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Topic: Warming up
Message: Posted by: KeithS (Oct 25, 2012 06:44PM)
I'm interested in knowing how you all warm up before you perform and/or practice. Do you do any particular vocal exercises? If so, what do you do? For how long is your warm up? Do you avoid any particular drinks and/or food? Do you drink tea, hot water with lemon, or something else?
Message: Posted by: Bernie Balloons (Oct 25, 2012 08:41PM)
I drink nothing with ice in it and I always use lemon drops or a hard candy before and after a show.
Do not use a soar throat drop the chemicals in it will do you damage in the long run.
Message: Posted by: Aussie (Oct 25, 2012 09:14PM)
Jay Johnson once told me that a vent's voice should be treated like that of a professional singer. I don't drink milky drinks before a performance it creates too much mucus in your vocal chords. I like to sip warm herbal tea, I do mouth and tongue stretching doing a "waaah" sound as I stretch. Always drink lots of water it keeps you from dehydrating.
Message: Posted by: damien666 (Oct 26, 2012 01:15AM)
Ronn Lucas once told me that he drinks a warm diet coke before a show.. He said it helped especially with prepping himself for the distant voice - which he does differently than most.. With his technique, you could do the distant voice even with a cold or flu..
Myself, I tend not to drink anything before a show.. As I don't want to get natures call during a performance, but I often suck on a fishermans friend before a show
(that's a brand of lozenge if anyone is confused)..
Message: Posted by: KeithS (Oct 26, 2012 05:19PM)
Thanks for the responses, guys. The reason I ask is that lately I have noticed that my voice is taking quite a beating. I teach every day from 9:00-4:00, and on a few nights a week, I continue to teach until 10:00PM. As I want to get back into performing more, I want my voice to be in much better shape. When I went through acting training, I learned some pretty extensive vocal exercises, which I think will still serve me.

Damien, when I was in school, all the actor wannabes, including me, sucked down Fisherman's Friends and Evian water! Brings back memories. I may get some Fisherman's Friends. Thanks for the reminder.

In his book, Al Stevens recommends warm water with lemon juice. And I know some performers recommend the spray Entertainer's Secret, but I am a bit weary of it. Does anyone here know anything about it? See site:


I'm also thinking about getting the book "The Voice Book". Does anyone know about it? Here it is on Amazon:


Thanks again for your input!