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Topic: Press Release for Fitness Classes
Message: Posted by: Pete Legend (Jan 9, 2013 10:44AM)
Hey lads,

How's the craic!? Bit random here but I'm begining to help out at a fitness studio and starting a 12 week course of classes aimed for improving the body ( mainly core ) Anyways wondering anyone here willing to lend a hand writing a press release? I've done so before regarding my own mindreading stuff but to be fair had help from lads that made it what it was. Deff not my area. Anyways anyone with experience willing to help out? For someone with experience prob be a 5-10 minute job, I just don't think I would do it justice. Anywho anyone willing to give a hand I'll send them on Pseudo Pickpocket and Pocket this by Christopher Congreave and Gary Jones along with Psychokinetic Time by Banachek. Feel free to pm me and oh like I said I know completely random but shur if you don't ask....

Have a good one!