lacks the visual appeal that is so often found within its magic counterpart. This becomes important when the performer wishes to engage a larger crowd or draw an interest from other tables/guests. Looch offers some very practical methods and insights into how to make mentalism more visual and the techniques taught here are superb best of all these can easily be adapted to fit almost any routine you may be currently performing.

Next Looch discuses ideas for creating a working set which is flexible enough to be cut short due unforeseen events. Once again Looch displays a knowledge that can only be learned from experience, Looch even offers the reader a couple of example sets to help to clarify his point.

Next comes the meat of the material in which Looch walks us through one of his own personal sets. These including full patter, presentation and methodology. I can honestly say that this set contains some knockout material which includes:

Two spectators correctly intuiting a two digit number that you have written down in advance.
Reading the body language of several spectators to determine their names.
Predicting various choices that your spectator will make ahead of time.
Identifying and describing an unspoken memory that the spectator is concentrating on.
A realistic method for revealing the name of a selected card.

Despite having already received great value for may money I was further thrilled to read his thoughts on the "Spectator as mind reader" plot, how to choose your spectators, layering your methods for maximum impact, dealing with chance and coincidence and the e-book finally ends with an idea that is so devious even Sherlock Holmes wouldn't be able to fathom.

I'm sure you will have realized that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this work. It very much encapsulates Looches S.A.D (Simple and Direct) approach to mentalism and offers the reader a wide variety of insights into tried and tested methods for the close up mentalist.
Message: Posted by: Harris0n (Oct 24, 2012 10:42AM)
Very much agree with this review. And what's really great is that Looch's packhorse principle means that these notes are equally useful to those of us performing professionally and those who perform casually but don't want to leave the house with pockets loaded with stuff 'just in case'.

They're a simple, direct goddam bargain.
Message: Posted by: celebrity (Oct 24, 2012 01:05PM)
Thanks Harris0n, that's my first official in depth review of a marketed item.

I've just got hold of his other ebook titled 4.8 which I've been informed is his newer offering. It seems that he wrote the Hamburg notes in 2009 (Not that this makes the slightest difference). Ill review this latest work when I've digested the material :)

Best Wishes Michael
Message: Posted by: timlic (Oct 25, 2012 05:04AM)

I totally agree with your thoughts. I literally read through the notes last night and didn't find myself getting distracted or my attention span disappearing (which happens a lot!!)

I find Looch's writing very conversational as if he's speaking TO you, not AT you. This, I like!

I found a lot of little gems in the 48 pages - It's not just effect after effect, there's some great tips in there.

Good work Looch!
Message: Posted by: BenCummings (Oct 25, 2012 08:57AM)
Just to chime in and echo what the others have said ... I found the "thinking" process behind this routine to be wonderful. If you've been around mentalism for some time, after awhile you begin to de-emphasize the "methods" (eg. how tricks are done), and you really appreciate the subtleties, the nuances, and things like pacing ands routining of a mentalism act. That is what you have here. A really nicely routined act and solid thinking behind the process. Nice job Looch.

For what it's worth...
Ben Cummings
Message: Posted by: Looch (Oct 27, 2012 06:03PM)
Thank you gentleman, wonderful feedback ! I appreciate the time you've taken to review my notes :)
Message: Posted by: magicman29 (Oct 28, 2012 03:52AM)
I also think these notes are top notch.They are the first set of lecture notes I have ever purchased and really don't need to buy any other notes from anyone as these have everything I need in them!!

Message: Posted by: Stephen Young (Nov 2, 2012 10:02AM)
I already owned 4.8 so was going to give these notes a miss.
Boy am I glad I didn't!

As well as some great solid effects, and hints on how to come up with others, the thinking on how to structure a set is brilliant.
As is his thoughts on business card "management".

It's quite obvious that Loochy boy has worked out in the real world and knows what he's talking (writing) about.

Any one who does or intends to do close-up mentalism should read these notes.

