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Topic: REVERIE by OTTOEMEZZO(underground ebook)
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Oct 29, 2012 01:37PM)
Hey guys,

So I finally got my hands on the underground copy of Reverie by Vlad.

I had never really heard of Vlad before, just seen his postings on here about mentalism and whatnot.

What you get is a 40 page pdf, with an introduction, 3 effects, and 2 bonuses.

The introduction is very well written, and right away I could identify with Vlad, and he thinks much the same I do.

Vlad was a magician that migrated into mentalism, like many of us, and I really enjoyed the home feeling to his intro, and felt good and wanted to keep reading.

Dream Hallucination is the first effect, and you have already seen the descriptions above, but to me, this was the best of the three effects, something so real and powerful, that I will be adding this to my reportoire no doubt.
If you like to do readings of any sort this effect is for you.
Imagine just the way it sounds, you tell someone to thnk of a dream, and you hold their hends, and then tell them that dream........that is how it will look and feel to your spectators and everyone watching.
This effect gets my highest praise....10/10 Bravo Vlad, very well explained, written, and thought of.

On Edge is the second effect, and like above you cause someone to twitch as if they are losing control. There is more to it than that....but this effect is dangerous yet powerful.
It feels like hypnosis, but in reality its not. I do hypnosis without trance, and this is great thinking from Vlad, as to how he leads from one phase to the other, and ends cleanly.
There are 5 phases, and all are worth checking out, reading, and trying, but if you merely want to read this for the method, don't get this........you need to see past all of this in all of Vlads effects.
Its not the secret or method that matters, but the experience that you give to the participant and the way you make them feel.........that is why we do what we do.......not to find out a method, and skip everything else.....freming is very important as well, and also having a connection with your spectator and making them feel good, as well as also having the correct presentation and making sure what you are doing....since this is a dangerous piece, please be aware, and use it with precaution, and in good deeds and terms.
Great thinking again Vlad, presentaiton, scripting, framing, and psychology as well. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed it.....this was the least effective routine for me, but don't get me wrong its great, not just my style, so I wont be presenting this or putting in the work......but to some this will be GOLD.... rating 8.5/10

The last effect is Triangle, and this is another brilliant piece as was Dream Hallucination. The method although simple in nature, actually works, is sheer genious, and this is a piece that I will also add.
This piece should not be overlooked as it is very powerful, and my mind is spinning on ways to be able to do this, and also other ways not written about that I can do the same effect, and change it up a bit and make it different. Triangle should have been included in a book like Banacheks PS, I'm serious....its that good!
Rating 10/10

The bonuses deal with the dream hallucionation routine, as well as the triangle routine which I wont discuss here.

Overall I am very satisfied with this work, and feel it could just as well live up to high standards of mentalism, on the likes of someone like Jerome Finley to name an example.

This work is very transcendental, and if you look past everything you will see that it shines in every aspect....sripting, method, presentation, psychology, process...and more.

I cant wait to go out and try the effects that I got out of this book........I always say if you learned anything from a book, then it was worth it....I learned a lot about mentalism believe it or not by reading this, the way Vlad thinks, reflecting upon my own thinking and thought process, as well as learned two gems out of three. Id say that's a success in my book.

OVerall rating. 9.5/10

Great job Vlad, cant wait till you release something else.

I see that he has an ebook called Secret Files, now I best get my hands on that and have a read.

Thanks a lot

Message: Posted by: DWRackley (Nov 5, 2012 04:34PM)
This was written before reading any of the other posts. I agree with everything said so far!


I’m honestly struggling for the words to describe this one. Whatever your performance philosophy, I’d say it’s must reading for anyone who claims to be a mentalist.

This is not a book of tricks, and those who want the next gimmick will be disappointed. But if you want to take your abilities (as well as the experience of your audience) to the “next level” (whatever that means!), this book will give you much material to mull over.

Some of these ideas are available from other various sources, but you’ve probably never seen them put together in this way. More than simple statistical inference and less than “write something on this billet”, you will learn to invisibly guide your subject toward an almost inevitable solution. No, it’s not 100%, but done correctly even your misses will be interesting.

