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Topic: Question on Centrifugal
Message: Posted by: theamazingsauce (Jan 12, 2013 09:46PM)
I just recently picked up Centrifugal by Magick Balay and it's pretty great. The I really enjoyed the DVD and it's not to difficult to perform. I've read on here that that is a ring floating technique taught on the DVD which I did not see at all. I'm wondering if I'm wrong or somethings wrong with the DVD I got. I didn't even see a performance with a bottle cap either, just the floating of the coin and lemon in drink. Any body else who has this know what I'm talking about?
Message: Posted by: 4ofclubs (Jan 15, 2013 11:51AM)

I have recently purchased Centrifugal and my copy of the DVD has the ring float. Must be something up with your DVD. Magick works at Fantasma in New York City. Maybe you can contact him there. I have found that the ITR that comes with the DVD knots up very quickly. I now do the routine with the Spider Pen Pro and it works great. No where near the problems as I had with the ITR that came with the DVD.
Message: Posted by: emyers99 (Jan 16, 2013 03:50PM)
It should be on your dvd. Great package and I love Magick's style and teaching. I've never had an issue with the ITR that comes with the package. He shows you how to periodically unwind the IT. If you do that, you shouldn't have any issues.
Message: Posted by: theamazingsauce (Jan 17, 2013 12:56PM)
I don't know what happened, but it's definitely not on there.
Message: Posted by: JuzzyDee (Feb 2, 2013 04:55PM)
Heh, that's odd. I just got this myself and went back searching for the hookup that allows you to drop the ring directly on to a spectators finger and it definitely wasn't on there. There was a single section that taught the hookup/dismount and a section that talked about what other objects you could perform with, but no explanation on those other items except to say do it the "same" way, which I can't see working for a ring without flashing stuff which should not be flashed to remain believable.

4ofclubs I just ordered a tarantula and was worried about strength of the IT compared to centrifugal, having used both would you be kind enough to compare the two please?