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Topic: Best dancing cane help
Message: Posted by: magic123 (Jan 2, 2013 12:44PM)
Hello everyone
I need help and an address of shops in the USA that
make the lightest dancing cane -
Thanks.appreciate your help
Message: Posted by: magic123 (Jan 2, 2013 01:31PM)
Found it -Thank you
Message: Posted by: makeupguy (Jan 2, 2013 09:24PM)
You found mine?

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jan 3, 2013 12:57AM)
[b]WACKO makes the best dancing can I have ever seen. However, most performers ruin it by turning the lights down and going on too long.[/b]
Message: Posted by: magic123 (Jan 3, 2013 03:59PM)
Great name ! ..if its so light would you not have to "dim' the performing area ?
apprecate any help.
Message: Posted by: elliottmagic (Jan 3, 2013 09:46PM)
Jeff McBride sells, or used to sell the vortex canes which are the best in the business! They are a light up cane with special LEDs that are white, but when in motion create a rainbow glow. They are about 2 feet long, so a short cane for travel.
These are the best canes in the world, but they are pricy!
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jan 4, 2013 12:21AM)
You ask about "dimming" performance area. If you understand stage lighting with the necessary gimmick, you would know that it is MORE INVISIBLE with bright front ONLY lighting. PM me for more details.
Message: Posted by: makeupguy (Jan 4, 2013 10:58AM)
I don't want to pick on Jeff's cane, but the OP wanted to know about the LIGHTEST cane... and Jeff's Vortex canes are TANKS in weight comparison to the Creekmore, Wack-o-Magic's and several other canes out there.

And... with THESE on the open market for use at raves etc... who would be fooled by one.


The more ordinary the object, the less likely people will connect the rave trick with magic.
Message: Posted by: magic123 (Jan 4, 2013 05:37PM)
These are different -
But are they lighter than a creekmore or Wack Os ?
Message: Posted by: makeupguy (Jan 4, 2013 08:24PM)
No, they're heavy
Message: Posted by: Jon Blakeney (Jan 4, 2013 10:33PM)
Wacko's the only way to go in my opinion.
Great price.Great gimmick.so light,and actually looks like a real walking stick.

10/10 I totally love mine,and use it to open every show .
Message: Posted by: Anatole (Jan 14, 2013 08:36AM)
Michael mentioned the "Flow-wand." Do you remember when "The Trick Stick" came out?

Lay people who know about or had the Trick Stick
are like people who got a set of linking rings in a Christmas or birthday magic set. They will still be fooled, amazed and entertained by a good performance and likely say, "My trick stick/flow wand doesn't do all that."

----- Amado "Sonny" Narvaez