I’ll have to say that I’m new to this side of mentalism, only recently studying the works of Paul Voudini with an eye toward “real” mind-reading, this is impressive on a very intuitive and emotional level. You may even start to believe you have “the Gift”.

Following the idea that what’s important is not the goal but the journey, “Dream Hallucination” will provide your guest with a tangible experience that they can only describe as “real”. Several methods are working together, and script is provided, but you’ll understand how to make the words your own.

“On the Edge” has you taking control of your guest’s micromotor functions with something, again, less than full blown hypnosis but more than PK Touches. This has the potential to be so powerful that an “optional” shortcut is provided, so that your guest is not unduly stressed.

(I have tried this on friends, but not in a show.) It works to the point that one became quite angry at “losing control”, and another became a little frightened at my new found “powers”.

Additional advice on dream reading will make sense to any working reader, and is something that I’ve starting doing for my own advancement.

A final effect “The Triangle” has some limitations as to venue, but in the right setting would be extremely powerful. Imagine your guest reading YOUR mind, without pen or paper, without contact, and without verbal cues.

Overall, definitely a worthwhile read; the parenthetical observations alone would be worth buying.

One and three quarter thumbs up!
Message: Posted by: Peter_turner (Aug 24, 2013 05:56PM)
I have heard wonderful things about this!

Much love man,

Pete x
Message: Posted by: bond19 (Aug 26, 2013 02:40AM)
I'm trying to contact Vlad (I've PM'd him) but noticed he hasn't check in here for a long time. Anybody out there who can help, I'd be most grateful.

Message: Posted by: Nicolino (Aug 26, 2013 03:10AM)
I should be able to give you his email address.
Message: Posted by: bond19 (Aug 26, 2013 03:25AM)
Many thanks Nicolino, please PM me when convenient.

Message: Posted by: Nicolino (Aug 27, 2013 04:50AM)
I will Chris (and all who have asked me), but it's a matter of self-evidence that I ask Vlad beforehand whether he's fine with it. Awaiting his reply, so plase be patient meanwhile!
Message: Posted by: parmenion (Aug 27, 2013 06:51AM)
I like the title " underground ebook", it looks good! :)
But if it's on themagiccafe is not underground anymore :-(
Message: Posted by: saysold1 (Aug 27, 2013 09:32AM)
On 2013-08-27 07:51, parmenion wrote:
I like the title " underground ebook", it looks good! :)
But if it's on themagiccafe is not underground anymore :-(

It's hard to make $ when you are too far under the ground. 😄
Message: Posted by: Nicolino (Aug 27, 2013 04:42PM)
Vlad wrote his books out of passion and not to make money. That I'm sure of.
Besides, I guess there are only a few who had the chance to digest his ideas and approaches, so - until now - the title 'underground ebook' fits the bill quite well....
Message: Posted by: ko_brian (Nov 20, 2013 06:57PM)
Very Strong Stuff!!! Loved it!!! Dream Hallucination is a strong piece but not for everyone!!! Im using this one for sure!!!

Thank you Vlad, well done!!!
Message: Posted by: here2009 (Jan 13, 2014 09:35PM)
Is this material really propless??? I'm always skeptical of statements that ebooks are propless. Most use some kind of props. I need something completely without this stuff, not even pens, pencils, or anything else.
Message: Posted by: Jerome Finley (Sep 18, 2014 08:50PM)
I'd love to read this on my next flight out of here!

Is it an instant download?

Link to order?

Message: Posted by: Jacob Smith (Nov 15, 2014 02:18PM)
Picked up Reverie by our good friend Vlad earlier this week and I am still digesting the material, but from what I have witnessed so far, this is a very lovely little collection of mental mysteries that almost fall into the realm of being real. Nice collection of gems Vlad, really can't wait to see more in the near future.

Message: Posted by: eric6 (Dec 15, 2014 05:19PM)
Hello Vlad,
And what about your other project?
Message: Posted by: OTTOEMEZZO (Aug 6, 2015 08:20AM)

"Tres" is currently released (it's a LIMITED EDITION work that's limited to 35 copies, of which only 2 remain!!).

Reviews of "Tres" can be found here: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=580043&forum=303

I'm also planning on releasing a new work within the next few months.

Kind regards,

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