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Topic: Fujiwara deluxe
Message: Posted by: tarwe (Dec 1, 2012 03:13PM)
I ordered one a couple of weeks ago and have had quite some fun with it. A bit of noise and not for too close, but have been going over the two silk routine included on the dvd and it's pretty nice. Tried the vanishing silverware a few times too - not sure when I would do it myself, but it does get you thinking a bit bigger. Any general ideas would be fun to hear, just to get thinking. Now I have one, I also think about what you might do with two.

My (home-made) hank-ball was lots of fun, but don't think I'll use it much now as I really like the Fujiwara. But beyond silks and coins (bit noisy), I'm looking foreward to trying other things - seems like you could do lots with it, the idea/use of it seems to feel very good to me/my hands, it is fairly easy to use. Any other general ideas would be great, it seems a nice piece with lots of possibilities.
Message: Posted by: Metatron (Dec 7, 2012 02:36PM)
Sounds like your having fun with it. You might try a torn and restored napkin, or linking rubberbands or strings. Three or four pieces of string each tied into an individual loop go into your hand and they come out linked in to a chain, same with rubberbands. Perhaps a gypsie string routine, or even color changing spongeball.

Have fun and just experiment.

Message: Posted by: tarwe (Dec 7, 2012 04:05PM)
Thanks - some very nice ideas! The idea of linking things is really good - will try to work out something. Kind of get stuck in the "vanish-production" way of thinking, but a switch like you suggest sounds like great fun.

Could probably link quite a few paper clips, too, now I start to see your ideas behind it's other uses. Or now you get me thinking - some type of "inside-out" effect might be good, if not too obviously done. Crumble a slip of paper, crumble a bill around it - and then it changes the other way around - the bill is inside the paper ball. (just a quick thought - not sure why it would be a trick, but gets me thinking).

The linking string idea, though - yes, I will try that - perfect!