Message: Posted by: snm (Nov 2, 2012 05:00PM)
Where can these be bought?
Message: Posted by: Patrick2409 (Nov 2, 2012 06:44PM)
Check Looch's signature on his post above. There he provided the link to his page.
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Nov 2, 2012 07:35PM)
But its password protected... :(
Message: Posted by: Looch (Dec 11, 2012 03:05AM)
Jheffs recently reviewed these notes here: http://www.marketplaceofthemind.com/sadnigh.html
Message: Posted by: Funnybaldbloke (Dec 13, 2012 04:43PM)
Just received these notes and I have to say they're excellent.

Not only are the routines strong but the other information given is extremely useful to anyone venturing into the field of close up mentalism.

I'm very happy with this purchase and I'll definitely be using some of the ideas. On the strength of some of the information inside I also bought Mr Moores Post It Note book, which is also extremely useful for the close up and walk around mentalist.

Message: Posted by: Smoking Camel (Jan 3, 2013 01:28PM)
I recently won both 4.8 mins and The Hamburg notes in Looch's christmas competition and all I can say is.......FML!

This is not "creative mentalism" with interesting twists..... These are not groundbreaking routines with clever, bold thinking..... In fact these notes are unlike anything else you would consider buying.

The Hamburg notes outline an approach to close up performance that is designed to SYSTEMATICALLY and EFFICIENTLY amaze people in a close up environment. Looch's route to achieving the outcome of "audience entertainment/amazement" is to keep it simple and direct.

Taking a SAD approach is about delivering close up mentalism that allows you to be in complete control of the environment and to be able to deliver amazement, whatever the conditions.

In these notes you will learn:

- How to get the most out of simple, invisible props - NW, B****T I***X, Business cards, Post it notes etc

- how to structure your sets for maximum impact regardless of interruptions

- Business card tips that will enable you to generate leads whilst performing

- A criteria for selecting openings that enable you to capture 100% attention of the participants

- Thinking how to turn your routines into visual spectacles that will have everyone in the room wanting to see more

- How to deliver entertainment to 200+ people a night with a handfull of invisible props

The notes are also packed with some of Looch's top material that illustrates the SAD approach. This is the material Looch has used gig after gig to pay the bills and get rebooked. What's really interesting about this material is that in principle its stuff every mentalist should and probably does know. There's nothing overly difficult about the material and nor would it be considered "risky or bold" This is about approaching mentalism from the mind set of "How can I deliver amazement to every guest a paying client has in the most efficient manner possible"

In "4.8 mins" looch goes on to detail a close up routine that has been designed with the table hopping mentalist in mind. This is a routine that has been polished in the real world under tight contraints. It is about delivering on the expectations of paying clients and ensuring that their guests will be amazed by the mindreader. This routine combines the best effects in mentalism in the most efficient manner Ive ever read and leaves the audience stunned.

By taking the approach in Looch's notes you could easily put together a world class close up set that enable you deliver maximum entertainment, get booked and get rebooked.

To get the notes you will need to visit Looch's product page:


You will need the password which you can get by PMing Looch directly.
Message: Posted by: hornet (Jan 4, 2013 04:44PM)
How much crossover is there between both these lecture notes and his Your Thoughts Are Mine DVD and SAD book that Alakazam put out?
Message: Posted by: Looch (Jan 5, 2013 03:33AM)
The 4.8 min notes review in this thread is being discussed here: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=438140&forum=15&70&start=60#9

Very little cross over, nod to Pocketwatch gets mentioned in both, that's about it.
Message: Posted by: hornet (Jan 5, 2013 04:50AM)
Thanks very much Looch
Message: Posted by: Danyel (Jan 9, 2013 03:46AM)
I never read other reviews prior to writing my own. It's interesting how in fact we all here agree on some aspects of Looch's work, but also to see that we tend to highlight some aspects rather than others according to our personal backgrounds, sensitivity, interests.
Here is my take on SAD night in Hamburg.

