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Topic: I'm an Uncle!!!
Message: Posted by: Big Jeff (Nov 3, 2003 07:05PM)
Friday night my sister had a healthy baby boy. His name is Brett and he weighed 3 lbs 2 oz and is 15 inches long. He is doing extremely well.

If you have read my post "My sister needs a bone marrow transplant" you know the heartache we have been going through and the tough road ahead.

God is good, he has answered our prayers for a healthy baby. We prayed for at least 28 weeks of pregnancy and Brett was born at 28 weeks and one day. The doctor said he was "doing better than we could have possibly hoped for." He is very cute and has VERY big hands and feet. The nurses said he is a feisty little guy.

My sister is doing OK. She had a high fever Friday night and they moved her to the ICU on Saturday. She had tests done today (Monday) on her kidneys, but the results were inconclusive and the doctors don't know what is causing them to not function normally. She is up and walking around and that is an encouraging sign.

Please continue to pray for Julie's healing and comfort for the family. The stress is unbelievable.

Thank you for your prayers, they have helped more than you will ever know.

Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Nov 3, 2003 08:45PM)
Hi Jeff,

Cool man! I remember the frist time I was an uncle! And now I am a great uncle. (Oh does that make me feel old.) :) I will keep you all in my prayers!

Best David Neighbors
The Coinjurer
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Nov 6, 2003 11:09PM)

One of the nicest things about being in this business is that we are convinced that while others may believe in miracles, we can rely on them.

Take care and enjoy!

Bob Sanders
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