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Topic: Mail Chimp Alternative?
Message: Posted by: Magicjg (Jan 10, 2013 03:44PM)
I have used Mail Chimp service for a few years now. For those of you not familiar it is a mailing service that allows you to send thousands of emails at once to your mailing list while tracking openings etc. The problem I'm having is this. Last year I worked a convention where thousands of potential buyers attended . At the end of the event I received an excel list of all attendees. After adding this list to mail chimp and sending an email I was red flagged. You are not allowed to use bought address. They consider it spamming.

I am looking for a service that is as easy as mail chimp and will not flag me. I will be receiving a new mailing list at the beginning of next week and would like easily send out approx 1,000 emails at once. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jason Alan
Message: Posted by: Ihop (Jan 10, 2013 06:23PM)
They probably consider it spamming because it IS spamming.
Message: Posted by: Sam Pearce (Jan 10, 2013 07:13PM)

AWeber allows you to add a list of emails. They will send a 'verification message' to each address to ensure that the person wants to receive your emails. This is great because it will weed out everyone who is not interested... why would you want to annoy them anyway?

You can try it for a month for just $1. I've been using their service for over a year now and I'm very happy.


Message: Posted by: dearwiseone (Jan 10, 2013 07:17PM)
Jason, yep, that's spamming. Any service that allows you to do that may be illegal as it may violates U.S. laws regarding SPAM.

I understand that didn't answer your question, but it's because I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you avoid doing the same thing again with another provider.

Get a REAL source of qualified leads, or build a list yourself (with people who actually signed up and agreed to receive marketing emails from you.

If you're that desperate for business, there are lots of other things you can do to increase your bookings. If you're looking for ways to improve, make a post here in one of the forums and you'll receive tons of help here on the Café!

Good luck,
Message: Posted by: Magicjg (Jan 10, 2013 07:18PM)
Thank you so much. Spamming is emailing those who haven't signed up for it. The list I receive is from a convention I participated in and each persone entered there names to be emailed. So no its not spamming. Thank you though
Message: Posted by: dearwiseone (Jan 10, 2013 08:14PM)
Actually, depending on which definition of SPAM you use, it may be spam. I consider it SPAM. What definition are you using?

Are you saying everyone at the convention signed their name, agreeing for YOU to send them emails directly to them? If so, you're fine and you should fight it through MailChimp.

Either way, it's apparent you're riding a fine line in a controversial gray area. Why risk that? Why not just send emails to people who have sent you an email that says "Hey, I really want to book you, send me more info!"?

Also, I've used MailChimp. They don't flag you just for sending emails to large groups of people, that's their business! They flagged you because someone who got one of your emails reported it as SPAM to MailChimp.
Message: Posted by: Scott Burton (Jan 10, 2013 11:18PM)
Did each attendee on the list specifically sign off that they wanted to be on YOUR list? Or is this a list of the complete attendees without consideration of whether they expressed specific interest in you? The first situation is not spam and the second situation is spam. Given we are talking about the first scenario, no doubt they will be happy to confirm their subscription to your list as they expressed interest already and are qualified.

MailChimp and other services do things the way they do because that's the right way (both ethically and legally) to do it. It's their business to follow the rules.

If you are really just using a mass list of unqualified emails of attendees, then you are planning to spam and you shouldn't be looking to legit services to do this as they won't do it for you.
Message: Posted by: jackturk (Jan 15, 2013 07:31PM)
If they submitted their email addresses to you with the understanding that you would
be contacting them via email that's not IMO spam. Harvesting email addresses (from
websites, biz cards, etc.) and then adding them to your database and then sending
them email - that would be spam.

1shoppingcart (and other services like aweber, getresponse, and more) allow you to
upload a certain subset of a valid list to the database and then send an approved
"Hey, here I am... please click the link below to officially opt in!" mail message.
The folks who CLICK get flagged as approved and you can send them emails as often
and as merrily as you desire.

My understanding of SPAM (and I'm not a lawyer) is that you have to:

a) have permission to email them
b) your emails have to have a real (physical) address at the bottom
c) there's an unsubscribe link so folks can opt out anytime in every email sent.

Make sure your service support b & c (I know 1shop, aweber, getresponse all do)

Message: Posted by: gothike (Jan 26, 2013 02:32AM)
To do what you want to do would require you to buy the Interprise email auto responder software and pay for email hosting.