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Topic: Jumbo coin to bill... in reverse
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Dec 17, 2012 03:37AM)
Hi all , I'm looking for a visual way to change a jumbo bill into a jumbo coin .. has this been done before ..
been experementing for a while but not convinced yed of the results .. any ideas ..your help and suggestion .. would be appreciated .
Message: Posted by: Fantasy Knight (Jan 19, 2013 01:33PM)
Use Self Folding Bill hook up but with a small reel...and make a toss with a flip...
and yes its been done "dahih beik"
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Jan 20, 2013 12:15PM)
That's very interesting info who has done this ? do you have a video , if not could you explain the seting more so I could make it . better via pm please , thanx a lot .