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Topic: Candles on oil or Zippo fluid
Message: Posted by: PetervanRhein (Jan 26, 2013 06:53AM)
I haven't found a topic on this but maybe I am wrong.

For my Floating Rose I use a real candle but may times I spill the candle grease on the floor or on my clothing.
Are there any candles that you can fill with lamp oil or Zippo fluid apart from the Fantasio candles?

Magical Greetz from Holland,
Peter van Rhein ;)
Message: Posted by: bojanbarisic (Jan 26, 2013 10:36AM)
Since you are from Holland you must have seen Fred Kaps or Ger Copper using metal candles filled with lighter fluid. There are types with and without flint-wheel. Most of the candles I have are 11,5 -12 cm with a diameter of 2,5 cm
Message: Posted by: PetervanRhein (Jan 26, 2013 10:40AM)
Hi Bojanbarisic,

I know they are there but can't find them.
My magic supplier also has no clue . . .
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 26, 2013 11:59PM)
Tim Star make multiplying candles. They are great.

Message: Posted by: PetervanRhein (Jan 31, 2013 04:14AM)
Hi Bill,
Thanx for the advise on the Tim Star candles.
They look great but I want a taller candle and since I don't use the multiplying candles routine (or maybe I should) they are a bit expensive for my needs for now ;)

I made something today that works great ;)
Since I have some Fantasios that are a bit busted up I used one of them to make a candle.
I took a normal candle and drilled a hole in from the top (took some trial and error before I had that right)
Then I inserted the inner container of the Fantasio in the hole with just the metal part sticking out.
From a distance it is unnoticeable that it is not a real candle.
The hole is a bit bigger than the container so it is easy to get it out to fill it before performing ;)