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Topic: Help me help David Oliver
Message: Posted by: jprace (Nov 12, 2012 10:48AM)
Hey guys,

As many of you know, David Oliver's health has been declining over the past few years. There was a well-written article in Genii magazine last year [August 2011] if you want to do a little digging.

David has been a mentor and friend for many years. To help with his medical bills and other expenses, I am raising money for his cause. Basically, if you donate $4 or more, I will send you a whole bunch of cool tricks. If you buy any of my products from my website, all of that money also goes towards the fundraising.

I am one of many people and organizations helping raise money for David. With so many people wanting to contribute, I didnít want to overstep my bounds, so I asked for, and received Davidís blessing to go ahead with this.

Please read more on my website: http://www.jeffprace.com/david_oliver.html