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Topic: State of Mind by Matt Mello
Message: Posted by: Prager (Dec 12, 2012 05:46PM)
A very special deal.

8 eBooks from the mind of Matt Mello:

Through simple guided imagery, a spectator has a symbol subliminally forced into their mind!
Signs is the real deal! Because it uses nothing but your words, it's something you always have on you, and is something you'll find yourself testing all the time!
You'll quickly find it's extremely reliable!

A spectator is able to make a drawing representing a dream they've randomly chosen! The performer then proves to have known which dream they would choose from the very beginning!
This routine is extremely entertaining and baffling, and allows the performer to get a ton of performance out of very few props!
Because of the way the prop is used, this is a stage-only routine. But if you perform on stage even only once a year, this is a very simple yet powerful effect to add to your set!

Thread Of Life
The spectator feels the performer pluck an imaginary string from their palm. This “thread of life” can then be felt running along their skin, ending in a very positive and meaningful way!
Thread of Life’ comes across as 100% real hypnosis, and can be used as a beautiful induction, while employing a couple different methods to ensure constant success!

The Zombie and The Joker
A 100% reliable, practically self-working method of causing a card to become stuck and unstuck to a card box, while in the spectators hands!
You will learn some very interesting hypnosis presentations, combined with fool-proof methods to always produce this stunning effect!
-No magnets!
-No strings, threads, or wires!
-Nothing sticky is added or removed during the routine!
-Everything can be immediately examined before and after!

Pulse Rate
The effect is that by merely looking at spectator, no contact ever involved, you can predict their pulse-rate with 100 percent accuracy! Or you can take your own pulse, and make the spectator's pulse-rate match your own, synchronizing you for any mind-reading after.
It's great to have an arsenal of impromptu, anytime/anywhere effects, and the method behind this is so bold and simple you'll find yourself using it all the time!

The Envelope Game
The performer shows two envelopes, one with a question mark, and one that's blank…each suggestive in its own way. A spectator is asked to touch one, and is then given the chance to change their decision, bearing in mind some new information. You then let them in on your 'subliminal' suggestion, and allow them to switch envelopes should they wish, now that they can see your supposed "influence". No matter what they decide to do...you always win!
The subliminal secret you learn and teach is SO cool...and a second subtlety at the end creates the illusion that you use subliminal influence ALL THE TIME! Utilized correctly, The Envelope Game will strengthen your reputation, and make you very believable as a thought manipulator!
Sadly, due to the main subtlety used here, this effect will only work in English!

The White Umbrella
The White Umbrella has everything you could want in a stage routine! Strong mentalism, with a mix of powerful pseudo-hypnosis!
A spectator mixes around three people wearing colored "imagined" raincoats. The color order is then shown to have been predicted, with the drawing shown BEFORE their colors are named aloud!
The performer then hypnotizes the spectator to see colored raindrops falling on the white umbrella, as well as hearing it raining around them!

What you'll be learning in this PDF isn't so much of an effect, as it is a subtlety to pluck a thought-of letter from a spectators mind!
It's completely impromptu, and can be added at almost any point during your set! Nothing is written down by your spectator or forced, and yet you can always guess what their thinking with 100% accuracy!
Again, this is just a subtlety, and you won't be able to have a spectator think of anything and reveal it. But you will convince them you possess the powers you claim!
This is a subtlety that Matt has been using in his restaurant work for eight years, and is something you'll DEFINITELY use on people all the time! It's one of the best convincers for those of you who perform center tears, and then want to prove you can still read letters without anything being written!

If you are interested follow this link: http://www.ementalism.com/collections/frontpage/products/state-of-mind-by-matt-mello
Message: Posted by: GordonTheHypnotist (Dec 13, 2012 11:05AM)
Folks this is an incredible deal!!! If you have been on The Café for the past few months you should have seen one or more of these effects come up. I will tell you that I have them all and they are all creative thinking to the extreme. By purchasing them together in this format you are saving around 30% of the cost, if you were to buy them separately. But each one of the tricks has been tested by some of the best mentalists in the world and they all have said the same thing, "Matt can and should charge 10 times the amount he does for each of these effects" So that means you are getting the equivalent of $500 or more of mind magic for $50. It is an incredible deal!
Message: Posted by: matthewmello (Dec 14, 2012 04:17PM)
Thanks, Gordon! You've been such a huge supporter of my material, and I really appreciate it!

http://www.ementalism.com will be the only website to carry this deal, but it's also available through myself, by sending $50 to mtricks16@aol.com with paypal.

Thank you!