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Topic: Magical Tales - Yoram is TOPS!
Message: Posted by: saysold1 (Dec 30, 2012 07:55PM)
My good friend (and accomplished magician hobbyist) Tom here in Phoenix asked me to post this regarding his positive experiences with Magical Tales in Israel.

Tom can't seem to register here on the Café so I am posting this as a good deed and favor...

I would just like to give a word of praise to Yoram at Magical Tales. The website is http://magical-tales.com/
These days, it is hard to find people that are willing to help out after the sale.

Yoram sent me, at his expense, a replacement prop for one I had damaged. It was shipped from Israel, and yet he refused to accept even the cost of shipping. The trick by the way is called Fortune Tellers Prediction and is one I have used many times with great success and reaction. It is a fun story line with a good ending and really throws a funny curve to the spectators at the ending. I highly recommend the trick if you do not already own it, and I know the customer service will be 100% top notch should you have any questions.

The trick by the way is VERY easy to do, and a lot of fun.

Just wanted to let this be known.

Message: Posted by: eb02 (Dec 31, 2012 12:10PM)
Yoram is a great creator and a great guy.
He came up with a line of effects with large cards and he has some to come soon.
This is high quality props and I am sure whoever get them will appreciated the quality and the story.
Message: Posted by: MagicPro17 (Dec 31, 2012 12:50PM)
I have known Yoram for 20 years now, he is an outstanding innovator who has a lot of creative ideas which are thoughtful and interesting. I think they are well worth checking out and I am sure a lot of magicians will find something that suits their style and performance.