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Topic: Mentalism and Magic Lecture
Message: Posted by: Canadian Guy (Jan 11, 2013 09:59AM)
Here is the official announcement of The Magic Apple's lecture in 2013:

Most of his effects are run-away best sellers and have received rave reviews. Devin was a protégé of the late Al Mann. Devin strives to create effects that not only fool magicians, but at the same time are easy to do. This puts most of his effects within the skill range of most magicians.

Some of his Lecture includes:
AUTOBEND SILVERWARE:Devin's self-bending spoon. He shows you how to make it in about 5 minutes. The spoon is shown freely, visibly bends in half at your finger tips with NO HAND MOVEMENT and then breaks in half.

POKER TELLS:Instantly give any spectator psychic ability so he can correctly name 4 cards sealed inside opaque envelopes. No instant stooge.

DISSOLVING ACES: An incredible effect where 4 aces vanish one at a time in slow motion. Nothing used by 4 aces. The closest thing you will see to real magic. One of the most talked about effects of Devin's lecture.

PREDICTIONARY: Any word called out is found to be the only word circled in a dictionary. NO SECRET WRITING. Baffling beyond words and an effect that fooled every magician who saw it. Dictionary can be left with spectator for examination.

DEAL OR NO DEAL: Another impossible effect. A person names any card. NO FORCE or preshow. The named card is found to be folded up inside a sealed cardboard box that has been in full view the entire time. Baffling beyond words and NO card index is used. This effect alone is worth going to the lecture.

and several others!

Wed. Feb 27th AT 7:00pm
$25 per person!

Don't Miss it - give us a call ASAP to sign up 818-508-9921
Message: Posted by: Canadian Guy (Feb 11, 2013 09:45AM)
There are still a few seats left for the Devin Knight lecture on Feb 27th

818-508-9921 to sign up!

7:00pm at The Magic Apple in Studio City
Message: Posted by: Devin Knight (Mar 3, 2013 11:14AM)
Thanks, this was a great group and a total sellout. Thanks for having me.