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Topic: Switchcraft............
Message: Posted by: Michael_MacDonald (Dec 17, 2012 06:08PM)
Ok I ordered this to see I could actually learn to do some billet work. when I got the book......over 600 pages!!!!!!!!!!! are you kidding me? where in the known world of entertainment can you get a book this large for that small of a price?

this guy is seriously under pricing him self.

just from a quick glance he has left nothing out here.
I am looking forward to sitting down and reading this.
Message: Posted by: Mark_Chandaue (Dec 17, 2012 06:45PM)
Couldn't agree more, this book is way under priced.
Message: Posted by: Stoltz (Dec 17, 2012 06:48PM)
It is pretty much the billet-bible.
Ridiculously under-priced.
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (Dec 17, 2012 06:48PM)
Elliot has made the history books with this one.
Message: Posted by: Stefmagic (Dec 17, 2012 07:31PM)
His ebook is underpriced as much as a lot of other ebooks are overpriced!
Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Dec 17, 2012 09:44PM)
It can be overwhelming; I'm glad I started in the beginning so gradually built up to current length of the Switchcraft classic tome.
Message: Posted by: JohnWells (Dec 17, 2012 10:03PM)
It is the best value in mentalism. An idea from the last update is worth the price of the ebook, which is cheaper than many books teaching this single technique.
Message: Posted by: Seth speaks (Dec 17, 2012 11:38PM)
And don't let the size overwhelm you. Sit down and just work on the first few techniques in the book. It's exciting -- billet work will open up a whole WORLD of miracles for you, and Elliot is one of the best guides available!

Message: Posted by: Michael_MacDonald (Dec 18, 2012 12:40AM)
My end all goal is to carry nothing more then some paper and a sharpie to shows this one is going to help me realize that goal. I would have gladly paid twice what he asked and still felt I got a great deal.
Message: Posted by: Michael_MacDonald (Dec 18, 2012 12:41AM)
Now if I could find a Q&A book that delivers as much as this one does I would be set.
Message: Posted by: Atlas (Dec 18, 2012 01:07AM)
I got this recently. The very first technique is worth the bill. I've got a one-handed switch I use, but one can never have too much knowledge.
Message: Posted by: C.J. (Dec 18, 2012 02:32PM)
This is my copy. And yes, those pages are double-sided! No kidding!
Message: Posted by: magicduro (Dec 18, 2012 03:57PM)
I am a proud owner of Switchcraft! One of the best values in magic!
Message: Posted by: ElliottB (Dec 18, 2012 09:46PM)
Thank you so much, Michael, Mark, Stoltz, Tom, Stefmagic, Bill, John, Seth, Atlas, C.J. and magicduro.

John, I am 95% certain I know which idea you referred to. It’s one that I use all the time, and effectively removes a certain risk from a lot of billet techniques.

C.J. – That’s a great photo!

Message: Posted by: GDGrey (Dec 19, 2012 05:33AM)
There are also some nice fun routines for the festive season in Switchcraft, requiring only the minimal setup of having some card stock and a writing implement on you :)
Message: Posted by: nique (Dec 19, 2012 08:10AM)
I love Swtichcraft, and keep going back to it every so often. It's amazing the things one can perform armed with just billets.

~ Nique
Message: Posted by: smullins (Dec 21, 2012 04:10AM)
This is the most underpriced item in magic. The best part is, you could study this thing forever and still learn from it every day.
Message: Posted by: Mauricio Jaramillo (Dec 21, 2012 04:05PM)
Best value indeed, I love this book!

Anyone want to list their favorite sections or routines? Not sure if that has already been discussed, the other thread is almost as long as Switchcraft!

I frequently use:

1.) Pusillanimous Billet Read

2.) A Perfect Prediction

3.) The various clip switches

4.) Premonition Envelope
Message: Posted by: nique (Dec 22, 2012 03:11AM)
The [i]Pusillanimous Billet Read[/i] and [i]A Perfect Prediction[/i] are also amongst my favorites Mauricio!

~ Nique
Message: Posted by: ElliottB (Jan 1, 2013 10:45AM)
Thank you GDGrey, Nique, smullins and Mauricio. Some of my favorite items from the book are:

E.B. Switch 8
E.B. Clip Switch 20
NCP Variant C 48
E.B. Refold Switch 72
Annemann Fold Switch 152
Annemann for Everyone 165
E.B. Clip Switch Variant B 249
Osterlind Lighter Switch 346
Osterlind Subtlety for the Annemann Switch 300
B.N. Load Move 370
CM’s Envelope Load 514
Millard Longman’s Acidus Novus 392
Mind Meld 436
My Favorite Peek Wallet 469
Completely Shutout 488
Acidus Rolex 448
One-Ahead as an Out 416
Extemporaneous Backup Billet 420
“A Question and the Answer” Times 2 – Path 1, Option 2 95
Pusillanimous Billet Read 171
Millard Longman’s Acidus Novus Healing 381
The Fortune Telling Game 87
A Perfect Prediction 208
A Super Perfect Prediction 366
Tervil Extra Bold 463
COINfabulation 80
Q4U2 272
A Test of Power – Revisited 263
Read Via Pre-show and One-Ahead 360
You Will Believe 476
Psychic Santa 480
Psychic Santa with Acidus Novus 496
Barrie Richardson’s Switch 586
Barrie Richardson’s Center Tear 592
Tips on Tears 605
Additional Tip for Center Tears and Peeks 612
Reclipped! And variant handlings 614
An Engaging Presentation (for sentimental value) 580

Additionally, I really like a lot of billet techniques, routines and ideas that I still have not had a chance to publish, but hopefully will at some point in the future.

Message: Posted by: CaMagic51 (Feb 26, 2013 01:34PM)
I just want to add my "WOW" and my thanks to Elliott!
Message: Posted by: ElliottB (Feb 28, 2013 07:54PM)
Thank you very much!!

I’ve been making great progress on Switchcraft supplement 21 and Mind Blasters USA supplement 4.

I’ve also been working on getting the permissions required to include an excellent totally impromptu item in Switchcraft supplement # 21. So far, I have 1 out of 2 permissions and am very optimistic.

Message: Posted by: ElliottB (Feb 28, 2013 08:40PM)
Permission granted! Sweet!!