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Topic: Requires Only You DVD
Message: Posted by: Roy (Dec 2, 2012 02:03PM)
Hey Guys,

I want to thank all of you who bought my new DVD and I am happy to get so much positive feedback.

If you want to learn more about Reqires Only You DVD, Please check out this:
Message: Posted by: Roy (Dec 2, 2012 02:06PM)
David, Thank you for your thorough review:

On 2012-11-21 21:56, David Thiel wrote:
I have to say that of all the lectures at MindVention I took the most away from Roy Zaltsman's. There's a hard-nosed practical nature to the things he teaches. We're not talking pie in the sky theory...we're talking about the kind of stuff that gets used in performances.

And, while I cringed at the notion of joining the rush to the dealer table following a lecture, there was stuff there I really felt suited my performance style: well thought out routines and techniques that won't take months to master. Roy is also very big on nuance and the subtlties he teaches on this short DVD are invaluable.

Here's what you'll walk away with:

1) A very good and serviceable Center T*ar.
2) A seamless billet swit*h.
3) A revision of the PATEO force that works very well
4) An adaptation of AN that takes care of any awkward feelings you have when it's time to get your p**k

That's it. There are some routines where these techniques are used, although they are primarily vehicles for the demo.

Roy is a very personable teacher. Don't expect flashy production values on this DVD...but DO expect crystal clear instructions on technique and how to get the job done. Personally I prefer a straightforward style and Roy's over the shoulder demos are simply perfect.

If you don't have any of the four techniques listed above...even ONE of them...I urge you to get this DVD. You'll have them mastered in almost no time, given that you pay attention to what Roy has to say. They are all four foundational to a solid mentalism presentation. The stuff Roy teaches here is outstanding -- particularly if you're just getting turned onto mentalism.

I do variations of all of these -- and I still feel I got excellent value out of watching it.

And I admit that the notion of doing a huge portion of my show using only little slips of paper, a pencil...a couple of extra somethings the audience will never notice...is very attractive to me.

Great job, Roy. Thank you for this.

Message: Posted by: rockbrunnen (Dec 7, 2012 02:03AM)
I got the dvd today. I really like it!

His approach is not add-something-to-existing-methods,
but rather eliminate-something-from-existing-methods.

I especially like his CT.
In terms of the mechanics, it is no different from other CTs.
Only his is so simple.
No intricate move. Casually tear the billet and that's it.
Just like I would do when I tear a slip of paper I don't need anymore.

"PAM TW force" is really nice. I always felt PATEO force is a bit cumbersome. His idea makes it very simple and jazzy.

I had to laugh when I saw "Adcidus Alkalinus." The move is organic with the theme of "First Love." It makes the effect so charming.

Also, I find his handling of LBB is quite clever.

All and all, I am satisfied with the purchase.

We had a small problem with the shipment but Roy sorted it out quickly. I appreciate his customer support.

Thanks, Roy.

Message: Posted by: Roy (Dec 9, 2012 05:05AM)
You're welcome. I hope you'll get a lot out of Requires Only You DVD.

By the way, you can check out me new website built especially for magicians and mentalists:

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Message: Posted by: Steven Conner (Dec 28, 2012 10:00AM)
Hey Guys, Roy has hit one out of the ballpark with this dvd. To me, the only thing that matters with magic is, is it a worker. Not something that's just clever, but leaves a real impression. Roy center tear is awesome and you will use it. Grant it, you need to be entertaining when performing but this dvd is really good.