*****The rationale*****
Wayne Looch Bolsover is one of the most interesting young professionals in Mentalism around. His specialty is walkaround gigs, and close-up mentalism, and in this field –which is not a mainstream one- he can claim to have a great experience, and a great level of insight. Looch is a nice and unassuming person, and in his books he shares with a great degree of simplicity what he thinks and what he does with his audiences. There is a great deal to learn from his thinking also if one does not do the same things –particularly in S.A.D. night in Hamburg, you’ll find –effects apart- a wealth of important advice about important *professional* aspects of the craft.
Attitude is everything –attitude coupled with habitude. A professional is preceded not only by his name, but also immediately by the way he appears and behaves *before* doing anything. Attitude must become also a habitude –to do things in an ordered manner, and not to leave anything important to chance. Which does not mean to be rigid –Looch’s approach is a ‘jazzing’ one, but instead means not to be shaggy in one’s basic way of framing things.

*****Structure and content*****
In these notes, there are many effects. Strong and workables ones. But the very great interest of the book lies mostly in the methodological notes, to which the main part of the pages are dedicated.
The first part is dedicated to the economic principle of ‘how to not’ become a packhorse –that is: to have on self only what will be needed for that occasion. It’s in itself a great lesson even if you don’t do what Looch does (as is my case, for instance): here you learn an attitude, which you can transfer onto your way of doing things.

There is then a very interesting discussion about how, and when (and if) to use one’s / borrowed / no / business cards in Mentalism (or whether one’s BC should be given more importance than that of a billet).
Many other tips follow, the most interesting being IMO an analysis about how to create logically ordered routines (a thing too often forgotten also by accomplished pros). Looch does not talk that much about narrative, but rather about congruency –in a very convincing way.

A praise for a visual approach to Mentalism follow, and a nice discussion about the concepts of chance and coincidence (and about how to milk on certain occasions). Then, there come the routines –very nice stuff, and very well explained.

Then, at pgs. 39-40 you will find another gem: Looch’s take on a much discussed topic, that of the mutual exclusivity or the possible mixing of the psychic and psychological approaches to Mentalism. And it’s two pages of pure food for thought.

*****Pros and cons of the book*****
No cons. Buy it, there is really a lot to learn from this chap. Professionalism in the first –then many other things. Congrats, Wayne.
Message: Posted by: Demitri (Jan 13, 2013 01:10AM)
Like the rest of the group, I can't sung the praises of this release enough. Of special note, for me, is the memories routine. This brought me back to the initial joy of outlaw effects kioku (a similar premise, totally different method). Yet again, this exemplifies Looch's approach to all of his work. Such minimal effort from a technical standpoint allows you to focus on making a connection with your spectators in a meaningful way. For me, this has always been one of the hurdles of close-up mentalism. It's sometimes difficult to make an instant connection with a spectator. Memories allows you that opportunity to make the connection, for me, this was one of the standouts of the entire book. Looch also mentions this has been expanded upon, and an even stronger version is in the works, like everything else he puts out, I'll be right in line to pick it up.

I cannot recommend this (and his 4.8 notes) enough. The thinking that goes into structure and his efforts to rid himself of the "packhorse problem" has been one of the biggest influences to my rent walkaround work. It's unfortunate that I don't live in England, because if I did, I'd gladly buy Looch a few pints as thanks!

If you are considering the avenue of close up, walkaround mentalism - you need this and 4.8 in your library,
Message: Posted by: Looch (Feb 10, 2013 03:40AM)
Hi guys
Thanks so much for your positive praise for these notes. I am going to be lecturing on some of the effects and theory in these notesmfor Penguin Live next Sunday (17th Feb) if you have something you would like me to touch on during the lecture from this release please let me know ASAP!
Message: Posted by: Smoking Camel (Feb 10, 2013 04:41AM)
On 2013-02-10 04:40, looch wrote:
Hi guys
Thanks so much for your positive praise for these notes. I am going to be lecturing on some of the effects and theory in these notesmfor Penguin Live next Sunday (17th Feb) if you have something you would like me to touch on during the lecture from this release please let me know ASAP!

Looch in the notes you say how your opening effect "nerds to set the context"

Could you please expand:

1) what do you mean by context
2) how does the context inform the rest of your set
3) how do "set" a context?
4) what things would stop this happening successfully?
5) if this is similar to setting a "frame" do you have any tips for getting a spectator to buy into your frame? Techniques... DB in AM talks about not stating things directly or they will be questioned etc

Message: Posted by: Looch (Feb 10, 2013 12:37PM)
Brilliant! Thanks I will try and incorporate this into the lecture
Message: Posted by: magicman29 (Feb 10, 2013 01:50PM)
Influence...........? ;)

Message: Posted by: bond19 (Feb 10, 2013 01:56PM)
Some of the best material I have read in a looooong time. The routines are solid workers (what else do you expect from a guy who earn his wage from these routines). But the real value for me were in the bits inbetween. The proper usage of business cards in your set and a myriad of other tips and advice, all from a guy who has honed his skill set over many years. Looch this is one of the best 'investments' I have made since finding out about Prystic...

A million thanks
Message: Posted by: Smoking Camel (Feb 10, 2013 03:18PM)
Can you please also clarify some aspects of SAD by way of a contrasted example:

Take... I dunno.... A standard multiphase chair prediction.... Does the fact that its got a few steps that a spec needs to remember until the payoff mean its no longer SAD? If so why/why not ? Could a routine like this be stripped back to become SAD? Is there a process? Where do you start?
Message: Posted by: dmoses (Jul 30, 2013 02:16PM)
There's a reason I'm posting this here... in Mentally Speaking rather than on the Looch Penguin thread in Latest and Greatest...

But instead of purchasing a new download this past weekend I re-watched several that I already bought and I was struck...

Looch's lecture was great.

It wasn't the lecture that excited me most on first viewing-- and I feel that this is ***ing it with faint praise but my intention is the opposite-- but it's filled with WORKERS!

And my favourite thing on reviewing-- I didn't even remember from watching it the first time!

Message: Posted by: Looch (Aug 2, 2013 04:56AM)
Thanks Dave, much appreciated coming from you! I enjoyed lecturing last night in Sheffield and covered quite a lot of the Hamburg material. The response from those in attendance was very encouraging, I think its an ideal lecture for those wanting to get into mentalism and for those who want to expand their knowledge and understanding on Walk Around performance.
Message: Posted by: magicman29 (Aug 2, 2013 06:20AM)
Was talking to Pete Turner this morning, he was saying how good your lecture last night was!
If you are ever gonna do a lecture down here in London let me know! :)

Message: Posted by: dmoses (Aug 2, 2013 11:42AM)
The other thing I'll add, is that I really enjoy watching an effect and method evolve over time.
I still remember reading Nod to Pocket Watch in SAD... watching it in YTRM... and seeing what it's become in the lecture.

great stuff

Message: Posted by: bevbevvybev (Aug 2, 2013 06:29PM)
Hey I got a nod. Never read these notes. Never heard of this. Just stumbled across this on the Café. Any good?
Message: Posted by: Atlas (Aug 2, 2013 09:01PM)
I'd recommend all of Looch's material.


Message: Posted by: bevbevvybev (Aug 3, 2013 06:20AM)
By the way, I have heard of this and I know I got a nod. But I typed that last post when I was rather inebriated!
Message: Posted by: Atlas (Aug 3, 2013 09:43AM)
Too late! I believe the Bevbevvybev from August 2nd!!



Message: Posted by: Bijan (Aug 21, 2013 01:08PM)
I red SAD and 4.8 after I saw his lecture on penguinmagic.
I'm very interesting in mentalism for about 6 months now an I love doing it. I tried some stuff from his lecture and it worked great.

After this I bought his books and at first I was a bit disappointed that it was nearly the same stuff as in the lecture. But as I red all the things and especially his was wonderful.
There were so many things I learned from him beside the methods.

In my opinion it is absolutely worth and I would suggest to get it with the penguin lecture.
Because both are very good, but together they are really really GREAT!!!

Thanks Looch for sharing. :)
Message: Posted by: stevie1 (Aug 22, 2013 01:03AM)
Ditto Bijan...Loochy boy shares some terrific stuff huh